Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Stephen Fry Talks "Gay" Bullshit

When will the self-important, conceited Stephen Fry learn to shut up? He thinks he is the world expert on everything, including, it seems, women's sexuality. Funny, I thought he was homosexual...well he is, but he still thinks he can pontificate about women he has never met and who would rather die than go to bed with such a fat, crooked-nosed twit.
In an interview with Paul Flynn, Fry announced that women don't really enjoy sex. Oh, really? Since when? Fry argued that women can't enjoy sex because we don't go cruising around Hampstead Heath or public lavatories looking for casual encounters with strangers, as he and his "gay" friends apparently do. He even went so far as to say that women in relationships only participate in sex because it is the price of getting a man to hang around with.
       This guy is seriously stupid and completely cuckoo. He really cannot imagine any other kind of sexual taste, temperament or behaviour apart from that of his chums and buddies. He thinks that women are strange because we are not as emotionally stunted, defective in bonding instinct and lacking in human sensitivity as he is. He has no idea of the feminine mindset, or of the natural link-up between emotional and physical intimacy. 
     Fry was apparently under the impression that his ravings are witty. He has nearly two million followers on Twitter and hosts far too many television programmes. He presides unctuously over his QI show, smug and always very pleased with himself, making gross jokes that often have a connection with the digestive tract. We are all forced to pay the television license fee that keeps this man in a job. He regularly boasts about how he was jailed as a teenager for credit card theft. He even drones on in public about the fact that he is mentally ill - hardly necessary as I had already noticed.
 It is high time this overpaid, overweight, overrated clown retired.

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