Monday, 9 September 2013

Britain's Most Unpopular Export

Tony Blair is still prancing  around the world giving his advice on "peace" to everybody who will listen  - and quite a few who won't. There are people who are not convinced that having got involved in a string of interminable, disastrous wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of people qualifies you to lecture the rest of the world on "peace".
When Tony went to Thailand this week to honour them with his words of inspiration, he was booed, heckled and picketted by Thai citizens who told him to go home, shut up and stop wasting their money.

One protestor carried a sign reading, "Blair ruined the UK : stay out of Thailand." I couldn't put it better myself...
There were protests too about the massive fees their government is rumoured to have paid the avaricious former Prime Minister for making a one-day appearance at a peace negotiation forum held in Bangkok last week. The figure of £400,000 was bandied about. (In Thailand the average salary is about £5,000 per year). The Thai government denied it, saying that they were only paying for Mr Blair's travel, accommodation and expenses. Which probably came to £40,000 at the very least.
 According to the Huffington Post, Blair "hit headlines earlier this year after it was reported he was paid £400,000 for two half-hour speeches."

  Blair has one very devoted admirer - the brain-dead David Cameron who will probably be invited to speak at the same peace forums one day, if he succeeds in emulating Blair and dragging us into the conflict in Syria.

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