Thursday, 2 January 2014

So Warm they are Frozen Solid

 You've got to laugh.
         It is nearly four years since the ClimateGate e-mails exposed a huge amount of fraud in the theory of global warming. Researchers and lobbyists all over the world were caught off-mike admitting that they were tailoring the facts to fit their theory. The more they could tell us there was a "crisis" the more generous funding they could get for their research projects   - and as, for many of them, this is a lucrative career, the last thing they want to admit is a stray fact here or there that overturns the theory. Cherry-picking the evidence is an art-form when you have got a nice living depending on the "correct" outcome. Lobbyists, green-energy companies and speculators can make big profits out of government schemes to reduce CO2. Rich land-owners are raking in huge subsidies for permitting wind-farms on their estates. With energy ministers like Chris Huhne, a mendacious Eurocrat with no science education whatsoever, the whole global-warming racket was in safe hands.
      The academic bias of ClimateGate did not surprise me, but I was disgusted by the immediate government cover-up. A committee was appointed to investigate the e-mails  - thousands of them  - and after a few weeks, duly announced that there was no problem whatsoever! People who had not read the e-mails were assured that they did not really reveal bias or fraud, and you could cling to your naive faith in the ethics of anything "green". All the personal admissions of falsification of data were brazenly denied.
      Sometimes poetic justice arises when human justice fails. This winter an expedition of ecologists sent to the Antarctic to bring back more data about how all the ice is melting, has found itself facing conditions as grim as those of Scott at the North Pole a century ago. Their ship the Akademik Shokalskiy, has been trapped in ice, unable to move, and the crew are suffering the full force of the elements at sub-zero temperatures.
New Years's on ice: the Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy is trapped in thick Antarctic ice 1500 nautical miles south of Hobart, Australia.

It is now stranded in blizzards, vast icebergs and snow-drifts, and it is likely to stay there for a long time... Tourists who joined the expedition for a bit of fun had to celebrate New Year with frozen champagne.
    A Chinese ice-breaker was sent out to attempt to rescue it, but had to turn back because of the severe icy conditions. A French vessel that tried to reach Akademik Shokalskiy also failed, foundering in the glaciers and permafrost. The Russian foreign ministry wanted the 52 passengers to be evacuated by helicopter but unfortunately helicopters cannot operate in such severe sub-zero blizzard conditions. Where is global warming when you want it?  The hopeful crew are now busy trying to build a helipad...out of ice.
        I still remember the furious look on the face of the Green candidate at the hustings in 2010, when I was the only parliamentary candidate in Oxford to express any scepticism about man-made global warming. She did not even try to conceal her annoyance and hostility when I quoted bits of the Climategate e-mails. I wonder what excuses and brazen denials the Greens will bring out this time. And when you say Greens, you have to include the whole LibLabCon, because all the old corrupt parties have taken the AGW scare very much on to speak.
      I also remember how a debate on global warming at the Oxford Union in 2011 was won by the sceptics, who brought their own, alternative data with them... but not a single newspaper reported it. Only the blog of James Delingpole recorded the incident.
       If we in England don't get a realistic energy policy into place fast in the next two years, we are going to be facing a crisis of energy shortage. Cuts, reliance on imports, soaring prices will cripple us. And for a nation blessed with multiple energy resources, that used to be completely self-sufficient, such a calamitous cock-up takes some doing.
       The EU has forced through so many regulations because of CO2 emissions that many people now cannot afford to replace their heating systems. New boilers cost far more than the old ones and have a life-expectancy shorter than an Antarctic penguin. They often cannot be sited in the same place as old ones, pushing up installation costs steeply Result: there are millions of people in England who know they need a new heating system but thanks to the Green fanatics they just can't afford it. How soon will we all be shivering like the passengers on the Akademik Shokalskiy?

PS Another BOO for the BBC, which reported the news of the passenger rescue this evening on the TV 6pm news without once mentioning climate, global warming, AGW, Carbon Emissions, CO2 or the Environment. It's called hypocrisy and if there were awards for it they would get the BAFTA.

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