Saturday, 14 December 2013

Oxford Hospital Begging for Funds

Many people in Oxford assume that the new hospital buildings and facilities at the John Radcliffe, the Churchill, and the Nuffield are being built with government funding. That after all is supposed to be what the NHS is for. That is how successive governments have justified huge taxes on earnings, savings, purchases and inheritance.
       But they're not  - they are being funded by borrowing and begging. Eventually our children and grandchildren will have to pay back a lot of the cost to the health "trusts". Some trust! Only this week I got another begging letter from the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre.
       "THE NUFFIELD ORTHOPAEDIC CENTRE APPEAL. As an independent charitable trust raising funds for the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, we have contributed to a major re-development programme which started in 1995. Since then the Appeal has raised over £15 million with a staff of only two and the lowest of overheads.
         Donations and legacies have enabled us to build and complete:-
           in 1995 the Tebbit Centre £1.5 million,
           in 2002 the first phase of the Botnar Research Centre £4.5 million,
           in 2004 a new hydrotherapy pool  - £750,000,
           In 2006 £300,000 towards a second MRI scanner building,
           In 2007 £6million for a new children's ward and two adult wards.
         We have also raised over £1 million for research projects.
Now we are raising funds to build Phase 2 of the Botnar Research Centre...."

Well isn't that nice? Because all these health care facilities are funded out of donations and legacies, the Government can spend our tax money on other things  - such as foreign wars and EU contributions. Our EU contributions are now about a £BILLION per week in this country and they are set to rise by another £10 BILLION over the next four years. We have plenty of spare cash to throw at bail-outs of indebted EU nations, and we can well afford it being equally indebted ourselves.
As a matter of fact these bail-outs are illegal even under EU treaties but that doesn't deter our stupid government from paying them. The PM thinks we have enough money to give millions annually in aid to countries like China, India and Pakistan which have their own space and nuclear weapons programmes. The government thinks we have enough money to offer houses and benefits to new arrivals and legal aid to terrorists. They don't have to go begging.
           The funding of the NHS is a very complex issue. When it was set up nobody envisaged it providing the sort of high-tech sophisticated care it offers today. Doubtless there are some respects in which it could save money and the Tax Payers' Alliance regularly reports on them. But one thing is for sure  - it should not be begging for charity funding when we have enough money to hand out billions to others. This is a degradation of our country.



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