Thursday, 14 November 2013

EU Tyranny Humiliates the Greeks

Not since the German occupation under the Nazis has Greece been so utterly trampled on. Every public corporation and asset has been closed down or seized by the tyranny of the EU. The right to free assembly has been withdrawn and anti-EU political parties have been ruthlessly outlawed and suppressed, under puppet prime minister Antonis Samaras.

In July the state broadcasting company ERT was officially closed to save money and all its 2,600 employees made redundant. Nothing brought back memories of the Nazis more than having their state TV and radio shut down. For five months, the employees occupied the building and heroically worked on, without pay. Reporters, producers, editors, assistants and technicians went on broadcasting five news bulletins per day and a range of other programmes. This week the EU-controlled government actually sent in armed police with tear-gas to forcibly take over the premises and evict all the last remaining staff.

A protester remonstrates with policemen as he tries to approach the headquarters of former state broadcaster ERT

Greece is in tatters. Pensions and salaries have been cut to a quarter of what they were. Many people are not getting paid at all, there is very little food in the shops and few people apart from the rich can afford to heat their homes or buy petrol for their cars. Schools and hospitals cannot afford heating or lighting. More and more homes are getting their water cut off, because of unpaid utility bills.
Greece is now a Third-World country  - thanks to the EU.
All this is happening in order to enforce the single currency. If Greece had never gone into the euro-zone, never sold its independence for short-term subsidies and apparent prosperity, it would not be in this shocking state. The only way out is for the Greeks to leave the euro currency and revert to their own drachma.
Next year the EU will be using the centenary of the Great War to send a message that EU unification is better than the continental wars of the 20th century, but the truth is that EU tyranny is very much like the continental wars of the 20th century. Greeks feel today just as they did in WW2 when they were invaded and controlled by the Nazis.

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