Saturday, 4 May 2013

Not A Bad Day's Work

Dentists all over the country are going to have a hard time repairing the damage, as members of all other political parties gnash their teeth over the results of the County Council Elections. You could hear the noise late into Friday night...
England now has 149 UKIP County Councillors. That means people who have got the common sense to stop financing gross extravagance and waste at Brussels while making painful cuts and running up debts here. People who know that it is crazy to go on pouring £53 million per day into an organization that has not had its accounts signed off for seventeen years  - or is it eighteen years now?! That is the entire lifetime of some of our young candidates. The costs of the EU are not only our statutory contribution to the annual budget but also the costs of bail-outs, hefty fines and the lost business caused by company regulation. We are taxing ourselves to death while throwing good money after bad. And that's on a scale of tens of billions.
The way that money disappears in the EU is phenomenal. There is a huge black hole, billions, in the carbon trading figures and it is proven fact that the Mafia has been raking in profits from the wind farm subsidy system. France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece are all regretting that they went into the single currency. To prop up the euro they are deadlocked into a policy of austerity. Children in Greece are suffering from malnutrition, yes malnutrition, because of the stupidity of politicians like Barroso and Neil Kinnock.
A friend of mine got ill in Spain shortly after Christmas and was sent back to the UK for hospital treatment. What about all those state-of-the art hospitals in Spain, built with EU money? They can't afford to switch the lights on.
         Across the country UKIP got about 24% of the vote in yesterday's elections. It was difficult for the press to find anything else to talk about. How painful they must have found it. I have seen sullen stares of anger from certain people in the past 24 hours and I imagine there are going to be crisis conferences behind closed doors.
         One thing is for sure. The tactic the LibLabCon have been using against UKIP for the past few years has failed. They have smeared us with the most malicious, grubby and vitriolic smears their twisted little minds could produce  - and it has not worked. The LibLabCon fought a dirty campaign, trawling through hundreds of Facebook pages and trying to make a scandal out of a few words hacked, leaked, twisted or invented here or there. They made out that every UKIP candidate was a racist, a Nazi, an ignorant, illiterate clown, or an evil monster from a horror movie. They even smeared Godfrey Bloom and it would be hard to find a more likeable man. He was presented by leftie  journalists in lurid terms. The word "rant" was never far from their lips...
        Well, it has failed. For every nasty vicious smear they have circulated about us, we seem to have got a hundred new voters, drawn from that quiet, grey, busy, ordinary sector of the population who are not followers of Saul Alinsky...the people doing most of the real work. Thank God for normality. With this sort of swing in the voting pattern, it is possible that Britain still has a future as a strong, healthy self-governing nation.

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