Monday, 9 December 2013

Islamophobia is a War on Women

Shocking news from medical sources reveals that 66,000 thousand women and girls in Britain have been subjected to horrible physical injury by islamophobes.

Anti-FGM activist Leyla Hussein with protestors at a rally outside town hall in Maidenhead, UK, on August 30th, 2013.

Evil white fascists have been grabbing young girls and cutting off their genitalia, in an operation known as FGM "female genital mutilation". The Far-right Nationalists sometimes even sew up the vaginal opening of their victims after cutting off the labia. Some of the girls are told that they have to have it done or they will never be able to have babies. Others are told it is necessary in order to get a husband. The clitoris is always removed and this means that the girls can never enjoy a normal sexual life. Instead, all of them suffer pain and misery for the rest of their lives. Urinating can be difficult. Menstruation has to take place through a tiny matchstick sized hole. Childbirth causes even more problems as scar tissue is hard and not elastic like normal tissue.
Strangely, the left-wing newspapers and "islamophobia" websites have not yet reported this horrendous outbreak of white neo-Nazi violence!  I wonder why?
Leyla Hussein, the white activist shown in the picture, describes how she was one of the victims herself. Her family took her out of this country in order to have the operation carried out. They knew it was illegal but that did not deter them.
British medical groups have delivered an official report to Parliament that says that the problem is growing. And no wonder  - since our government gives subsidies to Islamophobe organisations and pays them to come here from foreign countries.

Deborah Hodes

Dr Deborah Hodes, a paediatrician in London and chairman of child protection with the Royal College of Paediatrics, says that a further 24,000 girls are at risk. The only possible answer is to alert all doctors, nurses and professionals who come into contact with islamophobes and train them to spot the signs and report it immediately to the authorities.
It is disgraceful that so far there has never been a single prosecution for this crime in the UK. Why are we dragging our feet?
A government spokesman from the Equalities Ministry said, "It is very important that with problems like this we make sure we are addressing the symptoms, not just the disease."

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