Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Better Off Out

Daniel Hannan is one of the MEPs for southern England, Here he explains lucidly why the Conservative policy of remaining in the EU is not in the best interests of England.
Hannan presumably stays in the party because he fears losing his job otherwise.

Proof at last: Eurocrats secretly admit that countries are better off out

The world, we keep being told, is coalescing into blocs. No single nation can afford to stand aside. The future belongs to the conglomerates.

It’s hard to think of a theory that has become so dominant with so flimsy a basis. The story of the our age has been one, not of amalgamation, but of disaggregation: empires have split into smaller and smaller units. Fifty years ago, there were 115 states in the United Nations, today there are 193. What’s more, small territories are generally more successful. The wealthiest states on Earth, measured by per capita GDP, are Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Qatar, Switzerland, Macau, Australia, the UAE, Kuwait, Sweden, San Marino and Jersey.
So why do Euro-integrationists keep telling us that we’re heading towards a kind of Nineteen Eighty-Four carve-up, in which massive Asian, European and American superstates will call the shots? (In Orwell’s classic novel, the British Isles were part of the Anglosphere rather than Europe, but let’s leave that aside.) In truth, the claim is pure propaganda. Eurocrats don’t believe it themselves.
How do I know? Well, I’ve just been reading the EU’s report on relations with Iceland, marked “for internal use only”. Although its tone reflects the official line – looking forward to a resumption of accession talks if and when Iceland comes to its senses – the details tell a very different story. First, the paper acknowledges the main reason that Iceland has bounced back from the banking crisis:
The small Nordic country has largely recovered from its deep economic crisis, thanks to a devaluated [sic] currency and a strong trade surplus — a turnaround that was made possible in part by the country’s distance from the euro area.
Then comes the really telling passage. Discussing Iceland’s trading profile, the report notes that that frozen lump of volcanic tundra has the twin advantages of small size and few “defensive interests”. Defensive interests is a term used by trade officials to mean “sectors which a country wants to shield from competition”. In trade talks, negotiators distinguish between offensive interests (areas where they want the other party to open its markets) and defensive ones (areas where they want to prevent liberalisation). Iceland, being an open economy, has relatively few protectionist sectors. As the report notes:
This has made easier to conclude free trade agreement with bigger trade partners. The most recent FTA concluded on 15 April 2013 between Iceland and China, is expected to boost exports to China while eliminating tariffs on import of manufactured goods. It is the first free trade agreement concluded by a European country China. A second one was concluded by Switzerland in July.
There you have it. The Eurocrats may bang on in public about trade blocs but, in private, they admit that small is beautiful.
Now ask yourself this question. If Britain were not bound by the “defensive interests” of the EU as a whole, from French films to Italian textiles, is it conceivable that we would not by now have signed comprehensive trade deals with the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets, such as China and India?
We sit on few natural resources in this mild, green, damp island of ours. We depend on what we buy and sell. Yet, crazily, we have locked ourselves into a customs union with the only continent on the planet whose economy is shrinking. Ça suffit ! as we Old Brussels Hands say. ¡Basta ya!


Benefits Street

Channel 4's series Benefits Street is the most searching bit of reality TV for a long time. Here in James Turner Street in Birmingham, 95% of the residents are unemployed. They live on state benefits and some of them even resort to Food Banks. We are reminded that last year, 350,000 people in this country had to do this. People begging for food is nothing unusual in the EU. All over the disaster-hit eurozone, high unemployment and poverty are spreading. In Spain, Ireland, Italy and even in France the number of people on the dole is soaring and the only solution the EU leaders offer is to tell them to come to England to look for a job here.
    The people in James Turner Street are not all "unemployable" - some of them may have had drug problems in the past but without a doubt some of them could be doing a job, if they had the skills and if someone could afford to employ them. They have got abilities that are being wasted. Mark, the out-of-work Dad who goes to the Food Bank because he can't feed his two children on his Job-Seeker's Allowance, looks healthy, clean and polite. I wonder if he has got any skills.
    The woman called, oddly enough, White Dee (not Dee White as you might imagine), has abilities as a carer. She keeps an eye on Fungi, the ex-junkie, whose hopes of seeing his child, long ago adopted by another family, are dashed when the adoptive parents change their minds. The sight of him and the place on a street, behind a rubbish skip, where he used to sleep for ten years in a blanket, while he was on heroine, is one of the best deterrents against taking drugs you could show any child. What I noticed was that White Dee instinctively looks after Fungi. She is aware of his problems and those of other people in the street. And she is not stupid either, although she is clearly uneducated and can't speak five words without swearing. Her sense of humour shows she is not stupid, and so does the fact that she helped Fungi get his electricity re-connected. He may be helpless but she isn't. She is a good mother, because she not only feeds her children and cleans for them, she is bringing them up to aim at a career and take positive steps to find one. I ask myself why she did not do the same herself, as she is the  sort of person who could have become a nurse, a midwife, or a hospital orderly, or a carer. She has a vocation for that kind of role and this country is crying out for people to do those jobs.
      We are importing nurses from around the world, and while I have nothing against any of them  - they may be lovely people -  I ask why women like White Dee have to live on the dole when they are so badly needed? If we want to change this situation, we need to make training and job apprenticeships FREE to all British citizens. Training was free until the squeeze of the 1980s. Then Colleges of Further Education started to charge fees, and those seeking apprenticeship were treated in the same way. The fees have crept up higher and higher, and the only help comes in the form of loans, not a grant. The loans do not cover the full cost and you get nothing towards your living costs. The loans are available equally to anyone who has been here for three years, regardless of whether their parents lived here and paid tax. Of course - because that is EU law!  This makes less money available for White Dee and Mark. No wonder we have so many people on the dole, and need to rely on the skills of migrants. What a mess!
    One thing is for sure, the children living in this environment are disadvantaged and the methods used by the Labour party to help them did not work and were a colossal waste of public money. Under the Blair government, between 2005 and 2010, Labour spent millions, £100,000 per child to help children defined as living in "poverty"  - and yet by 2010 there were still just as many as before. Child poverty is inseparable from grown-up poverty. It is the result of family breakdown and unemployment. In James Turner Street, there seem to be no children living with their mother and father in a stable marital home. Lacking a mother or a father is definitely a form of poverty. How to remedy that? Why not teach family values in school. Sex education should place all its emphasis on love, commitment, marriage and family responsibility. Then provide free training for all young adults to get work skills. And if we left the EU, we could start to afford it.


Brinkin Pleads Guilty Gets only 6 months

LARRY BRINKIN  had a long career with San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission. He earned $135,000 per year there. He is considered a “gay rights pioneer,” and a champion for “equal rights” for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender “community.” This week Brinkin, 67, was convicted on two charges of possessing child pornography.
Human Rights did not extend to children that he had a chance to exploit.

Brinkin was the lawyer who started the whole "gay marriage" campaign and brought the first cases for "discrimination" that led to legalizing same-sex "marriage". On his computer he had literally thousands of images of blatant child abuse that he was getting and sending to other paedophiles. They added comments of their own to indicate appreciation.

Typical item: police found an image that showed “an approximately 2-3 year old child … Underneath the child is an adult male, using his right hand to hold the child and his left hand to insert his erect penis into the anus of the child” . Underneath, Brinkin, wrote “damn, what a sightseeing huge dick in tiny hole, tearing it open. That [n-word] must be in coon heaven stuffin it in the tiny white hole!”

Brinkin had a “toolbox” of child pornography, which included thumb drives, so yes, there was a lot of it, and it was found at his home where he lives with his "husband" Wood Massi who says he had no idea he was married to a deviant. Er...yeah?
 The messages were sent from his e-mail address, and from his IP address, over a number of years. The photographs and films were paid for with his credit card.
When first arrested Brinkin pleaded not guilty. For two years his friends in high places shielded him from prosecution and from media coverage, blanking out everything about this case from the internet except on small inter-personal networking.
This case finally got into the San Francisco Chronicle on January 21st 2014

 When his trial finally came, Brinkin pleaded guilty. The evidence was just too damning and there was far too much of it. YET HE GETS ONLY 6 MONTHS IN JAIL. And if you live in SF you will still enjoy "Larry Brinkin Week" when "gay" rights are celebrated.

Brinkin will continue to receive his pension from the city of San Francisco, as he was retired at the time the crime was discovered, and, get this — he did not commit an “act of moral turpitude.” What does one have to do to commit an act of moral turpitude, generally defined as something that shocks the public conscience, is base, depraved, vile? A California Supreme Court ruled that attorneys engaging in child pornography will lose their law license due to a serious breach of the trust that all should share in the care of a child; but only attorneys…not your FAMOUS “gay rights pioneer.”

He received a pathetic unjust sentence; six months in jail, six months in home detention wearing a monitoring device. He must register as a “sex offender for life,” until Liberals come up with a way to have his name scrubbed.

The Other McCain wrote about this case yesterday and brought up another involved with the Boy Lovers Network, different from the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Here is the story. Not one, but two men abusing a child.
Remember #Frank Lombard? He was also considered a prominent “gay activist.” He was an Associate Director of Duke University’s Center for Health Policy. His partner, Ken Shipp, was a pharmacist and also worked for Duke. #Lombard and Shipp adopted two black boys....but not to have normal family relationship with them. Far from it.

Lombard was sentenced to 27 years and 3 months in prison in March 2010.



Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Conservative Party is Finished

The death of Lord MacAlpine is the end of an era for the Conservative Party. He was reputed to have raised as much as £100 million for the Conservatives over the years by inviting his rich friends to jolly fund-raising events. But all that was thirty years ago under Margaret Thatcher, and MacAlpine was supporting a party that still had an identity. It still stood for something, love it or hate it. Now it stands for nothing and I would be surprised if there are many people coming forward to take Lord MacAlpine's place.
   Under Mrs Thatcher, the Conservative party had about a million members. It started to drop under John Major and even Lord Macalpine at that time defected to the short-lived Referendum Party. It has gone on dropping steadily as the Coalition is seen to stand for nothing except grovelling to the EU and political correctness. Cameron seems to be a "taxi for hire" and gives the impression that whoever offers him some party funding gets to write his latest speeches. He has made absurd claims that he can re-negotiate our relationship with the EU or claw back powers... all twaddle. He make silly speeches saying there are too many "white Christian faces" in his own party. That is downright offensive. And the mere fact that he is in Coalition with Clegg completes his unpopularity with his erstwhile voters.    

The actual membership of the Conservative Party is now at an all-time low. In 2010 it was 253,000. By the end of 2013 it had dropped to only 134,000. That's right  - it had HALVED.
They got only 10.7 million votes in the General Election of 2010 and would not be in power at all without the Libdems, who are certainly going to be wiped out at the polls (nobody is questioning that). If Tory support has halved, Cameron can only expect to get  5.35 million votes at the next General Election.
      Cameron's party is moribund and it has no future. Everything he does is designed to get the favour of the EU  - but the EU commissioners will not be able to vote for him at the ballot-box.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sink or Swim

It's not just coastal areas that are affected by our calamitous floods. People in South Oxford, near the Abingdon Road, are completely cut off by flooding and houses are affected in central Oxford, Jericho and the canal area. The Botley Road and the Abingdon Road are closed, and some homes have had to be evacuated. An elderly cyclist who fell into a deep puddle on the Godstow Road has drowned. Trains have been cancelled, toilets in some areas are unusable because the drains are overloaded, and all over Oxford people with cellars are checking them to see if they have turned into indoor swimming-pools.

Oxford Mail: Bob Price at the flood defences.  Picture: OX64523 Marc West

Looking out from a train leaving Oxford and going towards Reading, what you see is like the paddy-fields of China. Even people living in Risinghurst, several hundred feet above river level, have flooded gardens and playing fields and this happens almost every year.
Why does it take a crisis like this to get any money spent on sensible precautions? People are resorting to sand-bag barricades to protect their homes but something far more drastic should have been done years ago.
Four years ago, the Environment Agency considered a plan to build a large new flood relief channel, as wide as the Thames, to alleviate the problem. But this scheme, called the Western Conveyance Channel, was shelved because they could not get the necessary funding. It would cost £160 million.
"The channel – which would run from the area around the Seacourt Park-and-Ride off Botley Road to the River Thames at Sandford Lock – would aim to divert water away from Oxford to stop it spreading across the city.
Although the Western Conveyance project went out to consultation three years ago, it has never progressed due to a lack of funding."
Another approach would be to launch a major campaign to dredge out our national waterways  - rivers, streams and ditches - and this too would cost hundreds of millions of pounds. It would create jobs, but the cash is never there.
Our shambles of a government is spending millions on foreign wars, foreign "aid", helping fanatical Syrian rebels and keeping British soldiers like Alexander Blackman in jail. We pay £15 billion per year to the EU and get little back except stupid regulations. We pay more billions for their bank bail-outs. Few people realize that in the UK, England subsidizes Scotland, Wales and Ireland, sending £49 BILLION per year to them out of our taxes.
If our spending priorities were right, we could easily afford what we need to improve the safety and infrastructure of this country.

England at present is the underdog and that situation is grossly unfair. That is why I am going to vote English Democrat at the next election.



Friday, 3 January 2014

Outbreak of Racism in Sweden

A sports team in Sweden has defied the laws on racial discrimination and set up an all-black team to play the game of "bandy", a type of ice-hockey. The team members all come from Somalia and are training with a professional coach in Borlange, Sweden.  They intend to enter in the World Championship to be held later this month at Irkutsk in Siberia,  where most of the champion teams are from Sweden, Russia or Finland.

Somalia Bandy 2014

The team was founded by Ahmed Hussein Abdi, and all the members are refugees from the Somalian war. They say that they represent Somalia although all of them are living in Sweden. If any old-established Swede said that the newcomers were not Swedish for the purpose of employment, housing, education, healthcare or claiming benefits, they would be branded "racist". Most of us in England remember the long-drawn-out campaign against apartheid in South African sport. Their cricket and rugby teams were excluded and boycotted until they abandoned apartheid.
      But now it seems to be OK to practice apartheid if you are a Somalian living in Sweden.  It must be fine because the BBC said so.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

So Warm they are Frozen Solid

 You've got to laugh.
         It is nearly four years since the ClimateGate e-mails exposed a huge amount of fraud in the theory of global warming. Researchers and lobbyists all over the world were caught off-mike admitting that they were tailoring the facts to fit their theory. The more they could tell us there was a "crisis" the more generous funding they could get for their research projects   - and as, for many of them, this is a lucrative career, the last thing they want to admit is a stray fact here or there that overturns the theory. Cherry-picking the evidence is an art-form when you have got a nice living depending on the "correct" outcome. Lobbyists, green-energy companies and speculators can make big profits out of government schemes to reduce CO2. Rich land-owners are raking in huge subsidies for permitting wind-farms on their estates. With energy ministers like Chris Huhne, a mendacious Eurocrat with no science education whatsoever, the whole global-warming racket was in safe hands.
      The academic bias of ClimateGate did not surprise me, but I was disgusted by the immediate government cover-up. A committee was appointed to investigate the e-mails  - thousands of them  - and after a few weeks, duly announced that there was no problem whatsoever! People who had not read the e-mails were assured that they did not really reveal bias or fraud, and you could cling to your naive faith in the ethics of anything "green". All the personal admissions of falsification of data were brazenly denied.
      Sometimes poetic justice arises when human justice fails. This winter an expedition of ecologists sent to the Antarctic to bring back more data about how all the ice is melting, has found itself facing conditions as grim as those of Scott at the North Pole a century ago. Their ship the Akademik Shokalskiy, has been trapped in ice, unable to move, and the crew are suffering the full force of the elements at sub-zero temperatures.
New Years's on ice: the Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy is trapped in thick Antarctic ice 1500 nautical miles south of Hobart, Australia.

It is now stranded in blizzards, vast icebergs and snow-drifts, and it is likely to stay there for a long time... Tourists who joined the expedition for a bit of fun had to celebrate New Year with frozen champagne.
    A Chinese ice-breaker was sent out to attempt to rescue it, but had to turn back because of the severe icy conditions. A French vessel that tried to reach Akademik Shokalskiy also failed, foundering in the glaciers and permafrost. The Russian foreign ministry wanted the 52 passengers to be evacuated by helicopter but unfortunately helicopters cannot operate in such severe sub-zero blizzard conditions. Where is global warming when you want it?  The hopeful crew are now busy trying to build a helipad...out of ice.
        I still remember the furious look on the face of the Green candidate at the hustings in 2010, when I was the only parliamentary candidate in Oxford to express any scepticism about man-made global warming. She did not even try to conceal her annoyance and hostility when I quoted bits of the Climategate e-mails. I wonder what excuses and brazen denials the Greens will bring out this time. And when you say Greens, you have to include the whole LibLabCon, because all the old corrupt parties have taken the AGW scare very much on board...so to speak.
      I also remember how a debate on global warming at the Oxford Union in 2011 was won by the sceptics, who brought their own, alternative data with them... but not a single newspaper reported it. Only the blog of James Delingpole recorded the incident.
       If we in England don't get a realistic energy policy into place fast in the next two years, we are going to be facing a crisis of energy shortage. Cuts, reliance on imports, soaring prices will cripple us. And for a nation blessed with multiple energy resources, that used to be completely self-sufficient, such a calamitous cock-up takes some doing.
       The EU has forced through so many regulations because of CO2 emissions that many people now cannot afford to replace their heating systems. New boilers cost far more than the old ones and have a life-expectancy shorter than an Antarctic penguin. They often cannot be sited in the same place as old ones, pushing up installation costs steeply Result: there are millions of people in England who know they need a new heating system but thanks to the Green fanatics they just can't afford it. How soon will we all be shivering like the passengers on the Akademik Shokalskiy?

PS Another BOO for the BBC, which reported the news of the passenger rescue this evening on the TV 6pm news without once mentioning climate, global warming, AGW, Carbon Emissions, CO2 or the Environment. It's called hypocrisy and if there were awards for it they would get the BAFTA.