Monday, 9 September 2013

In the deliciously warm, Mediterranean beauty spot where I spent the last two weeks (whose location I will not divulge because I don't want everybody else to find out about it and swamp the place) the bars and night-clubs all seemed to be playing pop songs from the 1950s and 60s. Beatles tunes were top of their charts and in one place I even saw a Beatles tribute act offered  - singers dressed up and bewigged to look and sound like the Fab Four.
Yes,  I remember the sixties. Women who had for years permed their hair and put cream on their faces looked on with amazement as teenage girls ironed their hair and put cream on their knees... It's no wonder really that people are nostalgic for that era because when you look back on it, most people were so much happier then than they are now. There was a massive surge in confidence led by the young people of the post-war Bulge, the healthiest and best-educated generation there had ever been, and there was an atmosphere of optimism. Honesty was the keynote. Everything had to be honest and frank. Sex was still exciting then because when you compare it to the present day, people were still to some extent, innocent. The Beatles sang about love, "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah," and that was exciting. It was important. It was intensely passionate. "All my loving, I will send to you -u -u..."
              Love you every day girl
              Always on my mind
              One thing I can say girl
              Love you all the time
              Hold me, love me, hold me, love me
              Ain't got nothing but love babe
              Eight days a week.

 No wonder girls went mad for them. And they sang, "I'll tell you something, I hope you'll understand...I'll tell you something...I want to hold your hand..." Hold your hand. For a boy to want to hold a girl's hand was a big deal. It meant something. The first touch. The first intimacy. The first shy, romantic gesture.
In the 1960s, teenagers and young adults still went on "dates". They met each other and went to a film, a cafe or a disco for a few hours company without going straight to bed. Sometimes they dated for years on end, and most dated a series of people without feeling ready to go "all the way". And when they went to the dance, maybe just dressed in jeans and T-shirts, the songs would be about love.
Compare that to nowadays, when teenage boys send pictures of their genitalia to girls on their mobile phones. Girls are pressurized into sending topless or nude pictures of themselves by text or post them on Facebook. Our society has become completely de-sensitized. Grossness in speech and behaviour has become so commonplace hardly anybody is aware of it. And just listen to all the bitterness, anger and misery all around us today. We were so much happier then...

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