Thursday, 19 September 2013

Andrew Smith's Curious Oversight

           Oxford's Labour MP Andrew Smith took part in a public demonstration last Saturday protesting against the privatization of the Royal Mail. It gave him and other Labour faithfuls a good chance to slag off the Coalition government and pose as friends of the people.

            The demonstration, by the Communication Workers' Union, was held in Bonn Square, central Oxford, under the neo-nazi searchlights installed by the Labour City Council. Andrew Smith is reported as saying that people were queuing up to sign the petition to keep the Royal Mail in public ownership. "People who live in rural areas are very worried about the prospect of future delays."  Such a lovely chance to act the nice guy, mouthing clichés about the less advantaged and the low-paid...
           Andrew seems to be pretending that he has never heard of the EU Postal Services Directive, which is behind the sell-off. The EU long ago put us on a path to privatising this and all other public services. I know he is pretending, because I myself wrote to him and pointed these facts out long ago. Whenever the EU is involved in something, Andrew and other Labour politicians pretend to be unaware of it  - and no wonder, since he supports our EU membership and so does his party. Whatever puppet government we had in power, it would be doing the same things.
           There are plenty of other Labour MPs indulging in the same sort of hypocrisy. Diana Johnson, Labour MP for Hull, is one of many who has put this issue on her website and used it to score some cheap points against the Coalition government. They are taking advantage of the fact that most people are ill-informed about the EU and its impact on our lives.
            In fact, the prime hypocrite is Ed Miliband. The leader of the Labour Party said on Twitter on 13th of Sept 
Join us in fighting David Cameron's politically motivated privatisation of Royal Mail.

    Then he goes to EU leaders and tells them he is a loyal europhile...
And the mainstream media are happy to keep up same pretence, suppressing the real news and feeding you garbage.  The left-wing press, like the Labour MPs, takes advantage of the ignorance of its readers.

PS 19th October 2013.
 It seems that the banking concern JP Morgan got some 30% (I think this fraction is correct) of Royal Mail shares at 40% below their value and now postage is expected to triple in cost over next few years. Don't you just love living in a country run by the "main parties" with their creed of political correctness?

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