Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Shame on the BBC

     Our Brainless Broadcasting Corporation acted up to its name by giving the skiing injury of Michael Schumacher priority over the news of terrorist bombings in the railway station at Volgograd. What a pathetic gesture of petulant pique against Russia and what an insult to the Russian people. We pay for the accursed licence fee and we get a broadcasting service that is not worthy of the name.
      If a racing driver wants to go skiing off-piste at his own risk and gets injured, it is a private tragedy  - but it is not more important news than a deliberate terrorist attack on peaceful, innocent citizens, massacring sixteen and maiming many more. This latest jihadist outrage turned out to be only the first of a pair of concerted, ruthless attacks, planned and carried out by completely untypical, unrepresentative and unorthodox believers in the Religion of Peace that Nick Clegg is so keen to defend.  The  second bomb attack, on a bus, has already killed fourteen innocent Russians.

      Has our pathetic Prime Minister even sent an official message of sympathy and support to the Russian people? If not, that is one more reason to despise him and the LibLabCon that put him into power.
       We in the English Democrats have very different priorities. If I were writing the news bulletins, I would put this first  - and give it three times as much coverage as it got.

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