Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Conservative Councillor Charged with Stealing £150,000 from Oxfordshire Widow

A Conservative councillor in Oxfordshire, John Morgan, is on trial in Oxford Crown court on charges of swindling a 90-year-old woman out of £154,000. He left her so penniless that she had to have a pauper's funeral.

Claims: Conservative councillor John Morgan is alleged to have stolen the life savings of pensioner Beryl Gittens, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease

Moral bankruptcy and financial bankruptcy....that is all that the old parties offer to you the voters of Britain.
Morgan has been on the Vale of White Horse District Council for 25 years. He had power of attorney over the assets of Mrs Beryl Gittens, who was living in a care home in Wantage. Morgan transferred £75,000 directly to his bank account and took out another £80,000 in cash, then spent it on gambling. He had a taste for gambling on fruit machines and expensive trips to Las Vegas.
    Faced with documentary evidence, Morgan admits taking the money, but claims that Mrs Gittens wanted him to spend the money to prevent it going to her in-laws.
Do not trust any member of any of the old political parties when you cast your vote next year in the May elections. They are all a bunch of thieves.

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