Thursday, 22 August 2013

What Are We Doing to Help Fellow-Christians?

Our view of the world is distorted by media that are so biassed they deserve little or no credence. I get most of my news these days from alternative websites. Here is a story you won't hear on Channel 4 News.
A 15-year-old Christian girl called Mariam was seized from her home in Qusayr, in the district of Homs a few weeks ago.
The town was  captured by Syrian rebels earlier this year. Mariam was abducted by militia of the jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra and forced to marry the commander of the militia. After raping her, he announced the next morning that he was divorcing her, and handed her over to one of his fellow-soldiers, who married and raped her likewise. This was repeated on 15 consecutive days with 15 consecutive "husbands". Mariam showed signs of madness, and they killed her.
The story was reported by Fathers Issam and Elias, two Greek Orthodox priests who are working in the area trying to help victims.
The sheik Yasir al-Ajlawni, a salafist of Jordanian origin, now living in Damascus – has issued a fatwa declaring that rebels against the régime of Bashar al-Assad have the right to rape any Syrian woman who is not a sunni Muslim. This means all Shia Muslims and Christians. To make his fatwa bang up-to-date, he issued it over the internet, using "social media".
Here are some pictures of her family praying for her, before the militants sacked and desecrated their church.

And here is the blushing bridegroom!

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