Saturday, 9 November 2013

Expel Caroline Lucas from Parliament

Green MP Caroline Lucas should be expelled from her seat in the House of Commons after taking part in a disgraceful demonstration outside Parliament on 5th November.
A couple of hundred of unruly protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks lit bonfires outside the House of Commons and shouted slogans that included "Arson!" and "Fight back!"
The obvious references to Guy Fawkes' gunpowder plot, which attempted to blow up Parliament in 1604, were as crude as they were tasteless. And MP Caroline Lucas took part in this overt accolade of terrorist violence. Sh should be ashamed of herself, and she should certainly be chucked out for this grossly improper behaviour. We know the Greens have scant respect for any sort of democracy and prefer "hands-on" solutions such as piracy and vandalism.
The pretext for the demonstration was to protest against high fuel prices, which is sheer hypocrisy. One of the main reasons for our steeply rising fuel prices is the cost of implementing Green policies. Building useless wind farms, paying subsidies to the land owners who host them, and taxing carbon emissions are all policies that are bound to make energy more expensive. Wind turbines cost £48,000 each, have a short working life and some have been calculated to produce as little as £5 worth of electricity per MONTH. When you tot up the costs of manufacturing them, installing them and running them, they end up making a loss. And since they only work some of the time, they need a 24-hour backup from "conventional" generating sources. So there is no point in building them at all!
20% of your energy bill is VAT and that is an EU policy which we cannot oppose so long as we remain within the European union  - and staying in is of course the policy of the Greens and Libdems. Their contradictions are lamentable. Following their ideas has created a looming energy shortage that will mean more than just high prices in the near future. It will means cuts and blackouts. It will mean that more and more old and poor people die of the cold.
There are many people who think we are paying too much for our energy  - but why didn't Caroline Lucas join a responsible law-abiding protest like the one that took place in Reading this week?
 If she must side with hooligans and terrorists, she is not fit to be an MP.

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