Saturday, 28 September 2013

Global Warming Forecasts Hopelessly Wrong

The climate change predictions made fifteen years ago by global warming fanatics have not come true. Even the predictions they made ten years ago, or five years ago, about what the climate would be now in 2013, do not correspond to the reality. But the media are not going to tell you that, and the last thing you can expect from the climate change lobby is a public admission that they got it wrong. Thousands of green gurus out there have got a vested interest in keeping up the global warming scares. That is their livelihood. It is a business, in fact it is an industry. They get salaries, research grants, air tickets to attend well-funded conferences at glamorous international venues, and prestigious jobs advising government at national and European level.
       All that is paid for by us. Local Councils are compelled under EU law to employ full-time climate change advisors who go round telling people to wear a jumper, just like your Great-Aunty Mildred used to do. But these guys are paid salaries. The last thing they want is for us to find out the truth.
     The latest satellite pictures of the Arctic and Antarctic ice-caps do not support the view that the total amount of ice on our planet is shrinking, Indeed, it seems to be, if anything, growing. Antarctic ice is at record levels.

And the late, wonderful Patrick Moore long ago pointed out that surface temperatures on other planets in our solar system regularly vary in proportion to ours, because these variations are caused by a common factor...the sun.

Now sixteen scientists have spoken out in the Wall Street Journal condemning what they call fake research and alarmism. The real problems will be if this turns out to be a period of long-term COOLING and we are left with woefully inadequate energy provision.
       Of course all this alarmism has made Al Gore very rich  - not because he has invested in green energy, as his defenders naively assert, but because he has traded in carbon-emission permits issued by the US and other governments.
First they called it man made global warming, then they called it global warming, then they called it climate change. Now they lie.
They have systematically rigged data, silenced those scientists who opposed them, politically attacked and censored those who nevertheless spoke out. The British Government refused to release data used to produce their temperature record. Richard Parncutt of the University of Graz, Austria thinks "that the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for influential GW deniers"!!!!!!!!!
The Sun is the principal driver of earth temperature, not man. The two coldest periods the Maunder (1645 to 1715) and Dalton (1795 - 1820) minima coincided with low Sun activity and the present warming with high Sun activity. Mars and Jupiter have been warming but suffer from a lack of human activity!!!!!
Dr Jasper Kirkby at CERN has said that "Sun and cosmic rays will probably count for  a half to all increase in earth temperature"
Nobel Prize winner Dr Ivar Giaver resigned from the American Physical Society because he rejected the idea that man made global warming was "incontrovertible"
Dr Chris de Freitas, Editor of "Climate research" said there was "no compelling scientific argument for action to decarbonise the world's economy"
The World's leading expert on sea levels Dr Axel Moerner has said there has been NO RISE IN SEA LEVELS.
Even the otherwise respected NASA scientists have rigged a graph of 1999 showing the 1930s as the warmest decade to produce a 2013 graph eliminating the 1930s warming and showing massive warming in the 1990s instead.
The International Panel On Climate Change has lied about scientists who supported its findings, unilaterally selects Lead Authors, giving it direct influence on the content of reports; Lead Authors are frequently asked to review their own work and that of their critics, placing them in a conflict of interest and IPCC peer review procedures allow Lead Authors to overrule reviewers, and to rewrite the text after the close of peer review, rendering it ineffective at preventing bias;
Lies included glacier melt, the hockey stick graph, "adjusting" data to suit their theory, using Greenpeace and undergraduate work as "scientific"
They have bought slavish obedience to the new religion with hundreds of millions of Pounds of our tax payers money. Academic preferment now largely depends on uncritical acceptance of the controversial theory of man made global warming
Even a 15 year period of no warming (which make a nonsense of their computer models) and two of the coldest winters for 30 years has not changed their closed minds
Global warming in the recent period is nothing exceptional in the last 1,000 years. The ice and snow in Greenland defies its name and the Viking farmers who prospered there more than a thousand years ago. Thousands of scientists have repeatedly questioned or indeed refuted the theory of man made global warming - BUT THEIR WARNINGS HAVE BEEN CENSORED OR HARDLY REPORTED AT ALL.
16 real scientists speak out in the Wall Street Journal...

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