Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Shame on the BBC

     Our Brainless Broadcasting Corporation acted up to its name by giving the skiing injury of Michael Schumacher priority over the news of terrorist bombings in the railway station at Volgograd. What a pathetic gesture of petulant pique against Russia and what an insult to the Russian people. We pay for the accursed licence fee and we get a broadcasting service that is not worthy of the name.
      If a racing driver wants to go skiing off-piste at his own risk and gets injured, it is a private tragedy  - but it is not more important news than a deliberate terrorist attack on peaceful, innocent citizens, massacring sixteen and maiming many more. This latest jihadist outrage turned out to be only the first of a pair of concerted, ruthless attacks, planned and carried out by completely untypical, unrepresentative and unorthodox believers in the Religion of Peace that Nick Clegg is so keen to defend.  The  second bomb attack, on a bus, has already killed fourteen innocent Russians.

      Has our pathetic Prime Minister even sent an official message of sympathy and support to the Russian people? If not, that is one more reason to despise him and the LibLabCon that put him into power.
       We in the English Democrats have very different priorities. If I were writing the news bulletins, I would put this first  - and give it three times as much coverage as it got.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Crisis is Here in England Actually

Our mad and incompetent government thinks we can afford to send millions in aid to Syrian rebels and refugees, but when there is a crisis here in England the victims get nothing  - apart from a few hollow words of rhetoric.

A flooded street in Faversham near Upper Brents. Picture Bess Browning

In April, Cameron and Hague sent £3 million of supplies to Syrian rebels who were supposedly fighting for a "free and democratic Syria" - (by massacring Christians and staging fake chemical attacks on themselves). In May our government doubled their aid and put pressure on the EU to waive its arms embargo. In August, egged on by the Libdems, they sent another £5 million worth of supplies. When the disaster in the Philippines struck, the UK government immediately sent £50 million, more than most other nations world-wide.
Only yesterday Menzies Campbell, the Libdem leader, called for the UK to give more help to Syrian refugees in Jordan.
BUT WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY DO WHEN PEOPLE HERE ARE HIT BY A SEVERE CRISIS? We have refugees right here in England. Tens of thousands of English people have been driven out of their homes by disastrous flooding in the south of England. Sussex, Surrey and Kent are among the worst hit areas. Whole villages have been flooded ten feet deep and houses, with all their contents, ruined. Vehicles have been washed away and people killed. The gale damage has left hundreds of thousands of people suffering long or short-term power cuts and David Cameron offers these people no financial help whatsoever. 
He has made a pathetic gesture by visiting Yalding, a village in Kent cut off by floods, and congratulating the people there on their stalwart spirit!  Not surprisingly some of the residents gave him a cold welcome.  They haven't just had a terrible Christmas  - they have suffered a catastrophe. Their stocks of food and warm clothing have been ruined by the disaster and so have most of their other possessions. They are cold, hungry, and in shock. One man described how he had had to get his old mother and his child out of the house on a canoe. Some are unable to go back to their homes and others unable to get out of theirs. Many will have difficult getting back to work. And the total amount of help offered by our government  - NIL.

Mr Cameron said that it was the duty of councils, energy companies and insurers to help people pick up the pieces. There would be no special help or funding from the the government. Their attitude is that English people just exist to pay taxes  -not to get anything back. And it is the same with the whole LibLabCon.

That attitude has got to change. English voters should not put up with this any longer.


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Wagner’s Parsifal at the Vue Cinema.

      I went to a Wagner opera at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden yesterday. At least, it felt like it. If I had travelled all the way to London and gone to the Royal Opera House itself I could not have hoped for better sound, better vision or a more complete immersion in this grand musical event than we got by going to the live broadcast of the event at the local cinema. To help create atmosphere, before the opera begins they broadcast the sound of the whispering in the auditorium and the orchestra tuning up. 
     Wagner’s final opera is five hours of dreamy, fabulous music, full of grandeur and intense emotion. It feels like being immersed in a bath of warm milk and brandy. The story is mysterious and allegorical. No matter how often the symbolism is explained and the plot interpreted, it remains baffling, and in fact just gets even more so. Never mind. Being mystified is an appropriate state of mind for enjoying the gorgeous, sensuous music and will do us no harm. Parsifal is a wild young man, a loner, raised in the backwoods, and his name means “pure fool”. Fate has destined him of all people to take on the task of saving the order of the Knights of the Holy Grail from their enemy Klingsor. Their leader Amfortas has been defeated in combat by the evil Klingsor and has lost the sacred spear that was their most treasured possession. Now he suffers from an incurable wound and nobody dares to face Klingsor again in combat – nobody but the foolish, ignorant Parsifal. 

All of the soloists in this production are absolutely world-class and their singing was glorious. Angela Denoke as Kundry is both a wonderful soprano and a very good actress. She has to somehow represent all womanhood, both pure and fallen, in this mega-role of the legendary figure who once mocked Christ and has since wandered the earth for two thousand years, cursed until she can expiate her sin. She is wise and maternal, cunning and seductive, defiant and repentant, always fascinating. Simon O’Neill, the Australian tenor who sang Parsifal, was electrifying. Willard White as Klingsor was his usual powerful self.
       Frankly, I did not think that this production was a visual treat. I have seen too many stark, monochromatic modern productions of operas to be impressed by another one. The cast looked as if they were dressed for the rehearsal, all apart from Kundry who did have the rudimentary vestiges of a costume. I thought the best way of enjoying this production was to close your eyes and revel in the giant surround-sound experience, because it really is very good. And I hope that the next time I go to a live opera broadcast at a cinema (which will probably be the Don Giovanni at the Vue Cinema on February 12th 2014) there will be a lot more people there, and far fewer empty seats.
       Why? Because I think this could be the future of opera. Opera is in danger. It has to do something to survive in the present climate of austerity. Steady inflation and economic depression mean that opera is in deep trouble. The arts cannot rely on government funding in the future and while this is sad, the arts must find ways of fighting back. Opera is expensive to put on, but if one production can be broadcast like this all over the world simultaneously, and be seen by a far wider audience than you could cram into one opera house, then that should help the production to break even. It could also help opera to find new audiences. I hope so. I think this might be the future of all live theatrical entertainment, and it could give a new lease of life to an old art form. Going to London to see this at Covent Garden would cost upwards of £40 per ticket and then all your travel costs as well. The top seats cost £195! You would have to spend hours getting there and back. You would not be home until well after midnight. With a live broadcast you can see the opera in the equivalent of the very best seats for £12.50, somewhere conveniently close to home. Unless you know fluent German, the discreet subtitles at the bottom of the screen are really helpful too.
         This really is a great leap forward.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Now the French Have the Cheek to Blame Us

Apparently the English Channel is in the wrong place and it's our fault  - according to the French. The Mayor of Calais and the French Minister of the Interior have both blamed Britain for the fact that non-EU migrants who want to cross the Channel into England hang around in Calais until they can persuade someone to give them a lift in their vehicle. The French have provided makeshift hostels for them and the more they accommodate, the more arrive.
        These people come from North Africa and the Middle East and are prepared to queue and wait until they can sneak through the barriers somehow after dark.
        The French suggestion? That the border be moved. Yes, they suggest that the border between England and France should not be the Channel but should be put somewhere just INSIDE the British Isles so that the French will be saved the bother of looking after all these itinerant folks.

Crossing: Asylum seekers and migrants from around the world camp next to the Calais container port

Philippe Mignonet, the mayor of Calais, had the cheek to accuse Britain of hypocrisy because illegal immigrants can, he says, so easily get admitted and find work here on the black market. He called the camps in Calais a "British problem". Manuel Valls, their nasty Minister of the Interior, who is busy turning France into a police state, called on Britain to exercise stricter immigration controls.
       Okay so if the French don't want these people camped in Calais, why do they allow them to enter and cross France in the first place? They are not French so why did the French allow them in? Maybe THEY should try exercising stricter immigration controls. Or maybe some of the rich Arab countries should take these people in, since they are migrants from Islamic areas. 
       I wonder how the French would react if we demanded to move the border to somewhere just inside France  - for example just south of Calais. After all, Calais used to belong to England only a few centuries ago. Perhaps they would like to offer it back, since they no longer believe that the English Channel is the natural, obvious and common-sense place to locate the border.


University Fees Will Go Up Yet Again in England

Higher education students in Scotland pay no fees at all. Their government  - and our tax - covers the full cost. Meanwhile higher-education students in England have to pay £9,000 per year and they have their living expenses on top of that. Such a glaring inequity makes Scottish discontent and SNP demands for independence ridiculous. We are subsidizing them and we are the ones who should be complaining.

When university fees in England reached £3,000 per year, politicians of the LibLabCon got a bit embarrassed and the Libdems made noisy promises that they would reduce it to nil. This was a key factor in their 2010 General Election Campaign and we all know what happened. As soon as Nick Clegg got into power in the Coalition, he gave the green light to tripling university fees. Overnight they leapt up from £3,000 to £9,000. Then he released a video of himself saying "I'm sAAAry..."  Not half so sorry as the foolish youngsters who had voted for him.

     Now university chiefs are saying that things  are going to get worse. Prof. Nick Petford, vice-chancellor of Northampton university, predicts that fees will have to go up to £20,000 per year to meet the rising costs of running the institutions. A report published by the umbrella group Universities UK in November this year said that the present level of fees only serves to make up for the government cuts in funding. It does not cover the anticipated steep rise in running costs over the next few years. Already universities are having to rely on non-government sources to fund new buildings and facilities. Those of us who went to university get begging letters coming through the door regularly.
 Two other university vice-chancellors have said publicly that the limit on university fees should be lifted. Sir Christopher Snowden the vice-chancellor of Surrey University and Sir Andrew Hamilton the vice-Chancellor of Oxford University have both called for fees to be raised in line with inflation and the cost of a degree. This would be £16,000 per year at Oxford  - and rising.
   There is a massive black hole in the universities' pension funding, in the order of £10.5 billion. To be able to pay it, universities would have to raise fees by at least £1,000 per year. The universities minister David Willets denies that this government will allow more fee hikes, but does not say how the pensions are to be paid. I wait to see how soon he will make the typical politicians' U-turn. A financial analyst said "We are bequeathing a very real problem to our children."
   Prof Petford now says that some universities "with high brand value will be able to charge £17,000, £18,000 or £20,000 in the future - I am sure of that". 
   With such a burden of debt, how will future graduates be able to afford a house? The parents and  grandparents of present-day students paid huge amounts of tax on their earnings, savings, and purchases  - even the purchase of a house  - because they were told they were paying for a "welfare state". Education was supposed to be free - right? The result would be that we have all the trained teachers, scientists, doctors and nurses that we need  - right? Wrong. We are in a total mess.
 The government keeps blaming the banking crisis, but they're determined to squander our money on everything apart from the needs of English people. The LibLabCon are all identical EU-rophiles and our contributions to the Brussels extravaganza are more than £1 billion per month. Who gets rich from that?  It doesn't create any jobs in England, quite the reverse. The only people doing well out of that are the LibLabCon MEPs who live the high life at Brussels and Strasbourg, passing thousands of stupid laws and obstructive regulations.
       Most of them went to university when it really was free. Shame on them for not passing on what they had to the next generation. They talk about equality and fairness but it is all hot air.
        We need a basic change of direction in this country and that means the old politicians have got to go.



Saturday, 14 December 2013

Oxford Hospital Begging for Funds

Many people in Oxford assume that the new hospital buildings and facilities at the John Radcliffe, the Churchill, and the Nuffield are being built with government funding. That after all is supposed to be what the NHS is for. That is how successive governments have justified huge taxes on earnings, savings, purchases and inheritance.
       But they're not  - they are being funded by borrowing and begging. Eventually our children and grandchildren will have to pay back a lot of the cost to the health "trusts". Some trust! Only this week I got another begging letter from the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre.
       "THE NUFFIELD ORTHOPAEDIC CENTRE APPEAL. As an independent charitable trust raising funds for the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, we have contributed to a major re-development programme which started in 1995. Since then the Appeal has raised over £15 million with a staff of only two and the lowest of overheads.
         Donations and legacies have enabled us to build and complete:-
           in 1995 the Tebbit Centre £1.5 million,
           in 2002 the first phase of the Botnar Research Centre £4.5 million,
           in 2004 a new hydrotherapy pool  - £750,000,
           In 2006 £300,000 towards a second MRI scanner building,
           In 2007 £6million for a new children's ward and two adult wards.
         We have also raised over £1 million for research projects.
Now we are raising funds to build Phase 2 of the Botnar Research Centre...."

Well isn't that nice? Because all these health care facilities are funded out of donations and legacies, the Government can spend our tax money on other things  - such as foreign wars and EU contributions. Our EU contributions are now about a £BILLION per week in this country and they are set to rise by another £10 BILLION over the next four years. We have plenty of spare cash to throw at bail-outs of indebted EU nations, and we can well afford it being equally indebted ourselves.
As a matter of fact these bail-outs are illegal even under EU treaties but that doesn't deter our stupid government from paying them. The PM thinks we have enough money to give millions annually in aid to countries like China, India and Pakistan which have their own space and nuclear weapons programmes. The government thinks we have enough money to offer houses and benefits to new arrivals and legal aid to terrorists. They don't have to go begging.
           The funding of the NHS is a very complex issue. When it was set up nobody envisaged it providing the sort of high-tech sophisticated care it offers today. Doubtless there are some respects in which it could save money and the Tax Payers' Alliance regularly reports on them. But one thing is for sure  - it should not be begging for charity funding when we have enough money to hand out billions to others. This is a degradation of our country.



Friday, 13 December 2013

World AIDS Day 4th December 2013

Every year we have a special day to celebrate AIDS and congratulate all those people who have done the most sterling work spreading this disease world-wide. It has been another year of glorious global achievement. Rising infections, more deaths and vast profits for the pharmaceutical industry are all good news. The NHS spends £1 billion per year on anti-retro-viral drugs that fool patients they are not really ill, and keep them fit enough to carry on with the same behaviour that caused this great blessing in the first place. This is a good way of getting rid of surplus money nobody needed or wanted.
Soon we will see a special Nobel Prize for AIDS and the first likely recipient is Gaetan Dugas. This Canadian airline flight attendant did pioneering work in the field. Hardly anyone had AIDS in the early 1980s, but thanks to Mr Dugas and his 2,500 friends, in New York and elsewhere, that problem was solved. Isn't it just cute that his name was GAY-tan?

Gaëtan Dugas.jpg

Mr Dugas died in 1984 at the age of 31 but there is no reason why a Nobel Prize should not be awarded posthumously.
However, Mr Dugas has a rival for the coveted trophy. This is a certain Robert Rayford, a teenage male prostitute who died in Missouri in 1969 at the age of 18. His death was unexplained until tests were carried out on frozen tissue samples in 1987, establishing that he had AIDS and was doing ground-breaking work while Dugas was still a kid in school. Naturally his relatives would be proud for him to get the prize.

The medical profession does all it can to ensure that everybody now has an EQUAL CHANCE of catching this illness and a FAIR opportunity to spread it to other people. But according to official statements issued by the UK's Public Health Chief, Professor Kevin Fenton, and by the American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, there are still some people who are not doing enough to promote and maximize this disease. These people are called "heterosexuals" and they display a bigoted preference for partners of the opposite sex, sometimes remaining with one for a lifetime.

Professor Fenton said that the likelihood of heterosexuals getting AIDS was only 11% of that of other people in low-income countries, and 4% in high-income countries. Heterosexuals are simply not doing their bit in spreading global pandemic!
The CDC agreed, pointing out that since heterosexuals are 98% of the population they should be getting 98% of new HIV infections, yet at present they only get 35%. That leaves plenty of room for improvement. I suggest that heterosexuals should read the website of the Terrence Higgins Trust to get some ideas on how to catch up with everybody else. No sense in being left out.
Everybody must ask themselves what they can do to address this problem. It starts with you! Maybe we should invite some people like Gaetan Dugas to come and talk to kindergarten children and tell them all about his exciting life. Then get the local Robert Rayford to write teaching materials for classes in year 1-11.
Oh sorry, I'm told we have already done this.

Coming soon...a World Day of Thanks for Lung Cancer. Smokers will be Marching in Pride.








Thursday, 12 December 2013

Release Marine "A" Alexander Blackman

Please sign this petition if you agree that Marine Alexander Blackman should be released from prison.


The prosecution at his court martial said that he had shot a wounded Taliban fighter in Helmand province in Afghanistan in 2011 "in cold blood". What he did was wrong, certainly, and unprofessional, but surely being dismissed from his position as a once proud and successful Royal Marine is a severe enough penalty. 
      This war in Afghanistan has dragged on now for nearly twelve years and countless thousands of people have been killed. It is not surprising that after twelve years there is a feeling of fierce hatred in our troops for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. (Meanwhile all the time Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan). We send our servicemen out there to serve in extreme danger, facing an enemy who uses every form of dirty trick and underhand method. The scandal is that while expecting so much of them, we have been providing many of our troops with inadequate weapons, equipment and even clothing. They go out in flimsy vehicles, not tanks or armoured cars, without the full recommended protective gear, and face ambush, mines, bombs, snipers and various forms of torture if captured. They leave their families behind for months on end. They also risk getting severely maimed: a steady stream of them come back having lost arms or legs and have to face a future with an artificial limb. Others are appallingly burnt in the face so that no plastic surgery can ever restore them to complete normality. A lot of them find that after a spell of duty on active service, in the front line, they get back here and are handed a P45. They are sacked because it is cheaper to employ raw recruits than seasoned soldiers who are on a rising pay-scale with pension rights. It is not uncommon for ex-servicemen to be homeless and jobless. How come we have any servicemen left?
     Every day those on active service experience things that shock, distress and harden them. They get inured to people being killed or injured and they see the mafioso tactics used by the Taliban to compel villagers to support them rather than the government. They see their comrades being blown to bits and often have to carry the bodies back themselves. They are not going to come back the same nice, innocent boys they were when they went out there. Bereavement is only one of the many forms of shock and psychological damage that servicemen are subjected to. Their stress is extreme, it often has long-term ill effects on their psyche and let's face it, battle barbarizes people. It is not a normal environment and what people do in that context cannot be judged like a civilian murder.
You have to hate the enemy in order to go killing them. Indeed, learning to hate the enemy is part of the training of a modern soldier. There is a real problem with mental illness and suicide as a result of battle stress.
     Tony Blair, who sent our troops out there in the first place, has never been in any danger of a prison sentence.
    The defence said that Blackman shot the wounded insurgent near the end of a tough stint in Helmand during which 23 servicemen from three commando brigades were killed by the enemy. Taliban fighters hung the limbs of dead British troops from trees as horrific "trophies" and Blackman and his fellow Royal Marines had to endure such spectacles as part of their duties. Moreover, Sgt Blackman's father Brian had died only a few days before his son was deployed to Afghanistan. 
   Despite that, Alexander Blackman got a life sentence and is expected to serve at least ten years  - unless there is a response to his appeal. By signing and circulating this petition we can all do something to help him to get out. He risked his life and his health to fight in a very dirty war that we should never have got involved with in the first place. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2519429/Marine-A-Sergeant-Alexander-Blackman-jailed-executing-injured-Taliban-insurgent.html#ixzz2n6k0gGXl



Monday, 9 December 2013

Islamophobia is a War on Women

Shocking news from medical sources reveals that 66,000 thousand women and girls in Britain have been subjected to horrible physical injury by islamophobes.

Anti-FGM activist Leyla Hussein with protestors at a rally outside town hall in Maidenhead, UK, on August 30th, 2013.

Evil white fascists have been grabbing young girls and cutting off their genitalia, in an operation known as FGM "female genital mutilation". The Far-right Nationalists sometimes even sew up the vaginal opening of their victims after cutting off the labia. Some of the girls are told that they have to have it done or they will never be able to have babies. Others are told it is necessary in order to get a husband. The clitoris is always removed and this means that the girls can never enjoy a normal sexual life. Instead, all of them suffer pain and misery for the rest of their lives. Urinating can be difficult. Menstruation has to take place through a tiny matchstick sized hole. Childbirth causes even more problems as scar tissue is hard and not elastic like normal tissue.
Strangely, the left-wing newspapers and "islamophobia" websites have not yet reported this horrendous outbreak of white neo-Nazi violence!  I wonder why?
Leyla Hussein, the white activist shown in the picture, describes how she was one of the victims herself. Her family took her out of this country in order to have the operation carried out. They knew it was illegal but that did not deter them.
British medical groups have delivered an official report to Parliament that says that the problem is growing. And no wonder  - since our government gives subsidies to Islamophobe organisations and pays them to come here from foreign countries.

Deborah Hodes

Dr Deborah Hodes, a paediatrician in London and chairman of child protection with the Royal College of Paediatrics, says that a further 24,000 girls are at risk. The only possible answer is to alert all doctors, nurses and professionals who come into contact with islamophobes and train them to spot the signs and report it immediately to the authorities.
It is disgraceful that so far there has never been a single prosecution for this crime in the UK. Why are we dragging our feet?
A government spokesman from the Equalities Ministry said, "It is very important that with problems like this we make sure we are addressing the symptoms, not just the disease."


Friday, 6 December 2013

So Should We Legalize Drugs, Nigella?

       There had to be some explanation for Nigella Lawson's awful cooking. The scrambled eggs with chilli, the Christmas cake flavoured with chocolate, the curry with everything out of the cupboard tipped into it and the trifles that just looked like a pile of dog-food on a platter. Now we know  - she was off her head on illegal substances. No wonder, married to a brute who tries to strangle her and then lies about it afterwards. If that's how he treats her in a public place, we can only imagine how he treated her in private.
       Nigella lost her first husband to cancer, and while she may be highly paid she is also under all the pressure of women on TV to go on looking young and beautiful forever. That is deeply unfair. Just look at the hairy bikers  - they think they have a right to be fat, scruffy and hideous because they are male. Nigella has behaved with great dignity in the ordeal by media that she has undergone.
       Just how widespread is drug abuse in modern Britain and could it explain more than Nigella's weird and sloppy cooking? Not long ago, tests found traces of cocaine in the drains leaving the building of the House of Commons. That is conclusive proof that people paid to run this country are high on psychedelic drugs while supposedly working. Our smug, useless political class is as bad as the Rev. Paul Flowers. Drug abuse can cut people off from reality  - that, in fact, is its main purpose - and could be one reason why our nation is going down the tubes so rapidly. We are like water gurgling down a plughole. In the last generation, we have given away our national sovereignty, sold off most of our assets, run our education system into the ground, made a huge mess of the NHS and exported most of our own jobs. We have run down our defence forces and run up astronomical debt. Pictures circulate on Facebook of a certain Mr Gideon a.k.a. George cuddling a hooker and surrounded by tell-tale signs of chemical stimulant. If drug abuse is endemic in universities and now the norm rather than the exception, that could account for a lot.
    All libertarians believe that narcotics should be legalized. They just hesitate because to do so would "give the wrong messages". Legalization sounds like condoning drugs. It would encourage youngsters to feel that there was nothing wrong or dangerous about class A drugs. But I am starting to think that the present policy has failed so visibly that society needs to try another approach, If, by legalizing cocaine and the likes, we could then tax them and use the revenue to help cope with the health and social consequences, would that eventually be a better solution? After all, that is what we do with tobacco. Most of the price now is tax and the Inland Revenue makes a profit over and above what smoking costs the NHS in health care bills. There are those who argue that if drugs were legalized, the prices would plummet and a lot of them might actually go out of production.
     At present we have the nonsensical situation of the NHS actually supplying people with drugs that are supposedly illegal, in order to stop them committing crimes to buy them from dealers. There are all kinds of problems and complications here. There are as we know cold-blooded types who supply drugs to teenagers to get them into a life of crime and prostitution. I am not suggesting we take a soft line on that or legalize every abuse. It's just that our present policies, which cost millions to impose, do not look like a resounding success when every week there seem to be more and more revelations of the everyday use of narcotics that are supposedly banned.  And if a policy is not working , we should at least consider whether it needs to change.
>>  I am pleased to see that the English Democrat Party has got a sane and sensible policy on drug control that includes compulsory treatment and rehabilitation for any addicts who are found to be committing crimes to fund their addiction. 

"2.14 Drugs and Alcohol
2.14.1 English Democrats believe that government should encourage a healthy lifestyle which makes the minimum use of "recreational" drugs of all kinds and only reasonable use of alcohol. The Government's drug policy is failing to control the use of illegal drugs and its alcohol policy appears to be making the problems worse.
2.14.2 The English Democrats favour an independent and open minded, English enquiry into alcohol and drug abuse. This should consider, amongst other issues, the pros and cons of legalising the use of cannabis and its health and social consequences. The enquiry should consider health and social consequences. We recognise that there are good arguments on either side. What is needed is a proper conclusion to the debate for England so that it is possible to move on with an agreed stance and suitable measures.
2.15.3 It is clear that the current policies for dealing with problems of addiction are not working adequately and there is an ever rising tide of criminality arising from, in particular, drug abuse. Addiction problems are very difficult to solve and require careful analysis. One particularly frustrating aspect of addiction is that family and friends are often aware of the plight of the addicted person but unable to do what is best for them. One area of reform should be greater provision for addicts to be subject to compulsory treatment in secure care.
2.15.4 All those who commit criminal offences whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be subject to compulsory assessment and if found to be addicted should immediately be taken into such care.
2.15.5 The most important aspect of the fight against drug dealing criminals is that any policy should seek to destroy their market, protect the public, and punish offenders.
2.15.6 The English Democrats intend to raise gaol sentences for drug dealing in Class A drugs graduating from a fixed five year term as a minimum doubling it for any subsequent re-offence.
2.15.7 Registered Class A drug addicts will be placed in secure drug rehabilitation schemes rather than sent to prison, where active participation in the detoxification programme will be a requirement of their sentence. Failure to comply with the detoxification programme may result in secure custody within a prison environment as per a graduated tariff based on previous antecedence.
2.15.8 Addicts with children will be put on the 'at risk' register and custody of children will be dependent on an addict's ability to detoxify. Addicts failing to successfully complete detoxification will not have their children returned to them, the rights of the children must be paramount and either familial custody or foster parents will be sought until detoxification has been completed. The return of children will be conditional on regular detoxification checks.
2.15.9 Addicts wishing to seek help for their addiction will be registered at a specific medical centre, one which is outside of the GP network.
2.16.10 The government will provide a dedicated County based Drug Management Service for those who are addicted to Class A drugs. Registration as a drug addict will require regular visits to the centre under a personally structured drugs management programme.
This might include: doses of drug to which the person is addicted whilst awaiting to attend a detoxification scheme Provision of supervised medical care and clean syringes to minimise contamination & safe disposal. Maintenance doses for repeatedly defaulting addicts Family Health Visitor Sessions - to ensure children of ex addicts are thriving Employment/Training/Housing referrals and counselling Those who commit criminal offences, and who are found to be using drugs, will be expected to prove that they were not funding their drug use by their criminal activity. Those who fail to do so will be placed on a drug's rehabilitation programme and will be detained until they have been free of drug use for 6 months. Upon release, they will be monitored to ensure that they remain drug free and will be re-detained if they fail to do so."

Monday, 2 December 2013

Leaked Tory Documents Prove that UK Voters Opposed Same-Sex Marriage

Leaked documents from a shady organization called LGBTory reveal for the first time how strongly the British public OPPOSED any change to the institution of marriage. The confused nonsensical law was forced through by lobby groups within political parties who had no mandate from the electorate and had carefully avoided ever mentioning their agenda in any party manifesto during the General Election of 2010.
But now leaked e-mails from within the Tory party reveal that the nasty crew pushing this law through knew at the time just how unpopular it was with us, the voters. They knew they were defying public opinion and they were determined to force their law through anyway.
A panicked e-mail sent by LGBTory in December 2012 to Tory councillors and party officials states that MPs have been "Deluged" by letters from voters protesting against the change and telling them to vote against it. The e-mail goes on to describe contemptuously the arguments used by the opposition, and urge their lobbyists to circulate e-mail forms with a standard message in favour of SSM for their own supporters to send to MPs. In other words they were trying to make it look as if the measure was less unpopular than it was.
With complete arrogance, these LGBT lobbyists dismiss democracy in favour of homo-fascism.
The full text of this e-mail, all three pages faithfully photographed, can be read on this link :-


Just look what it reveals about the arrogance of those in power. They know they are minority and that the public has seen through their nonsense. Still they go on calling bogus marriage "equal" when it is nothing of the kind, and dismissing with contempt the rational and fair arguments of the majority who understand the need for a proper, heterosexual institution of marriage along natural, organic lines. 
Earlier in March 2012 the Coalition government launched a consultation but this was just for show. It was very flawed in its method. Respondents did not have to provide their personal details, so that the hundreds of full-time paid LGBT lobbyists could answer "Yes" as many times as they wanted. Opinions from overseas were also accepted so that the whole USA gay-nuisance-network could get included. Meanwhile they flooded the media with their views and excluded any dissent.
      The people with morals who are more likely to support real man-woman marriage could only answer the consultation once. Nevertheless, the response still did not go the way the LGBTory group wanted. It was at that point that they sent out the worried e-mail, admitting that MPs had been flooded with letters protesting against any change to the institution of marriage. They never thought it would end up here on this blog!

When the results went against their plans (and who can doubt that the plans were put in place with large promises of party funding) they resorted to dishonest methods of counting. The Coalition for Marriage (C4M) a cross-party combined-church venture had been assured that if they canvassed opinion against the change, everybody who signed their online petition would be listened to. 509,800 people voted NO  - and their identities were checked and verified. They had to provide an address and postcode as well as an e-mail. But when it came to the final count, Cameron counted this entire petition as one vote. Yes, he counted half a million votes as just one vote.
      At the same time, an online petition from the SSM lobby got only 64,000 votes but all of those votes were counted individually. This made the official result 104,000 against the change and 120,840 in favour. What happens when you count it properly? You have to add another 509,799 votes to the opposition side. Result: 617,907 against SSM and only 120,840 in favour. 
This means that 83% of the public were against the introduction of same-sex marriage.

The Coalition government just blatantly ignored the outcome. The opinions of MPs had no relation to those of the voters. They were influenced by the 170 full-time paid LGBT activists who lobby them week in, week out and invite them to lavish receptions where they rub shoulders with the likes of the Rev. Paul Flowers and his retinue of rent-boys, all high on cocaine or GHB. Cameron's determination to get the horrible law through suggests to me that he had made some sort of  pre-election pledge to do this, in return for party funding. Why else would he be so obstinate?
 The cat is out of the bag  - we know the voters did not want this stupid law and we are entitled to regard it as not being legally valid.


Dead in a Ditch - Christians Massacred in Nigeria

Babies, children and pregnant women were among more than forty people massacred in central Nigeria in renewed attacks on Christians. The attack on four Christian villages in the central Nigerian state of Plateau was carried out six days ago by terrorists from neighbouring Islamic areas. 

Jok Cholonm, head of Rawuru village, said that his brother and seven children had been killed.

The assailants, believed to be members of the Fulani tribe, came at around 2am on Tuesday morning, attacking the Berom communities in the villages of Katu Kapang, Daron, Tul and Rawuru.
 Captain Salisu Mustapha, Media Officer of the government’s Special Task Force (STF) in Jos, said the “attackers killed 13 persons in Katu Kapang, eight in Daron, nine in Tul and seven others in Rawuru. About five others were also reported to have sustained injuries”. Many of the victims were killed while they were sleeping and some were beheaded.
The Chairman of the State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Soja Bewarang, told World Watch Monitor. “This is a religious war against Christians. All the victims are Christians and belong to either the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) or the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA).” These two are among the most numerous denominational groups in Nigeria, numbering millions of adherents.   

Rev. Bewarang, who presided over a mass burial of 15 victims on Tuesday, has called on security forces to ensure security in remote areas, which are more vulnerable.