Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mad Clegg Demands We Give Even More Money to the EU

The brainless imbecile Nick Clegg has called for an increase in our financial contribution to the European Black Hole, yes an increase. The maniac wants to give them even more of our money.
This country already has debts of over £1 trillion.
Every day we give £55 million to the EU, and every year we are asked to make colossal extra payments, twelve billion here and fifteen billion there, to bail out the debt-ridden sinking economies of the eurozone. Meanwhile we are pushing handicapped people out of their homes in the UK to save £12 per week in benefits... and we call this "austerity".
       The EU makes us pay onerous green taxes and obscene amounts of money for pointless regulation and bureaucracy. It charges us for landfill if we put our waste into our own ground and if we burn it, it charges us for CO2 emissions.

Embarrassing: Nick Clegg, pictured on ITV Daybreak, claimed credit for the budget cut, which his own MEPs have voted to reverse

Now Clegg and his Libdem cretins have voted to up the amount we hand over to the greedy Brussels bureaucracy.  He backed an increase in the spending of the EU, which pays him a lavish lifetime's salary so long as he remains loyal to it and never criticizes its policies or agenda. Nobody here voted for it so we know it is "liberal" and "democratic".
When Clegg came to power, it was on student votes, bought with his promise to abolish university tuition fees. Within hours of coming to power, he let the Conservatives raise them to £9,000 per year. The rumour now in university circles is that fees will soon have to go up to £16,000 per year to keep the universities open and compensate for ever-meaner government cuts. Students will leave university with a total debt of around £60,000...if they decide to go there at all, which many will not.
    The EU administrators have built themselves luxury new offices and a wonderful museum of "European history" with the money they snatch from us.
    Just how mad are the Libdems?
Libdem veteran Vince Cable sold off the Royal Mail for £3 billion despite it being valued at £10 billion. The banking concern that has bought a lion's share, J.P. Morgan, has just been convicted of crooked business practices and will be paying a massive fine. Luckily the Royal Mail profits will enable them to find the cash!
In Wales, Libdem town councillor John Larsen took up arson and bomb-making as his hobby. After causing a series of explosions that destroyed buildings and vehicles in Denbigh, the ex-mayor was finally convicted this year of possessing high explosives and has been sent to gaol.

Larsen said that doing this gave him a "thrill". Here are some of his toys: -

Fuse wire and component parts

Libdem loonies come in every shape and form.
Libdem MEP Catherine Bearder tells me that it is "equality" to give more money to one group of people than to any others. Why? Because that's equality, according to her. When asked how much funding the EU was giving to the ridiculous "Gay games" in Paris, she responded that she didn't know but that she supported it anyway, as it is "fair" for homosexuals to be able to compete in the normal Olympics and all other athletics events while at the same time claiming EXTRA money for separate events... as if they were excluded.
If you or I want extra money, that is "unfair". If homosexuals want extra money that is "equality". Got it?

Remember when you come to vote:
Libdems are stupid.
Libdems are dishonest.
Libdems are just as bad as Labour but they pretend to be different.
Libdems are simply not necessary...

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