Friday, 24 May 2013

Blame Tony Blair for Lee Rigby's Murder

Drummer Rigby was beheaded and  dismembered in the street in south London under the noses of Woolwich shoppers. The murderers stood there waving their meat cleavers in the air proclaiming that this was revenge for British murder of Muslims.
    Tony Blair is plainly to blame. Afghanistan is his war. We have been at war in Afghanistan for twelve years, ever since 9/11, and countless soldiers' lives have been sacrificed there. All the time Osama Bin-Laden was in Pakistan, and the Taliban will come back to power the minute we leave. Under the Blair-Brown government, and Labour councils since, hundreds of millions of pounds in public money has been handed out to Muslim schools, Muslim community centres, and minority cultural grants  - while conducting a war that regularly kills people. It's called confusion and it has not got any better under Cameron who is just a clone of Blair.
     OK so if you go back a bit further Al-Qaeda did provoke Western intervention in Afghanistan but if people today weren't so ignorant of history they would have known better than to send troops to a place where no invader has ever succeeded   - not even Alexander the Great.
    So I blame Tony WMD Blair for what happened in Woolwich. Lefties will of course blame the EDL, which has never sent troops to any foreign country and never advocated invasion of anywhere.
     Our deputy PM, Nick Clegg has taken the opportunity to display his ignorance. He has publicly announced that the murder of Drummer Rigby "flies in the face of the peace and love that Islam teaches". Just as eating Little Red Riding Hood is a big surprise after that peace and love wolves are famous for. If Nick Clegg can show me one Islamic text that teaches either peace or love, I will pay him as much money as David Laws swindled in expenses.

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  1. The Love spin has began, as noticeable as the child molesters close ranks on their rapists, woman haters and honour murderers.
    Blind. That's how Clogg, Cameroon and Multibrands want us all to be. Note how they turn out the eloquent apologists for others incapacity to see facts? Whilst Stockholm burns, our hospitals care for murdering immigrants, the Correction Police will be knocking on my door to arrest me for telling the truth.
    Don't shoot a machete threatening immigrant otherwise his kin will go on the rampage.