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WILLIAM BLAKE – Dreams and Nightmares

 WILLIAM BLAKE – Apprentice and Master. 
 Exhibition at Ashmolean Museum Oxford.

Few artists have ever been so versatile, or so original, as William Blake, artist, engraver, poet and satirist. Most people will recognize some of his extraordinary, powerful and arresting images. They have an impact far greater than their physical size might lead you to anticipate. The picture used on the poster for this event,

“Los howl’d” is actually quite small but amazingly bold and intense. The male figure is crouching, gnomelike, the arms wrapped around the head, whose face is a mask of indescribable horror, fear and dismay. It is comparable to the Expressionist painting “The Scream” done more than a century  later by Edvard Munch. Both have a nightmare quality enhanced by their livid colouring. Blake’s picture is an illustration to his own book “The first Book of Urizen” published in 1794. He continued to write and depict his own stories and poems all his life, following the unfashionable belief that a work of art could be both literary and visual in tandem and on an equal footing. The pictures were not secondary, and nor was the text. They were complementary.
               This exhibition traces Blake’s career and development. He never went to school but was apprenticed to an engraver, before training at the Royal Academy. He rejected fashionable taste and took inspiration from mediaeval and Renaissance art, particularly Michelangelo, with his perfect understanding of anatomy. Soon his creations started to depict a world of imagination, spirits, allegory and dreams. Many people enjoy Blake’s religious poetry, such as the hymn Jerusalem, without realizing how unorthodox his beliefs were. His parents brought him up in the Moravian Church and as well as reading the Bible he encountered belief in inspired visionary trances, Kabbalistic sacred sex, mysticism, alchemy, and the imminent Second Coming. The Moravian sect regarded Emmanuel Swedenborg, who believed that he had seen the New Jerusalem in visions, and spoken with angels, as a mystic and a prophet, and although Blake did not retain his faith in Swedenborg, his imagination was stimulated by such Continental and exotic currents of thought coming from far beyond the limited London world he inhabited.

                In his twenties he produced a series of  etchings entitled “All Religions are One and there is No Natural Religion”, followed by “The Book of Thel” which creates its own mythological world, in words and pictures. It was followed by “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”, which proclaimed a philosophy of liberation from traditional restraint, and he risked prosecution as his Song of Liberty openly proclaimed his support for the French Revolution. In this work he included the astonishing image of Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king who went mad and lived as a beast for seven years. Like Los, the image has a ferocious intensity, a face full of horror staring out of a mane-like beard, claws growing out of his disturbingly animal footlike hands, so that we are not sure if he is human or quadruped.
        Blake went on to publish “Europe: A Prophecy”, whose frontispiece features the famous image of God measuring the universe with a pair of compasses. It has a strong resemblance to his picture of Isaac Newton. In the book’s engravings, human figures seem possessed with demonic power and intensity; they weep, they shriek, they mourn, they supplicate. Two women crouch by a fire with a dead baby; angels are seen in company with devils; serpents writhe symbolically. The originals of these and many other immensely powerful pictures are brought together in this wonderful exhibition. In some cases there are several different versions of the same image as Blake coloured and finished them by hand. There are also examples of some of the inspired Bible illustrations he produced in later life  - the images of Job and of the death of Ezekiel’s wife are full of suffering and compassion.
      This is a very important exhibition. It is running only until 1st March 2015 so don’t miss it.




Monday, 22 December 2014

Nobody is Born Homosexual - Royal College of Psychiatrists Admits Truth

Last May the Royal College of Psychiatrists issued a statement in which they backed down from the dogmatic position that homosexuality is innate. This dramatic U-turn should have been headline news, but all our PC media and newspapers carefully avoided mentioning it.
The RCP was under pressure from the militant LGBT lobby to issue a statement in order to bolster their campaign to ban all orientation therapy even for those who seek it on a voluntary basis. Such a ban is of course one more attack on freedom. But the science was not on the LGBT side (surprise, surprise!) Resistance from a group of Christian psychiatrists forced RCP to admit that there simply is not enough scientific evidence for the LGBT theory.
Other explanations of homosexual behaviour  (i.e. childhood formative influences) are very much better documented. 
So it turns out that the Christians are better scientists than the atheists.

Anyone who kept up with scientific research could have told them long ago that the LGBT dogmas were fairy-tales. Eight independent studies carried out world -wide on the behaviour of identical twins have ALL concluded that homosexuality is not genetic. In the vast majority of cases  - around 90%  - their sexual orientation differs."Eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades all arrive at the same conclusion: gays were not born that way.
“At best genetics is a minor factor,” says Dr. Neil Whitehead, PhD. Whitehead worked for the New Zealand government as a scientific researcher for 24 years, then spent four years working for the United Nations and International Atomic Energy Agency. Most recently, he serves as a consultant to Japanese universities about the effects of radiation exposure. His PhD is in biochemistry and statistics.
Identical twins have the same genes or DNA. They are nurtured in equal prenatal conditions. If homosexuality is caused by genetics or prenatal conditions and one twin is "gay", the co-twin should also be "gay".
“Because they have identical DNA, it ought to be 100%,” Dr. Whitehead notes. But the studies reveal something else. “If an identical twin has same-sex attraction the chances the co-twin has it are only about 11% for men and 14% for women.”
This does not deter our abysmal education system from teaching children the lie that you can be "born gay" or even worse nonsense "in the wrong body". This ignorant view, defended by the pompous but ill-informed Dr Adam Ritchie, pervades our slavish TV and media, and it justifies setting up youth groups to indoctrinate and recruit youngsters to a life they may later regret. 

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In a highly significant development, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has changed its position on the causes and nature of same-sex attraction.

The review follows strong criticism made by the Christian Medical Fellowship and Core Issues Trust of the way in which the Royal College had handled scientific evidence on the issue.

In its latest statement, the Royal College states that "sexual orientation is determined by a combination of biological and postnatal environmental factors" and goes on to say that "[it] is not the case that sexual orientation is immutable or might not vary to some extent in a person's life" (emphasis added).

This represents a major shift from its previous position, which is still reflected in other parts of the Royal College's website (e.g. "there is no substantive evidence to support the suggestion that the nature of parenting or early childhood experiences have any role in the formation of a person's fundamental heterosexual or homosexual orientation").

In justifying its new position, the Royal College cites studies that are over 10 years old. There is no explanation as to why weight had not previously been given to these. The Christian Medical Fellowship and Core Issues Trust had critiqued the Royal College's approach to evidence in their submissions to the Church of England's Pilling Report.

However, in spite of the recognition that post-birth factors play a part in development of sexual attraction and that sexual orientation is not immutable, the Royal College maintains its opposition to therapy aimed at helping people explore the possibility of change in sexual orientation. Instead it suggests that such therapy is 'potentially harmful' but cannot point to any hard evidence to justify such an assertion.

Andrea Williams commented:

"This is a remarkable development. The Royal College has been held to account by Christian organisations that have simply pointed to the hard scientific evidence which was being ignored, apparently because of ideologically driven blindness. Begrudgingly, the Royal College has changed its position but it still supports those who seek to deny help to those who face unwanted same-sex attraction. It claims that such therapy is 'potentially damaging' but where is the hard scientific evidence for that?

"The assumption that people are 'born gay' has become deeply rooted in our society and has driven huge political, social and cultural change. Yet now the Royal College of Psychiatrists has admitted that things are not so simple and that post-birth environmental factors play a part. It is a step in the right direction and I want to congratulate the Christian Medical Fellowship and Core Issues Trust for their painstaking perseverance to ensure that public debate acknowledges truth. We will continue to work to ensure that those facing unwanted same-sex attraction can access appropriate therapy."

Read the response from Core Issues Trust here >

Find out more - 'Debunking the Myths'

These developments will be discussed at the forthcoming 'Debunking the Myths' Conferences in London (13th June) and Belfast (14th June), featuring high-level speakers on the relationship between same-sex attraction, science and the gospel.

Well-known New Testament scholar Professor Don Carson says of one of the speakers, Robert Gagnon:



Saturday, 20 December 2014

Labour missed a Good Chance and Russell Brand Picked It Up

I have always thought that Russell Brand was an idiot. 

Russell Brand joins residents and supporters from the New Era housing estate in East London as they deliver a petition to 10 Downing Street.

 And I still think he is an idiot, but what does that say about Ed Miliband and New Labour, since undoubtedly Brand has scored a big popular victory in the New Era Housing Estate's battle against re-development  - and Labour has missed the opportunity to do so.

Russell Brand 's reason for existence seems to be to give men an insight into how women feel about Marilyn Monroe. A childish, brainless, wiggling dummy made into a celeb simply because of sex appeal. Well that's what Brand is too - and he may well have his chest hair blow-dried before appearing on TV, but the fact is that he has still for once done something to show he cares. He stood up for people who feared being driven out of their homes en masse. This was not about government cuts, it was about private owners seeking to maximize returns. 
Of course Brand is a political baby and of course he is economically illiterate - as most people are  - and of course he has done a lot of harm by telling people not to vote. Apparently he is an ex-drug-addict - it wouldn't surprise me. His sexual boasting and rudeness in collusion with Jonathan Woss were atrocious and juvenile. He earns enough to pay £76,000 per year rent and his company got funding from banks such as Royal Bank of Scotland which he denounces.
But despite all of that he took a short break from being a cocky lout to help some people who were in genuine distress. The New Era residents live in flats with a rent of £800 per month, and the market rent the property owners would like to charge is £2,400 per month. Now, after organised protest and resistance, the owners will be selling the site to an affordable housing charity. East London has always provided housing for the less-well-off and if they can be driven out from there, they can be driven out from anywhere.
Of course Brand doesn't understand the causes of the housing crisis, and he shrugs off the effect that unlimited immigration has on driving up prices, but at least he showed he cared. For five minutes he took his mind off sex and drugs. 
I don't think Russell Brand has got the answers to any of our problems. He wouldn't have the faintest idea how to explain the resurgence of slavery in modern EU-controlled Britain. Only this week thirteen more Eastern Europeans were found in Rochdale, working an 80-hour week, living in a barely-furnished slum and paid wages that left them with £25 per week after rent. This is the wondrous prosperous world the EU promised us.

Filthy: The Rochdale house where the 13 Slovakian slaves lived. They were paid £25 for an 80-hour week after rent was deducted for the squalid home and travel

The point is that New Era is a cause Labour could have taken up. These are brownie points Labour could have scored if it wasn't too busy running junk like HopeNotHate and operating fake Facebook pages or Twitter accounts attributed to members of certain other political parties.
If Labour had time for anything apart from endless dirty tricks, they could have been at the head of the New Era residents' protest march instead of leaving it to the likes of Brand.
     Start worrying if Labour sacks Ed Miliband and takes on Brand as its next leader! With 9 million followers on Twitter he could probably get elected.


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Labour Councillor Shields Serial Killer - Excuse me who is a "danger to the public"? Colin Ash-Smith or Marine Blackman?

When I wrote to my Labour MP Andrew Smith asking him to vote for clemency for Marine Alexander Blackman, he replied that Blackman's crime was an "appalling" one and that nobody could say he was not a "danger to the public."

Funny. Compare that to this case of a Labour councillor who sheltered a serial killer for twenty years...because he was her own son. She lied for him, gave him a false alibi and disposed of a knife before the police could come and search their home.

Mother: Diane Ash-Smith (pictured in October) gave her son Colin, 46, an alibi for the murder of 16-year-old Claire Tiltman in 1993, claiming he had been driving her home after dropping off leaflets

Thanks to Diane Ash-Smith, who later became Labour Mayor of  Dartford in Kent, Colin escaped justice for twenty years after ruthlessly killing schoolgirl Claire Tiltman in 1993.
And his diary records how he planned, stalked and possibly carried out the killings of numerous other women.
Both Diane and her husband were Labour councillors for many years.
Claire Tiltman murderer Colin Ash-Smith sentenced to life
Colin Ash-Smith

Related Stories

Claire was stabbed repeatedly in an alleyway in Greenhithe while on the way to visit a friend.
Colin Ash-Smith, 46, was already serving three life sentences for previous attacks on two women.
Ash-Smith was told he would spend a minimum of 21 years behind bars by the judge at the Inner London Crown Court where he was found guilty on Thursday.
Judge Mr Justice Sweeney said: "I have no doubt that this was a premeditated murder that you carried out because of the feeling of power that it gave you.

Start Quote

This was a killing for the sake of killing, carried out by a ruthless and predatory armed killer”
Brian AltmanProsecution QC
"In so doing, you not only ended Claire's young life which was so full of promise, but you also caused unbearable grief and upset to her family and friends."
Ash-Smith was not in court for his sentencing.
About a dozen of Claire's school friends were in the gallery to hear the sentencing.
The judge praised Kent Police for bringing Claire's killer to trial.
"I would also like to commend the members of Claire's family and her friends who have attended this trial for the dignified way in which they have conducted themselves," the judge said.
"And I express my sorrow for the burden they have had to carry for many years at Claire's untimely loss."
Claire's parents, Linda and Cliff, died before her killer could be brought to justice, but they had been convinced Ash-Smith had murdered their daughter.
'Warped pleasure'
The Dartford Grammar School for Girls pupil was known as "Tilt" to her friends. She had just finished her mock GCSEs and wanted to go on to be a firefighter.
Ash-Smith was first questioned in 1995 as a suspect in Claire's murder but was only charged earlier this year, on the same day he was due to be considered for release by the parole board while serving his sentences for the two other attacks.
During the trial Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said the former milkman got a "warped pleasure" from the "savage" attack on Claire.
"This was a killing for the sake of killing, carried out by a ruthless and predatory armed killer, who attacked his chosen victim rapidly and stealthily, allowing her no time for defence or escape," he said.

Councillor used her job to help murderer son cheat justice for 20 years: Mother of man jailed for killing teenager Claire Tiltman in 1993 pumped police for information about inquiry and provided son with false alibi 

  • Colin Ash-Smith, 46, finally convicted of murdering Claire Tiltman in 1993
  • Judge jails him for life with a minimum term of 21 years behind bars
  •  Ex-milkman went to her funeral in clothes he wore when he stabbed her
  • Ash-Smith described in court as his mother Diane's 'golden boy'
  • Mrs Ash-Smith claimed son was driving her home at time of Claire's death
  • She then used council post to obtain information about murder inquiry  
  • Police would not comment on whether she will now face charges
Claire was on her way to a friend’s house in Kent four days after her 16th birthday when Ash-Smith, then 24, pounced. He stabbed her nine times and left her to die in an alleyway
Guilty: Yesterday former milkman Colin Ash-Smith, 46, (left) was finally convicted of murdering 16-year-old Claire Tiltman (right) in 1993. Claire was on her way to a friend's house in Kent birthday when Ash-Smith, then 24, pounced, stabbing her nine times and leaving her to die in an alleyway
Brazen: Ash-Smith is pictured attending Claire's funeral, wearing the same jacket he had on when he stabbed the schoolgirl in an alleyway in Greenhithe, Kent
Motor: Colin Ash-Smith drove this car while on regular night patrols looking for his victims


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Monday, 1 December 2014

In Many Ways 1957 was Not Such a Bad Time

Private Eye   ...ha ha, but wait a minute. Was 1957 really such a terrible time to live? There were many good things about it if you stop and think for a moment.  

In 1957, there was full employment in the UK and in fact there was such a shortage of labour that we were begging immigrants to come in from the Commonwealth to do certain jobs. Rather different from the picture now, with chronic long-term unemployment in many sectors of society, and businesses perversely recruiting from abroad to make that situation worse. 

In 1957 we were steadily paying off our national debt, which was a result of war, not of overspending on benefits. We went on paying it off throughout the Thatcher era, but now it is steeply rising again and we have sold off most of our national assets as well. 
In 1957 we owned our own Post Office and a letter cost 2d.
In 1957 the UK had a large, vigorous and thriving fishing industry that flourished because we controlled our own waters. Now it has been reduced to shreds and our fish stocks ransacked and looted by mega-trawlers from EU countries.
In 1957 we had an immense national railway network with hundreds of little branch lines that have since been closed down. You could go almost anywhere by train and the railway provided a secure lifetime's employment for a multitude of the working class. In 1957 most people expected to have a "job for life". You trained as a nurse, a midwife or a teacher and you were not sacked at age 35 to make way for someone younger who could be paid less.
In 1957 the state pension was enough to live on.
A 3-bedroom semi in a London suburb cost £2,500, which was about five years' earnings for the average person. Now it would cost around fourteen years' salary.
Cadbury's was alive and kicking, producing real British chocolate in its factory-in-a-garden at Bourneville.
We made our own cars, bicycles, radios, knives, forks and scissors instead of importing everything from China. We even made our own china...
In 1957, the National Health Service in Britain was free. Completely free. People paid their taxes and in return got FREE prescriptions, FREE dental treatment and FREE eye tests. You could also get free glasses, or if you didn't want to be seen in the free ones you could get free lenses and buy your own frames.
Council care-homes for the old were free of charge.
In 1957, there were free grammar schools in every part of England. The academic standards they aimed at  - and mainly achieved  - were staggering compared to today's state education. Very high standards of literacy and language learning were taken for granted. The standards of most O-levels were comparable to what they call A-level today. Or higher. And school gave you free milk.
In 1957, if you won a university place, you got all your fees paid, even if your parents were very rich. If they weren't very rich, you got a free grant to cover your living expenses. This continued even if you were on a six or seven-year medical course. There weren't so many universities but there were plenty of training colleges and technical colleges which were also free of charge and guided young people  straight into work. 
In 1957, most children were born in wedlock, with two parents formally committed to supporting and bringing them up. From the child's point of view that was a decided advantage.
In 1957, Britain had a sizeable and effective armed force. It had a numerous army, a well-equipped navy and the best Air Force in the world. Now we couldn't defend a children's playground.

In 1957, your rubbish was collected weekly from outside your house, not fortnightly.
In 1957, you could drive your car into the middle of London or Oxford or most towns and find somewhere to park it  - FREE.
In 1957, public libraries were so well funded that they stocked a wide range of newspapers and would also get any book you asked for, free if you were still at school, or for a ridiculously low fee if you were an adult.

As far as mod cons go, the basics (washing-machines, fridges, radio, TV, telephones and central heating ) had been invented but because there was much less traffic on the road you could safely cycle almost anywhere you wanted to go. When you switched on the radio or TV you would hear bearable standards of English without endless swear-words or phrases like "He was sat over there". TV was still black and white, but at least you would switch it on and off without having to find some blasted control and point it at the box, press buttons and wonder whether the blasted batteries have run down.
In 1957, we still owned half of the world's broadcasting frequencies. We hadn't sold them off, unlike now.
There were twice as many pubs in England then, and five times as many little village shops.
And in 1957, we made our own laws. We were not subject to arbitrary decrees from the EU commissioners or absurd rulings from the ECHR. Our Parliament governed our country. Now we have given away our own sovereignty, blindfold as we were never told the truth about it. We were told we were entering a "free-market zone".


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"A Malicious Act With Intent" - World AIDS Day 1st December 2014

Last year's Nobel Prize for AIDS was deservedly won by Gaetan Dugas and you can see why in this U-tube news-report from 1987. Doctors at the American CDC who treated the gay and tanned Gaytan before he died told him politely that his promiscuous lifestyle was putting other people at risk of infection and creating crisis that the medical profession simply could not cope with.  


Dugas, alias Patient Zero, replied in true heroic LGBT fashion, “It’s my right to do what I want -  I can have sex with anyone I want  - it's  my civil right." He even added, " I’ve got the virus - why shouldn’t they get it?”  Finally Dugas just stormed out saying “Fuck you!” A role-model for today's youth, then.

CDC traced hundreds of cases back to him. He frequently visited "gay" saunas wherever he travelled and bestowed his bodily fluids on all and sundry. By the time  he died in 1984 he had infected thousands of other men. And most of them had passed it on to multiple partners in their turn...
But a new contender for this year's Nobel prize has awesome claims too. Rhys Edwin Martin can rival Dugas in his behaviour, attitude and total lack of any qualms. Read this recent story from Australia.

Rhys Martin was a rent-boy who had succeeded in catching HIV somewhere along the line. He was picked up on a "gay" website called Manhunt by one of those nice, stable monogamous "gay" couples in Brisbane. They said that at first they just offered him a home out of sheer kindness, then somehow all three ended up in the bedroom. Yeah, I believe it.  That's why people use Manhunt, for philanthropy.
They were aged 59 and 40. Rhys was 22. (It all sounds a bit like Terry Bean, Kiah Lawson and the 15-year-old boy they met through Grindr doesn't it?) 
    Rhys knew perfectly well that he was HIV positive but denied it to them. After all, it might put customers off! He had been diagnosed two years earlier, and God knows how young he was when he embarked on this liberated and progressive way of life. After a while they took him to their own doctor and insisted that he be tested. He pretended to be surprised at first to find the result positive. By that time the older guy, the one aged 59, had caught the virus from Rhys. Finally Rhys admitted that he had known for two years but does he apologize? No, no. no. Gay rights means never having to say you're sorry. 
       A certain coolness ensued. They asked Rhys to move out.  Rhys Martin then returned to the flat with two paid thugs who beat up his former bumchums "so viciously they suffered broken facial bones requiring surgery and other serious injuries." In case that didn't get the message over they also threatened to stab the younger partner.
    I hereby nominate Rhys Edward Martin for this year's Nobel Prize for AIDS on the grounds that his heroic behaviour is a model for all other gay warriors and LGBT campaigners to emulate.
    Anybody who disagrees is a wicked, shocking "gay-basher" a "fomohobe" a "bigot" and a "hater" and their views are simply not legitimate or fit to be heard.

Rhys Edwin Martin, 22, was jailed for eight years in the District Court at Brisbane on Tuesday after a jury found him guilty in July of causing grievous bodily harm to a 59-year-old man he had unprotected sex with in mid-2012, despite being diagnosed with HIV two years earlier.
Martin separately pleaded guilty to returning to the man’s Clayfield home in December, which he shared with his partner of 18 years, with two henchmen who bashed the couple so viciously they suffered broken facial bones requiring surgery and other serious injuries.
Judge Stuart Durward called Martin’s conduct “reckless, selfish and callous”. So what's new?
He said the couple brought Martin into their home as a friend when he became homeless and had nowhere else to go.
The court learned the trio subsequently formed a mutual sexual relationship, except Martin lied and hid his HIV positive status from the couple.
“The elephant in the room, Mr Martin, was your HIV status,” Judge Durward said.
“You knew that you were, and for some time had been, HIV positive. You were, without prophylactic protection, a time bomb.
“Unfortunately and tragically for (your victim), it exploded.”
The 59-year-old victim was diagnosed with the virus after he and his 40-year-old partner had consensual sex with Martin between July and September, 2012.
Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy said Martin denied he had HIV and even cited a preference for unprotected sex when the couple began the relationship with him.
The men eventually grew suspicious of Martin’s health status and took him to see their doctor.
Martin expressed shock at the diagnosis until he eventually confessed he was found to be HIV positive some two years earlier.
As the couple dealt with the shock of the 59-year-old’s HIV positive diagnosis, Martin orchestrated a “vile, contemptuous and demeaning” attack on the pair in their own home at 6.30pm on December 21, 2012.
The men answered a knock on their door to find two thugs, hired by Martin.
The men broke into their unit and bashed the victims violently, knocking the 59-year-old man out, and threatening to stab the younger man.
The violence left the couple with serious injuries including cuts, a fractured eye socket, displacement of the left cheek bone and jaw, bruises and swelling, and for the 59-year-old man, a broken nose and eye injuries so severe he required surgery to correct double vision.
Judge Durward said Martin had given his victims a life sentence with his reckless and callous “indifference” for their welfare.
>>>Interesting fact. Grindr, founded only a few years ago, has 6 million users . Tinder, the heterosexual hook-up app, has been in existence longer yet has only ten million users world wide. Since heterosexuals are 98.5% of the population, this reveals that homosexuals are far more promiscuous.


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Thursday, 27 November 2014

What Did Jesus Teach About Immigration?

Victim's face

Paul Kohler, victim of savage attack in London.

Some Christian clergymen dabble in politics and use their sermons to tell us that Jesus would have approved of this or that political agenda. I think they are on very shaky ground.
Would Jesus really have objected to the idea of deporting the four men who beat up the London lecturer pictured above? They broke into his home demanding money and beat him so violently that he needed facial reconstruction surgery. The vision in his left eye is now damaged, perhaps permanently. When the case got to court, the judge goaled them, but that means that the British tax-payer will have to fork out £30,000 per year for EACH of the four to be kept in prison. While there they get free food, heating, TV, health care, training, and the chance to do an Open University degree. Was that perhaps what they were intending all along?
       I am not going to say where the attackers come from, because I have nothing against the law-abiding people who come from that country, but I think it would be fairer for these attackers to be sent home to serve their sentence, and never permitted to return to the UK. The same goes for the group of 13 Somalian men who came here as refugees and have just been convicted of running a child prostitution racket in Bristol with English girls.  They used victims as young as 13 and many were raped repeatedly. The ring was discovered after one girl was taken to a hotel and raped by three men.

I would send these men back to their place of origin. And I don't think Jesus would have objected. 
   It is true that Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan, who rescued the traveller beaten up by thieves, and gave him all the help he needed. The moral of the story is that we are to help those whose misfortunes are accidental but Jesus does not say how we should treat the attackers. He does not tell us to treat the criminals with such leniency as to attract millions more violent criminals to come to your country. 
       Jesus lived in a time when means of transport were very limited. Unless you could afford a horse or a donkey (and most people couldn't) you walked everywhere. Roads were very poor and made of stones. They were also scarce. You might find no road at all in the direction you needed to go. There were very few inns and you could not book in advance, so the risk of having nowhere to stay overnight was always high. Most people stayed all their lives in the region, probably the same village where they were born. They might go away to join the army or because they were driven out by famine or drought but even then they tended to return, when they could. The idea of migrating to the other side of the world did not occur to many of them. 
         So when Jesus said, "I was a stranger, and you gave me hospitality," he was envisaging the occasional, isolated stranger on foot who might pass through a typical village in Judea every few months or so. He was not envisaging mass migration by millions of people travelling by train, car, lorry or aeroplane, none of which had then been invented. He was not talking about the situation we now have with hordes pushing their way through the Channel Tunnel, and gangs smuggling people across borders like contraband.
        Jesus could also, we are told, do miracles, but we can't, so we have to find some feasible, practical solution to the question of how many people to fit onto a small island. The population of the world is 7 billion. They won't all fit. The population of the EU is 505 million  - they can't really fit very comfortably. If they all turned up simultaneously, at the vicarage of some Marxist-minded clergyman such as Giles Fraser tomorrow morning, demanding to be "taken in", to be paid benefits, to get a free house, free health care and to stay permanently, he might have to change his mind about literal interpretations of scripture.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

"The Paedophile Next Door" - A Naive Report by Steve Humphries

Last night Channel 4 broadcast a programme entitled "The Paedophile Next Door". It claimed to be groundbreaking and to offer some new approach to the problem of paedophilia. 
This new approach consisted of one academic, Dr Sarah Goode, saying that people who experience paedophile desires should be able to seek help and "treatment" before they offend. 
The trouble with this is 
a) most paedophiles don't want help, they want to gratify their desires,
b) there is no known treatment. There is no therapy available in the UK for paedophiles and the sole experiment taking place in Germany is tiny, ill-funded, and seems to have no proven track record of success. If it does, then the programme failed to mention it. 

Steve Humphries asked why paedophilia has obviously flourished in the UK in the past thirty years despite general public disapproval  - and he failed to offer any plausible explanation. 
 Here it is. The paedophile movement is inseparable from the homosexual movement. They are, and always have been, one and the same thing. 

The Paedophile Information Exchange, which featured briefly in this TV programme, was founded and always dominated by male homosexuals. Tom O'Carroll, Peter Righton, Ian Campbell Dunn, etc etc They were the same people who were running Gay Liberation and the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE), both of which demanded the abolition of all age of consent. There are more than thirty active pro-paedophile groups in Europe today, twenty-eight of them founded and run by male homosexuals. and many of them, such as the Dutch COC, are affiliated to ILGA (the International Lesbian and Gay Association) which is publicly funded. 

Peter Ashman pro-paedophilecampaigner

Peter Ashman, the homosexual who set up ILGA and earned huge amounts of money from the EU and the British government for promulgating his antisocial ideas, was a paedophile and a paedophile campaigner.  In 1976 Ashman wrote in the Guardian that paedophilia had never done any harm and that those  who thought it should remain illegal were guilty of “prejudice, ignorance and bigotry”. He angrily defended CHE for supporting paedophiles.
Ashman then got funding for the rest of his life to pursue this agenda on a European scale. 
With EU funding, these IGLA groups have already succeeded in lowering the age of consent to 12 in some parts of the EU. 

The same ideas and the same agenda have often been flaunted by the toxic Peter Tatchell, arch-hypocrite who has appropriated the term "human rights". Only last week Terry Bean, the founder of HRC, the most aggressive and belligerent homosexual group in America, was arrested on charges of illegal relations with a 15-year-old boy at a hotel. Bean's former partner, aged 25, said that he was paid by Bean to cruise multiple homosexual "dating" sites and apps to find fresh meat for Bean, aged 66. Yes, 66.

David Thorstad founder leader of Gay Liberation and NAMBLA

All over the world, the paedophile movement is and always has been, inseparable from the LGBT movement. All the leaders and founders of the American so-called "gay rights" were paedophiles or expressed public approval for NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association) and its agenda, of abolishing age of consent. David Thorstad, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Frank Kameny, Harry Hay and Gore Vidal were all NAMBLA members or openly in favour of it and had loads of hands-on experience to offer. Many lesbians publicly subscribe to their views.

The UK Labour Party is implicated in this corruption because it gave official approval and funding to the vile Stonewall organisation (founded by among others Peter Ashman). In 2009, a large paedophile network was found in Scotland, led by James Rennie and John Murphy. Rennie and Murphy had previously worked for Stonewall's LGBT Youth and were now running LGBT Scotland, a publicly-funded group. Rennie was earning £40,000 per year for advising the Blair government on LGBT-youth issues and it was under his guidance that they enforced the policy of allowing homosexual couples to adopt children. That policy has resulted in cases of grave child abuse, and also in the closure of many adoption societies, leaving 62,000 unadopted children in care. The other members of Rennie's paedophile ring were all male homosexuals and mostly LGBT activists.

Strachan, using the name "Mark", sent Rennie images of his abuse of the toddler on New Year's Eve. Further investigations by police uncovered the identities of the other six men who made, shared and collected abusive images: Colin Slaven, 23, from Edinburgh; Neil Campbell, 46, John Milligan, 40, and John Murphy, 44, all of Glasgow; Ross Webber, 27, from North Berwick; and Craig Boath, 24, from Dundee. Milligan had 78,000 images in his possession. He was allowed to listen on the telephone to Rennie abusing the toddler, and had discussed getting access to the boy. Webber, Boath and Milligan were found guilty of conspiring to participate in the sexual abuse of children along with Strachan and Rennie. Campbell was cleared of conspiracy. The men will be sentenced later.
Labour-run local authorities such as Islington have in the past generation inflicted pro-gay policies, with the result that cases of paedophile abuse escalated. Organised, devious male homosexual paedophiles worked through the system to access children and called it "progress" or "abolishing prejudice". Male homosexual paedophiles like Bernie Bain and Nicholas Rabet were put in charge of children's care-homes. Peter Righton, a male homosexual paedophile, (and close friend of Ben Britten), was put in charge of UK social services, and was the most senior person in advising the government on all childcare issues. He was a PIE member. Fact.
All of this is well documented in the files of survivor networks and personal testimonies. 
Child-abuse charities try to account for it by saying that paedophiles "posed as homosexuals". But they didn't have to pose as homosexuals. They are homosexuals. B4U-Act, the USA pro-paedophile group, is run by male homosexuals. Paidika was set up by male homosexuals. There are hundreds of pro-paedo books and magazines written by ....male homosexuals. And there are pro-paedophile conferences being held in universities all over the world by... yes, male homosexuals. All of the obnoxious men found running the most sophisticated paedophile rings all over England, Scotland, Europe and the USA  - all over the globe in fact  - are always male homosexuals, often living with a male partner as Peter Righton did. His partner was another male homosexual paedophile. That is how they operate. 
In Steve Humphries' programme, Dr Sarah Goode put the view that people with paedophile urges should be able to seek "treatment". They found one example of a man called Eddie who has paedo urges and does not want to give in to them. Dr Goode said that your sexual orientation is not necessarily "what you are". People are moral and have moral choices. Eddie agreed. But that is totally against the ideology of the LGBT movement (which is being forcibly taught to children in schools). The LGBT ideology is that desire is "orientation" which is "what you are". "Being gay" is your "identity". It teaches the unscientific view that sexual urges are innate, cannot be changed and must always be gratified. Pro-paedophile campaigners say the same thing, that paedophilia is an inborn orientation that cannot be changed. They reject choice, they reject responsibility and they reject morality. They follow the motto "lust is a must". They are trying to BAN  therapy for homosexual feelings even when it is voluntary, and they are spreading a hysterical myth that such therapy is "torture". Fact. They want to impose a ban world-wide and have gone right up to the UN to impose that tyranny.
Such a ban would logically also ban therapy for paedophiles such as James Rennie, John Murphy, Neil Strachan, and Neil Campbell. They don't want to prevent paedophilia, they want to change its name to "child-sex rights" and lower the age of consent until it is abolished altogether. 
The LGBT movement is a major obstruction in trying to tackle the problem of paedophilia. Any other assessment of the situation is naive.

The Paedophile Next Door - 9.00pm tonight on Channel 4
Historian Steve Humphries examines failures in policies and
legislation put in place to protect youngsters from sexual abuse, and
discovers radical new solutions proposed by an increasing number of
child-protection experts, which challenge deep-rooted attitudes and
emotional reactions to paedophiles. Senior lecturer Sarah Goode
believes the most promising way to reduce the number of child-abuse
cases is to encourage people to seek treatment before they target
victims. Her theory is supported by an interview in this programme in
which Humphries meets a man who makes an extraordinary confession on

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