Sunday, 24 November 2013

You Can't Heat Your House - but MPs claim for their Stables

Anybody who thinks the Parliamentary expenses scandal is all over must think again. Millionaire Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi did his best to revive it by claiming £5,822 on his expenses to heat the stables at his second home.  Zahawi, who is MP for Stratford-on-Avon, also claimed for a host of petty amounts including 53p to buy a hole punch, 63p for ballpoint pens and 89p for a stapler. No amount is too big or too small for this grasping Tory,  often photographed at David Cameron's side.

Writing from his £1 million 31-acre estate in Stratford, he apologized on his blog and claimed that it was all due to an oversight.  Benefit cheats get sent to gaol, but with Zahawi the "David Laws" law seems to operate. No steps are being taken against him. 

Until this awkward little bit of exposure, Mr Zahawi was chairing meetings on fuel shortages for vulnerable families! How very caring of him. Some of them might like to move into his stables. Age UK, Barnardo’s and Consumer Futures all agree that fuel poverty is on the rise in the UK as energy bills have just jumped 10% in one year and incomes, like people's fingers and toes, are frozen. Last winter, thousands of old people died of the cold or cold-related illnesses. Even if you regard with caution the more extreme claims about us being comparable with Estonia, there is certainly no doubt that the problem of people living in fuel poverty in the UK this winter will be WORSE than last.

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