Thursday, 9 May 2013

Discrimination and Equality

I have just written the following letter to my MP Andrew Smith, asking him to pass my query to Maria Miller. the Minister for Women and so-called Equalities. I have circulated it to friends suggesting that they wrote to their MPs likewise, and I have passed it over to the conservative MP David Burrowes too. We will see what their response is.

Justice? Fairness? Doesn't look fair or equal to me.

Dear Andrew,
   I would like to you to send this complaint to the Minister for
Women and Equality. It seems that there are a number of bed and
breakfast businesses registered in the UK that only take women and
lesbian couples. They advertise this quite openly, in fact there are
websites of so-called "gay accommodation"

This is a form of discrimination that is particularly offensive in
view of the extreme penalties that have been recently handed out to B
& Bs that did not want to rent a double-bedded room to a same-sex
This double standard is offensive. The B & B run by Mr and Mrs Bull in
Cornwall has been bankrupted because it is now excluded from lists of
accommodation. They were forced to pay compensation and high legal
fees which they could not afford. They are not permitted to advertise
unless they take homosexuals, and there was similar case in Hampshire.
Yet the homosexuals blatantly practice discrimination and exclusion.
         I want the law to be applied equally in all cases and any
business that tries to limit itself to homosexuals  - whether it is a
club, a hotel, a website, a holiday company, or anything else  - must
be fined, penalized and if it will not cater for open heterosexuals,
closed down.
         Please send this letter to the Minister, Maria Miller.
                           Yours sincerely,
                                           Julia Gasper.


  1. If you follow the links from the website you quote, you will find that they are advertising "gay-friendly" accommodation (almost exclusively run by heterosexual couples), rather than "gay-only" accommodation. I presume that "gay-friendly" means places where noses will not be turned up and eyebrows will not be raised.

    1. You are wrong there. There are hundreds of establishments that blatantly say on their websites that they are "gay-only". Also that they are run by homosexual couples.
      Here is just one of the hundreds:-

      If you think about it logically, there is no need to advertise any establishment these days as being "gay-friendly" since any heterosexual host who discriminated as the homosexuals do, would be clobbered by our unjust, biassed laws.