Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Now the French Have the Cheek to Blame Us

Apparently the English Channel is in the wrong place and it's our fault  - according to the French. The Mayor of Calais and the French Minister of the Interior have both blamed Britain for the fact that non-EU migrants who want to cross the Channel into England hang around in Calais until they can persuade someone to give them a lift in their vehicle. The French have provided makeshift hostels for them and the more they accommodate, the more arrive.
        These people come from North Africa and the Middle East and are prepared to queue and wait until they can sneak through the barriers somehow after dark.
        The French suggestion? That the border be moved. Yes, they suggest that the border between England and France should not be the Channel but should be put somewhere just INSIDE the British Isles so that the French will be saved the bother of looking after all these itinerant folks.

Crossing: Asylum seekers and migrants from around the world camp next to the Calais container port

Philippe Mignonet, the mayor of Calais, had the cheek to accuse Britain of hypocrisy because illegal immigrants can, he says, so easily get admitted and find work here on the black market. He called the camps in Calais a "British problem". Manuel Valls, their nasty Minister of the Interior, who is busy turning France into a police state, called on Britain to exercise stricter immigration controls.
       Okay so if the French don't want these people camped in Calais, why do they allow them to enter and cross France in the first place? They are not French so why did the French allow them in? Maybe THEY should try exercising stricter immigration controls. Or maybe some of the rich Arab countries should take these people in, since they are migrants from Islamic areas. 
       I wonder how the French would react if we demanded to move the border to somewhere just inside France  - for example just south of Calais. After all, Calais used to belong to England only a few centuries ago. Perhaps they would like to offer it back, since they no longer believe that the English Channel is the natural, obvious and common-sense place to locate the border.


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