Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vote With a Machete, Get Quick Results

You've tried writing to your MP  - and it didn't work. You've written so many E-mails to your local councillors that they put you on the "nuisance" list. The letters you get back start to sound like a standard formula..."Of course we share your anxieties about blah blah but we are just on the point of passing a law to make it worse and we trust that you will understand why..."
You have written to the local papers, started petitions and put posters up on the local U3A noticeboard, and you still get no positive results?
     What you need is a machete.
To get listened to by the Coalition government, sheer random acts of terror carried out in the streets of South London, are really what you need.
     Last week Drummer Rigby was hacked to death in Woolwich by two crazed, foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim jihadists. They yelled verses from the Koran that said, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Kill those who kill you. I am just getting revenge because you soldiers are sent to make war in Afghanistan." What annoys them is that the troops in Afghanistan are there to put a neutral, non-islamic-fundamentalist regime into power.
     Days later, William Hague announces that the arms embargo against Syria has now expired and Britain and France will be happy to supply weapons and other support to "moderate" Muslims fighting the secular government of Bashar al-Assad. Hey presto, we have changed sides! All you need is a machete and an act of blatant, barbaric violence to get your message over to the Conservative party.
      Surprised? Not really. Cave-in is the conservative motto. They caved in on votes for prisoners. They caved in to every every EU demand for a huge bank bail-out or another idiotic form of regulation. They caved in to the campaign of lies and bullying by the LGBT industry. Now they are caving in to the islamic terrorists and extremists. Obama is already supporting islamic regimes in several parts of the world. He is sending American aid to Egypt and Libya where the islamic governments and their supporters are brutally persecuting all non-believers. Taliban? Yes, we can!!! Coptic Christians are being assaulted, murdered, and driven out of their homes in Egypt, and their churches are being burnt down. How many of them get offered asylum here?
      At least we know now what it takes to get your voice heard in modern, 21st-century Britain. A black hoodie, a van, a great big machete and a tirade of extremist hysteria.


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  1. While the country sleeps peacefully in their beds at night, the hard men that once did violence on their behalf are arrested and convicted under 1998 HRA. As Wyatt Earp might have said, "I rest my piece..."