Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Live in a Dirty Home...Thanks to the EU

Every day, in every way, the EU is dreaming up more ways to make our lives worse. There is simply nothing at all they will not interfere with.
Now they are trying to take away your power vacuum-cleaner and replace it with a pathetic little thing that will make a lot of noise and leave the dirt where it was before.
Yes! This is not a joke. Doubtless the EU- apologists will deny it, just as they denied the jam-jar legislation, but it is perfectly true. The EU is passing new laws that will outlaw the really efficient high-powered vacuum cleaner that is all that makes housework bearable. They will be banned and will go out of production. Probably, like most people, you have tried a range of vacuum cleaners and found that many of them have little or no impact. They just bellow and roar and occasionally pick up a bit of fluff if you are persistent, then the minute you switch them off they drop most of it on the floor again.
Finally after asking all your friends to recommend one, you found the REAL thing. The hungry, high-powered model that just zooms around and gets the place CLEAN. It doesn't waste your time. Well, that's just what the EU doesn't want us to have. They are going to be phased out. So most of us had better buy a couple of spares right away  - store one in the attic and another in the garage. Because unless I can have a real hoover, that works, I wan't bother to use one at all. The feeble ones are so useless you might as well just clean all your floors with a pan and hand-held brush.

"New European Commission regulations mean that the motors in domestic vacuum cleaners will be limited to 1,600W from September 2014 and 900W from 2017. Reacting to this latest piece of red tape from the European Commission, the UKIP MEP for the East of England Stuart Agnew, said:

“First they came for our light bulbs, then Milk of Magnesia and toilet flushes, now EU officials are coming after our vacuum cleaners. This petty interference won’t save any power because it means that vacuum cleaners will have to be run for longer, to do the same job. These regulations take no account of the efficiency of vacuum cleaners, merely the amount of power used. An efficient and more powerful machine may need to be switched on for much less time than the under-powered machines being proposed by the Commission. These new rules will end up providing consumers with considerably less efficient vacuum cleaners and I am concerned about the long term effects this needless EU interference could have on the health of asthma sufferers in the UK."

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