Monday, 2 December 2013

Leaked Tory Documents Prove that UK Voters Opposed Same-Sex Marriage

Leaked documents from a shady organization called LGBTory reveal for the first time how strongly the British public OPPOSED any change to the institution of marriage. The confused nonsensical law was forced through by lobby groups within political parties who had no mandate from the electorate and had carefully avoided ever mentioning their agenda in any party manifesto during the General Election of 2010.
But now leaked e-mails from within the Tory party reveal that the nasty crew pushing this law through knew at the time just how unpopular it was with us, the voters. They knew they were defying public opinion and they were determined to force their law through anyway.
A panicked e-mail sent by LGBTory in December 2012 to Tory councillors and party officials states that MPs have been "Deluged" by letters from voters protesting against the change and telling them to vote against it. The e-mail goes on to describe contemptuously the arguments used by the opposition, and urge their lobbyists to circulate e-mail forms with a standard message in favour of SSM for their own supporters to send to MPs. In other words they were trying to make it look as if the measure was less unpopular than it was.
With complete arrogance, these LGBT lobbyists dismiss democracy in favour of homo-fascism.
The full text of this e-mail, all three pages faithfully photographed, can be read on this link :-

Just look what it reveals about the arrogance of those in power. They know they are minority and that the public has seen through their nonsense. Still they go on calling bogus marriage "equal" when it is nothing of the kind, and dismissing with contempt the rational and fair arguments of the majority who understand the need for a proper, heterosexual institution of marriage along natural, organic lines. 
Earlier in March 2012 the Coalition government launched a consultation but this was just for show. It was very flawed in its method. Respondents did not have to provide their personal details, so that the hundreds of full-time paid LGBT lobbyists could answer "Yes" as many times as they wanted. Opinions from overseas were also accepted so that the whole USA gay-nuisance-network could get included. Meanwhile they flooded the media with their views and excluded any dissent.
      The people with morals who are more likely to support real man-woman marriage could only answer the consultation once. Nevertheless, the response still did not go the way the LGBTory group wanted. It was at that point that they sent out the worried e-mail, admitting that MPs had been flooded with letters protesting against any change to the institution of marriage. They never thought it would end up here on this blog!

When the results went against their plans (and who can doubt that the plans were put in place with large promises of party funding) they resorted to dishonest methods of counting. The Coalition for Marriage (C4M) a cross-party combined-church venture had been assured that if they canvassed opinion against the change, everybody who signed their online petition would be listened to. 509,800 people voted NO  - and their identities were checked and verified. They had to provide an address and postcode as well as an e-mail. But when it came to the final count, Cameron counted this entire petition as one vote. Yes, he counted half a million votes as just one vote.
      At the same time, an online petition from the SSM lobby got only 64,000 votes but all of those votes were counted individually. This made the official result 104,000 against the change and 120,840 in favour. What happens when you count it properly? You have to add another 509,799 votes to the opposition side. Result: 617,907 against SSM and only 120,840 in favour. 
This means that 83% of the public were against the introduction of same-sex marriage.

The Coalition government just blatantly ignored the outcome. The opinions of MPs had no relation to those of the voters. They were influenced by the 170 full-time paid LGBT activists who lobby them week in, week out and invite them to lavish receptions where they rub shoulders with the likes of the Rev. Paul Flowers and his retinue of rent-boys, all high on cocaine or GHB. Cameron's determination to get the horrible law through suggests to me that he had made some sort of  pre-election pledge to do this, in return for party funding. Why else would he be so obstinate?
 The cat is out of the bag  - we know the voters did not want this stupid law and we are entitled to regard it as not being legally valid.

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