Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Atrocities Against Syrian Christians Continue

In the little Syrian town of Sadad in the Homs region, 160 km north of Damascus, all the Christian inhabitants who could fled last month at the approach of the Islamist rebels. 1,500 families were taken hostage, 45 people who resisted were killed and thirty bodies were tossed into one ditch.
After the village was retaken by the Syrian army, villagers who returned to their homes found it in a wrecked state and everywhere there was evidence of brutality and violence. Old and infirm people who had not been able to flee had been subjected to torture and strangulation. Entire families had been wiped out. Matanios El Sheikh, aged 85, his wife Habsah, aged 75, their daughter Njala aged 45, who had stayed as their carer, and their grandchildren Ranim, an 18-year old student, and his brother Fadi, aged 16, were all murdered along with Fadi's paternal grandmother, Mariam, aged 90. Their bodies were flung into a ditch.
 Every building in the village was pillaged and most of them destroyed   - churches, homes, shops, clinics, school and even the post office. And our British media remains silent...
     The BBC anti-christian bias has been noted in a recent article in The Commentator. The Centre for the Study of Global Christianity in Masachusetts USA reports that thousands of Christians every year are being killed for their faith world-wide.

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