Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Crisis is Here in England Actually

Our mad and incompetent government thinks we can afford to send millions in aid to Syrian rebels and refugees, but when there is a crisis here in England the victims get nothing  - apart from a few hollow words of rhetoric.

A flooded street in Faversham near Upper Brents. Picture Bess Browning

In April, Cameron and Hague sent £3 million of supplies to Syrian rebels who were supposedly fighting for a "free and democratic Syria" - (by massacring Christians and staging fake chemical attacks on themselves). In May our government doubled their aid and put pressure on the EU to waive its arms embargo. In August, egged on by the Libdems, they sent another £5 million worth of supplies. When the disaster in the Philippines struck, the UK government immediately sent £50 million, more than most other nations world-wide.
Only yesterday Menzies Campbell, the Libdem leader, called for the UK to give more help to Syrian refugees in Jordan.
BUT WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY DO WHEN PEOPLE HERE ARE HIT BY A SEVERE CRISIS? We have refugees right here in England. Tens of thousands of English people have been driven out of their homes by disastrous flooding in the south of England. Sussex, Surrey and Kent are among the worst hit areas. Whole villages have been flooded ten feet deep and houses, with all their contents, ruined. Vehicles have been washed away and people killed. The gale damage has left hundreds of thousands of people suffering long or short-term power cuts and David Cameron offers these people no financial help whatsoever. 
He has made a pathetic gesture by visiting Yalding, a village in Kent cut off by floods, and congratulating the people there on their stalwart spirit!  Not surprisingly some of the residents gave him a cold welcome.  They haven't just had a terrible Christmas  - they have suffered a catastrophe. Their stocks of food and warm clothing have been ruined by the disaster and so have most of their other possessions. They are cold, hungry, and in shock. One man described how he had had to get his old mother and his child out of the house on a canoe. Some are unable to go back to their homes and others unable to get out of theirs. Many will have difficult getting back to work. And the total amount of help offered by our government  - NIL.

Mr Cameron said that it was the duty of councils, energy companies and insurers to help people pick up the pieces. There would be no special help or funding from the the government. Their attitude is that English people just exist to pay taxes  -not to get anything back. And it is the same with the whole LibLabCon.

That attitude has got to change. English voters should not put up with this any longer.

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  1. I second that, well said and i hope they read this.