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Lies, Damned Lies and Pink News

If you read anything in Pink News you can be fairly certain it is untrue.  The revolting little website exists to stir up a climate of hatred and intolerance among homosexuals towards the rest of the population. It incites violence, encourages disease and spreads blatant lies with impunity.
One of their specialities is the reportage of so-called "homophobic" attacks. But these "homophobic" attacks are fakes. In April this year they carried this angry, emotive report from Paris, complete with a shocking picture of a man's bruised face:-
A librarian named Wilfred Brujin had been beaten up late at night in a Paris street and he immediately jumped to the conclusion that the attackers must have been "homophobic". He put this sensational allegation on his Facebook page and Pink News repeated it unquestioningly. It provided such good propaganda for their belief that normal people are all murderous thugs! You just can't trust normal people further than you can throw them...according to Pink News. Pink News claimed there had been a 30% rise in "homophobic" attacks in France simply because of the public opposition to redefinition of marriage. (How dare French people try to comment on changes to their own laws?) Pink News had the cheek to allege that La Manif Pour Tous, the French human rights movement that defends the family and children's rights, was responsible for the physical assault on Wilfred Brujin. Not content with publishing this lie once, they repeated it at least three times, each time with the emotive shocking photograph.
        When the French police investigated the crime, they found that the four attackers had no "homophobic" motivation whatsoever. They are not in any way connected with La Manif Pour Tous, which is a completely peaceful movement among people of high ideals and immense integrity. Any connection with the marriage issue was sheer slander.
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The four people arrested were teenage youths all aged 17-19. They had no connection at all with La Manif Pour Tous. Their extreme youth makes me wonder whether Wilfred and his partner had made any advances to them. The incident took place near a metro station at night, a well-known pick-up spot. How would Wilfred be so sure it was sex-related unless he had been trying to pick up the boys? He claimed not to have seen their faces yet he was certain of their motives!
    Even after the French police confirmed that there was no connection with La Manif Pour Tous, Pink News refused to withdraw its allegations. And where did the claim come about there being a 30% rise in "homophobic" attacks? Not from the police ...merely from the heated imaginations of queer journalists who were determined to smear anyone who opposed their agenda. They seize on any little mishap to a homosexual and start screeching that it is "homophobia". If a homosexual trips over his shoelace, they immediately claim he was pushed by "homophobes". The fact is that there are muggings and attacks almost every day in France, and when the victims are heterosexual the press ignores them. In October 2013 a 15-year-old boy named Dylan was brutally knifed and nearly killed by three attackers at Isere. They slashed into his face and throat close to his jugular and major nerves and very nearly killed him. He needed 52 stitches   - more than Brujin.

In June 2013, Pink News reported that a young man who died in a street fight in Paris near the Gare St Lazare was "gay rights" campaigner and that he had been the victim of a "homophobic" attack.
Again, this was sheer lies. Clément Meric was not a homosexual, he was a far-left thug who had attended a series of demonstrations and rallies carrying weapons and looking for a fight. The previous month he had been admitted to hospital for injuries sustained in another street battle. He and his fellow-thugs calling themselves FAFwatch were filmed on 17th April 2013 carrying out violent attacks on completely peaceful, legal demonstrations:-
On one occasion when the police intervened, Méric was filmed hiding behind peaceful members of La Manif Pour Tous in order to avoid arrest.ément_Méric_se_réfugiait_derrière_la_sécurité_de_la_Manif_Pour_Tous
He wore a scarf across his face when looking for a fight, then crept away without it when the police arrived.
Méric and his companions were not members of the Front de Gauche, the socialist movement that later tried to claim him as a martyr. They were just vicious hooligans who wanted to silence democracy. He met his death at the hands of hooligans exactly like himself.
    Pink News ran an insulting article attacking Lord Tebbit, for saying that Jimmy Savile had always looked peculiar so he was not surprised Savile turned out to be "gay". Pink News hypocritically denied that Savile was "gay"! What bare-faced liars.
The fact is that Savile was bisexual, which places him firmly in the category of "gay". The B in LGBT stands for bisexual and bisexuals are part of the whole whinging, manipulative, we-are-oppressed "gay" movement. Investigators have now concluded that about 20% of Savile's victims were boys. He molested two boys at the Great Ormond Street children’s hospital. One boy was aged only eight. The other, aged eleven, was dying at the time Savile visited him and groped him indecently. In 1960 a 10-year-old boy saw Savile outside a hotel and asked for his autograph. They went inside the reception where the boy was seriously sexually assaulted. In 1975, a boy scout named Kevin Cook appeared with members of his cub scout pack on Jim’ll Fix It. After the show Savile took him to his dressing-room, and forced the boy to give him oral sex. Kevin, who was then aged nine, said later that he lacked the words to explain to his parents what had happened. Savile is known to have molested several youngsters including a 10-year-old boy at Haut de la Garenne, an orphanage on the island of Jersey. When it came to really young victims, Savile’s taste for boys was most marked. A total of 18 girls and 10 boys under the age of 10 were molested by Savile, with 23 girls and 15 boys aged 10 to 13.

    Pink News has a long-standing vendetta against the lobby group Christian Voice, and frequently asserts that they demand the death penalty for homosexuality. Finding this a surprising assertion, I wrote to Christian Voice myself and got this e-mail letter back from their director, Stephen Green:-

15 October 2012 12:26
To: Julia Gasper
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Dear Julia,

Thanks for your email.

The death penalty for sodomy is Biblical but is not something we currently advocate or are campaigning for in the UK.  On the other hand, there should be some kind of penalty.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Green

SA33 6QN
01994 484545 / 07931 490050  "
Judging from that evidence, would any intelligent person believe the series of personal attacks Pink News has published about Stephen Green, claiming he is a wife-beater, rapist etc etc? I certainly would not.
Pink News has published countless articles asserting that Uganda wants a "kill the gays" bill.
The fact is that in Uganda there are many capital offences, and they include paedophilia or transmitting AIDS to another person. Heterosexuals convicted of either can face the death penalty. Most of them don't, as it is an ultimate penalty, in the power of the court to impose or not depending on particular circumstances. All the parliament of Uganda has proposed to do is to make their law more fair, and equal, by introducing the same penalties for homosexuals as for heterosexuals. Pink News seems to have a strange prejudice against equality for homosexuals, or why would they oppose this?
According to Pink News, David Kato Usule, the Ugandan gay-rights activist, was a heroic martyr murdered for his leadership of a glorious cause.
 That is rubbish. Kato was killed because of a dispute about payment with a young male prostitute whom he invited to his flat. Kato expected the young man to give his services free in return for favours, but the young man regarded this as exploitation and murdered Kato with a hammer.  Homosexuals world-wide spread a fake tale about "homophobic"  attack blaming "evangelicals". The truth is that homosexuals themselves are to blame.
 Another young man named Paul Kagaba who knew Kato in Masaka, says that he was generous but  only so he could trap innocent people and use them for his sordid  desires. “I was young when I met him. He bought my first ‘take away’ ever and two Guinnesses and I ended up in his house being sexually used which is how I was initiated into homosexuality. That’s how he always initiated other people then went about the job of verbally turning them against women, insisting they’re filthy,” he remembers.  “Whoever knew Kato and is truthful knows that he was not a kind, generous person but a sly show off, popular in bars where he offered free drinks to unsuspecting victims that he later initiated into sex partners.” Kagaba asked Kato to take an HIV test while they were having intimate relations and Kato always refused. Kagaba concluded the Kato was HIV positive, knew himself to be so, but continued to have relations with unsuspecting young men. No wonder then that Kato opposed the change in the law that would criminalize his selfish and lethal lifestyle!
Pink News is a danger to the public because its readers include a lot of psychopaths whose comments on their site make it plain that they have violent intentions towards the heterosexual population. They specialise in stirring up hate-campaigns against innocent individuals who are then subjected to internet lynching tactics. Typical comments include suggestions that anyone they disagree with should be raped, "bummed", gassed, hanged, otherwise killed, dismembered, pushed off cliffs, or have their house burned down. Week after week such messages appear on their site and nobody does anything about it. They even bombard other homosexuals such as Rupert Everett with hate-mail and death-threats when he says anything against their agenda. He recently had to seek police protection because the Pink News mafia had put him on its hit-list. Their hatred of religious people is pathological. One woman wrote about a Christian who didn't want same-sex marriage, "I'm going to take your gay-bashing bible and push it down your filthy heterosexual throat and choke you, then dance on your grave." Another wrote, "I'd like to kill you, keep your body in my basement and do gay stuff to it, then cut you up into little pieces and feed you to my dogs."
A typical comment by one of their readers on the redefinition of marriage (which Pink News always refers to nonsensically as "equal marriage") is this one from Mr Scott Rose:

 “These Christofascists deserve to be nailed up on crosses and left to bleed to death. Society is NOT a heterosupremacist-theocRAT-only country club.”

   What does Pink stand for  - perhaps "Psychopaths' Information NetworK"?


  1. "That is rubbish. Kato was killed because of a dispute about payment with a young male prostitute whom he invited to his flat. Kato expected the young man to give his services free in return for favours, but the young man regarded this as exploitation and murdered Kato with a hammer. " and you give no evidence of this.
    "Another young man named Paul Kagaba who knew Kato in Masaka," no the article says he claims to have known Kato but gives no evidence....

  2. Just Google it, There is plenty of evidence.