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Horrible Histories...Why We Don't Need "Gay" History Month

"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell 

Pedophiles and persecutors are held up as role-models for British schoolchildren, thanks to "Gay" History Month.
You may know that UK education is bad, but you have no idea just how terrible it is until you have looked on the "Gay" History Month website. Written by idiots, with the morals of a low-grade porn film, this site offers materials to be used in teaching children aged 5 up to 16 in all our British schools.
       It is shoddy, crude and utterly crass.  And curiously enough, the LGBTs who hotly deny that homosexuals are ever, to any extent, pedophiles have, throughout their own website, included pedophiles as "gays", and make no distinction between the two categories. This confirms that they do indeed have a very worrying overlap and a tendency to converge.
      For 2014, Benjamin Britten is selected as a "gay icon" to be held up to children as a role-model. If you look a little further than this website for your facts, the biography Britten's Children  by John Bridcut makes it clear that Britten was in love with a succession of boys, many of them as young as 13, all his life. One of them, Harry Morris, complained that Britten made homosexual advances to him when he was 13. Others were invited to sleep in his bed or went with him swimming naked at midnight.  Because few complained, we can only guess how far this went but Britten certainly did not confine himself to a long-term relationship with another adult male. And he has been explicitly named as one of the customers of the boy-procurement service run by the Kray twins in London in the 1960s.
Very nice icon for the rising generation to be taught to admire uncritically! Why not throw in the Kray twins as well? They were queer too. Why aren't they right up there with all the other "gay icons"?
Pedophile Allen Ginsberg is featured on the LGBT website, author of the tasteful little poem, "Sweet Boy, Give Me Your Ass." Ginsberg used to display films of himself masturbating over pictures of little lads.
Any objection is categorized as've guessed, homophobia!
Harry Hay is there, described as a "pioneer of gay liberation". Yeah, he was also a lifelong member of NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, which marched on all the USA Gay Parades for the first twenty years. It is hand in glove with the LGBT movement. They should really call themselves LGBTP  - Lesbian, Gay, Bisesexual, Transexual and PEDOPHILE.
Franklin Kameny is there, that pioneer of gay rights and another supporter of NAMBLA. He was their public speaker at a meeting in 1981. He also publicly defended bestiality and wrote "Let's have all the perversions, more and better perversions."
W.H. Auden is included over and over again. A self-confessed pedophile, he made no secret of the fact that he hired boys in German and American brothels.
Freddie Mercury is featured as a "gay" icon - the singer who died of AIDS after a life of wild promiscuity. Because children need role-models (sic).
There are many proud references on the LGBT History Month website to Leonardo da Vinci. Shame they keep getting him muddled up with Michelangelo. One contributor burbles mindlessly that Leonardo created the famous "hyper-homo-David" [sic].  Look guys, Leonardo was the one with the beard, who wrote notebooks. Michelangelo was the one with the broken nose, who wrote poems - got it?
They boast about him rather briefly in Bulletin 29,
"1452 Leonardo da Vinci born 555 years ago. Italian artist and scientist"  - and that's all. Yeah, just "artist and scientist" then they rush on to Virginia Woolf who is described as "Foremost writer in the ‘modernist’ cannon" [sic and there is no mention of Mr Leonard Woolf either].
Leonardo gets another glowing accolade in the document "Anti-Bullying Campaign Form Time Activities"....
And there he is again in the Power Point Presentation "LGBT Pioneers in STEM"
The lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people who impacted on science, technology, maths and science and who helped change the world ...
Leonardo, described as "Genius" in his career description, is right up there.
Let's make this clear  - if the rumours about Leonardo da Vinci are to be believed at all, then he was a pedophile. He was first accused of the crime of Sodom in 1476 when he was aged 24. There is no absolute necessity to believe it but you cannot separate the homosexuality from the pederasty. Contemporaries gossiped about him having relations with one of his apprentices, Salai, a boy aged ten [which is somewhat older than the pupils for whom these teaching materials are designed.]

Along with the pedophiles LGBT History Month features famous Nazis such as Ernst Rohm (an inveterate pederast) and such lovable characters as the Roman Emperor Hadrian....Yes, people who cannot even spell the word emperor are holding up this man, one of the worst persecutors of the ancient world, as a hero, because he was "gay". [sic]

Our glorious gay-edjercators tell children that "Hadrian had Antinous brought in as a ‘house-boy’. His age at the time is a matter of some conjecture but he was probably below the legal age of consent that exists today." In other words, Hadrian was a pedophile, but's that's OK. This pedophile "had a reputation for being affable and doing things by the rule-book."  Well, that's not what it says in the Jewish Encyclopaedia. It says that he set out to eradicate the Jews from the Roman Empire and his troops at Alexandria massacred fifty thousand of them in a single day. He then tore down the temple in Jerusalem and put a statue of himself there instead.
This pogrom has been described as the "first Holocaust". [Er, what was that about an anti-bullying campaign?...]

HADRIAN:Roman emperor (117-138). At the very beginning of his reign he was called upon to suppress the final outbreaks of Jewish rebellion at Cyrene and Alexandria. According to a late but trustworthy source, he is said to have enticed the Jews of Alexandria into the open country, where about 50,000 of them were killed by his soldiers (Eliyahu R. xxx. 3). ... The temple of Jupiter towered on the site of the ancient Temple, with a statue of Hadrian in the interior (Jerome, Comm. on Isaiah ii. 9). The Jews now passed through a period of bitter persecution; Sabbaths, festivals, the study of the Torah, and circumcision were interdicted, and it seemed as if Hadrian desired to annihilate the Jewish people. His anger fell upon all the Jews of his empire, for he imposed upon them an oppressive poll-tax (Appian, "Syrian War," § 50). After this the Jews did not hold Hadrian's memory in high honor; the Talmud and Midrash follow his name with the curse "Crush his bones." His reign is called the time of persecution and danger, and the blood of many martyrs is charged to his account.  (Gen. R. lxiii. 7).

 There is no limit to the crass, abysmal ignorance of "Gay" History Month. Such a level of illiteracy would be disgraceful even in the pupils, let alone in the so-called teachers and those who design the teaching materials. Shovelling patiently through the chaos of the GHM site we come to a selection of cheery games such as word-searches and quizzes designed to promote and glorify homosexuality in all its forms  - including fake.
Here we have a quiz page to be used for school pupils. Learning should be fun, fun fun!

Picture Quiz
Famous people who have had a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender identity ascribed to them...even if it wasn't true.
How many can you name from their pictures?
1. Florence Nightingale – founder of modern nursing. [Rubbish: Florence Nightingale was not a homosexual. The most recent  - and thorough  - biography of Florence Nightingale is by Mark Bostridge.  On the subject of "the idea of Florence Nightingale as a lesbian" he comments crisply, "There's no evidence for that!" Florence Nightingale: The Woman and her Legend by Mark Bostridge. pub. Viking 2008 ]

2. Noel Coward – actor, composer, playwright, cabaret artist.
3. Bessie smith – blues singer.
4. Boy George – singer, songwriter, dj. [ Really?  I had heard that he might be an infamous thug and drug-addict with a string of convictions for narcotic-abuse, assault and criminal behaviour.]
5. Nadia Almada – trans winner of Big Brother.
6. James Baldwin – writer, civil rights activist.
7. Dusty Springfield – singer.
8. William Shakespeare – poet and playwright. [ Crude and amateur criticism of the worst kind. Shakespeare's sonnets make it clear that his relationship with the young man was not physical and even W.H. Auden has written to the same effect  - that the ideas and emotions expressed in them are far from those experienced by a homosexual. But children who know nothing about Shakespeare and will never read a single one of his plays are being fed  this preconception.]
9. Will Young – singer.[would you call him that?]
10. Plato – philosopher. [They've got this wrong  - they surely mean Socrates?]
11. Jan Morris – trans travel writer and journalist.
12. k. d. lang – singer songwriter.
13. Vikram Seth – novelist.
14. Queen Anne – monarch.[Who actually had at least ten children. Whoops!]
15. Sir Ian McKellen – actor.
16. Cyril Nri – actor, director, writer – currently starring as Supt. Adam Okara in “The Bill”.
17. James Miranda Barry – Woman who posed as male throughout her life, became a doctor (when only men could) and married. Was only discovered to be female when her body was examined after death.[So what?]
18. Alice Walker – writer and activist.
19. Tinky Winky – a Teletubby.[Oh that's great, what a wonderful role-model and icon, a tele-tubby!!!]
20. Mark Sheehily – singer, member of Westlife.
21. Ellen Generes – actor, comedian.
22. Issac Newton – scientist. [YES THEY CAN'T EVEN SPELL HIS NAME and it is a complete myth that he was homosexual. If we consult this for example :-   From Isaac Newton's Personal Life
The Newton Project Professor Rob Iliffe  Director, AHRC Newton Papers Project.Scott Mandelbrote, Fellow & Perne librarian, Peterhouse, Cambridge University of Sussex, East Sussex - BN1 9SH -
"It has also been suggested - though this is purely conjectural and much disputed - that he was a repressed homosexual, which if true would undoubtedly have placed a man of his background and upbringing under extreme mental strain."
Although "Even in his maturity, having become rich, famous, laden with honours and internationally acclaimed as one of the world's foremost thinkers, he remained deeply insecure, given to fits of depression and outbursts of violent temper, and implacable in pursuit of anyone by whom he felt threatened....
Well yes, that certainly does sound like a lot of "gay" people we know but it's not conclusive evidence, is it?...]
What evidence is there to support the claim that Newton was a homosexual? Referring to the book Sir Isaac Newton: Brilliant Mathematician and Scientist, by Natalie M. Rosinsky, it tells us "[Isaac Newton] spent almost all of 1689 in London [...] At that time, Newton began what was possibly the strongest personal relationship of his life. It was with a young Swiss mathematician named Nicolas Fatio de Duillier [...] While there is no proof that either man was homosexual, their letters suggest that their affection for one another was romantic."  [ Which is of course very different  from following the lifestyle referred to so inaptly as "gay".]
 Isaac Newton stated on his deathbed that he was a virgin. He said this to the doctor attending him and Voltaire who knew him well testified to it. 
Imagine if today's schoolchildren were taught about Great Men and Women who Died Virgins. What kind of impact would that have on their minds  - and on their priorities?

I had to laugh when I read this about Michelangelo: "So why is he a gay icon? He maintained his sexuality despite his deeply pious religious beliefs. He was 57 when he fell in love with Tommaso ‘de Cavalieri but they stayed together until his death at 59." Yes, that's right! A whole two years!
Sorry to break the news but actually they never "stayed together" or even lived together. They met and wrote letters. That's all.

Michelangelo did indeed have some very passionate feelings towards Tommaso de'Cavalieri (whose name the  LGBTs cannot even spell). But it was never a physical relationship, according to Vasari and all the detailed biographies. Michelangelo never opposed Cavalieri's marriage. Moreover, Michelangelo had a fourteen-year relationship with a woman, Vittoria Colonna, to whom he also wrote love letters and poems. Both relationships remained utterly chaste and Michelangelo lived a life of high principled self-restraint. It is simply wrong to portray him as "gay" with the sort of connotations that entails. By the way, Michelangelo did not die at the age of 59 either.

The LGBT curriculum asserts that gay children need "role-models". But science has proved conclusively that nobody is born gay and there is no gay gene, therefore there is no such thing as a "gay child". There is certainly no such thing as a "transsexual" child either. There are disturbed children, yes, and there will be more as a result of this agenda.

Suggested texts for young children include  Bill’s New Frock ...
"Bill wakes up one morning to discover that he has become a girl. That day at school he discovers that people can make all sorts of assumptions about you because of what sex you are – or even just how you look. ...."
This is gross indoctrination. It will confuse children and make them worry in case they can suddenly change sex. It is meant to make them regard transsexualism as normal - but of course it isn't. Remember this is being pushed at young kids, aged 5 upwards!
      The LGBT agenda involves teaching them a central core of lies e.g.the belief that homosexuality is genetic and innate, or that people can be "born in the wrong body". Science can easily disprove these assertions but science is increasingly banned from the classroom in favour of so-called "gay rights". Eight independent scientific studies carried out all over the world prove conclusively that nobody is born homosexual :-

And if, as these LGBT people say, orientation is innate, then logically there would be no need to teach it would there?
     The impact of the indoctrination is many sided. One outcome is the rocketing number of young people now demanding sex-change treatments even surgery, which is frequently the start of a lifetime of misery. Sex cannot be changed. Unlike orientation, it is genetic and innate, therefore fixed. Superficial tampering is just mutilation.
     The LGBT History month website includes a link to the original Gay Rights Manifesto of 1971, which demanded the legalisation of pedophilia, prostitution, soliciting and transexual silliness. It also offers a revised version that attacks the family as an oppressive institution.
"Monogamy is usually based on ownership - the woman sells her services to the man in return for security for herself and her children - and is entirely bound up in the man's idea of property furthermore in our society the monogamous couple, with or without children, is an isolated, shut-in, up-tight unit, suspicious of and hostile to outsiders. 
“ Yet although this struggle will be hard, [sic]and our victories not easily won [sob sob], we are not in fact being idealistic to aim at abolishing the family and the cultural distinctions between men and women. True, these have been with us throughout history, yet humanity is at last in a position where we can progress beyond this...."
Progress? No, just rubbish written by nasty, twisted crackpots.
          It is time for all those who care what is taught in our schools and why to stand up and publicly condemn this harmful nonsense. It is a disaster from every point of view. We should be teaching children about moral values and noble ideals, not to worship a pack of pedophiles.

Toolkits for primary and for secondary schools :-

NB Could anything make GHM worse? Yes   - it can.  I found that after opening four files on the website and downloading them to my computer, I got a severe virus. It slowed down to nearly stop and kept freezing.  I have run all sorts of scans and security procedures but,,,it is still crippled. I am now having to use an alternative machine. Be warned. The files were three quiz-files and a Power Point presentation called STEM.


  1. Dr Gasper deserves whole-hearted support from every sane person in
    the Western world for for exposing, with erudition and great courage,
    the true and unacceptable nature of the fraudulent and subversive LGBT
    agenda. We must all do as she suggests and protest most strongly to
    Michael Gove, insisting that he cancels "Gay" History month. We must
    insist that our children are protected from those who would corrupt
    them and condemn them to shortened and dysfunctional lives of misery
    and disease, which the so-called "Gay" lifestyle really entails.
    Anyone so protesting is, of course, liable to face howls of rage and
    intimidation from the LGBT activists, but it is high time we turned
    the tables on them by protesting about the way their tiny minority
    bullies the rest of us. Consider, for instance, the recent concert
    which was ruined for many by Tatchell and his henchmen, simply because
    the conductor was Russian. If any of us disrupted a public event, we
    should rightly expect to be prosecuted for a public order offence, yet
    they act as if they are above the law. Sadly we all know that no
    action will be taken against them. This is just the tip of the iceberg
    of a monstrous injustice being imposed upon us all. We have to stand
    up against it as Dr Gasper has so bravely done.

  2. Your harf right and your harf wrong,, my freind, lets start with wrong your saying for gay young youth there not right role models to celebrate, the problem is the ones that. Got out there. Probally were over lusting or raped at one time, that changed them in to,these bad hbbits that turn in to corruption, but there ones that. Fought for there rights, so have rights, it is two,bad that no one with good back round with class can teach love education and not lusting over children , who under stands what he is and no where to draw the line, the problem is if your not have love of god, you dont have set rules to stay classy , you must be educated , they dont have. There own family to bring them up right. To know where the difference is, thats problem, now you say as though they have choice,, it depends on,indiviual,,some are born that way,but if your gay ,then you must be educated to know whats right and whsts wrong, thats problem, theres no class , and,fake love, because system takes all homphobic and uses it as weapon in your face for all to fear, what it really should be is private matter not clown jester the way it is thrown on computor ,theres two many wrong ones running show in to corruption, its same with straights there doing imoral acts have y ou took,look on data base, we need to teach love. And keep it on personal,matter, i say this in all sociaty. Straight gay bisexual. MUST KEEP AWAY FROM IMORAL,ACTS. THATS. ORAL,AND ANNAL,,ITS SIMPLE, AS LONG AS THERE SOMEONE PERFORMING IT. THERE IS ALLWAYS GONNA BE PERVERT, ITS NOT GAY ITS NOT STRAIGHT, ITS IMORAL ACT, WE NEED STUDY. TO KEEP CLEAN, THATS PEOBLEM,, AND WHAT Y SEE IS CORUPTION,OF IT, WHAT PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND THERES RIGHT WAY AND WRONG WAY, WE NEED MORE CLASS FOR GAY MOVEMENT, ARE MUSIC TV, IT IS ALL FALLEN, JUST BE RIGHT WITH ONE ANOTHER , NOT LUST AND HURT YOUNG, IT IS NOT JUST IMORAL,ITS. HATE CAUSE THEY,BEEN HATED ON,,WRONG ONES RUNNING SHOW,,AND ALL PEOPLE YOU MENTION,THAT WERE FOR GAY MOVEMENT HAD PAYED PRICE MOSTLY ALL DEAD, WE GOT TO TEACH NOT CHANGE WHO YOU ARE BUT CHANGE THERE HABBITS , BECAUSE THERES BIGGER LIFE WHEN WE DIE, I WANNA BE IN HEAVEN , AND DARK OF HELL,, PEOPLE HAVE DIED CAME BACK, THERES NO QUESTION ,WE ARE BEING JUDGED,, BE WHO YOU ARE BUT BE PERSONAL CLASSY EDUCATED AND KEEP YOUR BODY CLEAN AWAY FROM DISEASE AND DONT DISEASE ORHERS THATS ALL WE HAVE TO KNOW,

  3. Not to,be judged on what you are but be judged on your actions, its stands for all races coler sex oreintation , KEEP YOUR BODY FROM,HARM AND DONT HARM OTHERS, PYSCICALLY OR MENTALLY , STAY AWAY FROM IMORAL ACTS. IF ITS ORAL, OR ANAL, ITS GONNA HARM YOU AND YOUR PEARS AROUND , THATS PROBLEM , ITS FAKE ACT NOT LOVE,