Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sorry, but the Flu Jab CAN Give You Flu.

The NHS is bombarding us with its annual campaign to get us all to have a 'flu jab and circulating leaflets that insist "the 'flu jab CANNOT give you 'flu". Oh, yes it can!
I know, the injection contains a dead virus. But regardless of what it contains, it can and DOES give many people 'flu.
When I had it, administered by my local GP's surgery in Oxford, the first thing it did was make my arm swell up and go hard in reaction. It was quite painful. Then I started to feel sniffy and shivery. Within five days of having the injection I developed the worst 'flu I have ever experienced. I don't mean just a rotten cold with a sore throat and a bit of mugginess - it was far worse. I had an absolute raging fever, with a temperature of at least 104F, and I had to resort to every form of medication available without prescription. I was wiped out for at least a week. When I tottered back to my feet and eventually went to complain to the doctors, of course they told me it was a coincidence, but I've never had a flu jab since.
      And I regularly come across other people who have had the very same experience. They get the flu jab, and then they immediately get severe 'flu. One of those people is an eighty-five year old woman who happens to be my mother, which makes me wonder if there is a hereditary factor in this. You won't find her complaining about anything without real cause.  There never was a tougher, more stoic, spartan-minded, we-had-it-worse-in-the-war sort of person than her  - and if she says it was bad, you know it was really ghastly.

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