Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Pleasures of "Gay" Cornwall

The beautiful Chymorgan guesthouse in Botallock, Cornwall offers charming views of the coast and the surrounding countryside. Here you can spend a quiet peaceful weekend...provided you are a homosexual. Chymorgan is a "gay"-only guesthouse run by lesbians who don't like men and they don't like heterosexuals. So they ban them in the name of "fairness" and "equality". Get it?

  The rooms are provided with every comfort, including a shotgun in case a man comes into sight from any window. For breakfast at Chymorgan you can enjoy freshly-brewed hate, delicious bigotry and  home-baked intolerance. The prejudice preserves are all home-made by the hostesses, Brigitte and Alixx, and the wonderful three-course dinners are all sourced from local produce, including organic hypocrisy and free-range double standards.
      A male friend of mine rang them up this evening and asked whether he could book a room for the coming weekend. He was told they were fully booked. What about the next weekend? No sorry, we are fully booked then too. Then next weekend. So when were they going to have a vacant room? Sorry, they were fully booked for the whole season, yes, right through until October. What about staying in November then?  Sorry, we can't do November because we are closed then. No we don't take bookings for next year. "Why don't you try another place?" "Why should I go to another place?  I have read your website and I wanted to stay at your place - why won't you take my booking?"  She said 'Sorry, I have to go look after my guests," and hung up.
      Funny because despite being fully-booked they are advertising on the internet. Either they have just been inundated with bookings in a few hours or they are telling porkie-pies. But what is wrong with that? After all, they are only doing what hundreds of other gay-hate (sorry I mean gay-rights) establishments do all over the country quite blatantly every day. Their website says plainly that they are a "LESBIAN guesthouse" for "WOMEN ONLY".  There is a gay-accommodation website for every county in the UK.
    When Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who run Chymorvah, another Cornish guesthouse only a few miles away from Chymorgan, said in 2011 that they did not wish to rent a double bedded room to a homosexual couple, they were prosecuted, fined, made to pay thousands of pounds in legal costs, banned from advertising, and inundated with hate-mail and death threats from homosexuals warning them their house would soon be burnt down. This was not a "hotel" they were running  but a bed and breakfast in their own home. The homosexual complainants got legal aid  - the Bulls did not. Then the gay warriors flooded all the holiday websites with abuse, some of it hysterical and obscene, and one of them nailed a dead rabbit to the Bulls' front door. A similar case in Hampshire was treated in the same way because of the same blatantly biassed laws. The harmless good people running these places found that their business was ruined. They were demonized in the left-wing press. We, the tax-payers had to finance this orgy of bullying because the homosexual complainants were supported by the "Equality and Human Rights" Commission. Yes.
     The two men who brought the prosecution, Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, were told on the Bulls' website that they only rented shared rooms to married couples  - and they were not even in a civil partnership at the time. They could have gone elsewhere  - but they preferred to ruin somebody else's life. Are Hall and Preddy evil, nasty, cruel people? Possibly not  - possibly they are just opportunists who discovered they could make a quick buck by playing the victim card, and grabbing £3,600 of compensation. Undoubtedly they are swept along by the LGBT movement with its grossly immoral, warped agenda. It encouraged them to see themselves as victims and not to look at the bigger picture.
    Can heterosexuals get legal aid to fight the discrimination practised by the gay-only businesses? No, we can't. That's official. That is what the Equality Commission told me when I enquired and they repeated it to my MP. "Equality" means homosexuals getting everything they want and bullying heterosexuals  - apparently.

Peter and Hazelmary Bull, owners of the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Marazion

 Since I wrote this, Mr and Mrs Bull have been driven out of business by this double standard. Sadly, they are having to put their home on the market. What a terrible injustice. Shame on all the MPs who passed these unfair laws  - including Andrew Smith my own MP. Shame on the judges who gave the verdict. 
 And I salute you, Peter and Hazelmary Bull. You are the sort of people who once made Britain great and it will be a very poor country without the likes of you.

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