Monday, 20 May 2013

Barking Mad

     Of all the hate-mail and death threats I still regularly get, some of the most bizarre messages have come from a person calling himself Lord Maxstead.
Hate mail from LGBT loons is usually characterized by scatological language and pathological aggression. Freakish threats, hysteria and foul language are their norms of behaviour. Lord Maxstead is not foul-mouthed and does not make death threats but his logic is so tangled that it continues to amaze me. He deserves some sort of award for utter twaddle. He sent me an E-mail in which he argued for redefining marriage by saying, "My relationship is just as good as yours! It deserves to be recognized as equal!"
       No kidding.
       It's a bit like writing to someone with a dog and saying that your cat is "just as good" as their dog (which you have never seen) and therefore the cat should be allowed to compete at Crufts. Why not hamsters as well? Why shouldn't hamsters enter for the Grand National because they're "just as good as " a horse? To a logical person, the fact is that a cat and a dog are different. People never use cats for guarding their house or rounding up sheep and dogs are no good at catching small birds.
      Since I have never met Lord Maxstead (be grateful for small mercies) I haven't got any opinion about his "relationship", and I wonder how he imagines he can have any opinion on mine. How does he know I have got one at all? How does he know I haven't got an address-book full of toy-boys who meet me at country hotels for weekends now and then? How does he know that I am not a single person, widow, celibate or nun? Such logical factors do not bother him.
      There is only one thing very clear about Lord Maxstead and his "relationship"  - that it is with another male. In that respect, it is plainly, and significantly different from a heterosexual relationship. Whether it is a good relationship is anybody's guess. People can hate each other and fight but still be married ... that is why they need from time to time to get divorced. People can have a good relationship and not be married....that is why in those circumstances they often get married. You actually have to be unmarried, to get married.
       Lord Maxstead's message reveals a kind of naive vanity that makes one squirm. It is shallow and silly. He simply does not understand what marriage is. Marriage is not some sort of display, to show off to your friends what a super relationship you have got. "My relationship is as good as yours...." sounds awfully similar to "My penis is as big as yours..." or "My dress is just as expensive as yours...."  Marriage is not an exercise in vanity. It is a matter of biological mating and a pledge of fidelity - two essential things, both missing from the same-sex so-called "marriage" contract now going through parliament.
      There will be many forms of grave harm to society if this nonsense law is allowed to go through. One of them is the farming of children for sale to rich homosexual couples, a shameful procedure not seen since the days of slavery. Another is the erosion of our understanding of marriage as a faithful, monogamous commitment. All of this arises because of bad logic  - it is the result of ignorance, bad education, illiteracy and lack of clarity of thought.
      It is estimated that the so-called "bedroom tax" will cut the UK government's spending on housing benefit by £500 million. At the same time, the government is going to spend £5 BILLION on re-writing all the legislation relating to marriage just to suit the vanity of a handful of deranged homosexuals. Yes that is correct  - ten times as much money going on the "gay" marriage idiocy. Same-sex "marriage" is costing people such as Mrs Stephanie Botrill their homes, and driving them to suicide. The LGBT movement is snatching the money that  rightfully belongs to the 98% majority of the population. It is causing hardship and cuts, cruelty and injustice. Without "gay" marriage thousands of people such as Stephanie Botrill could stay in their homes. Without the waste and extravagance of "gay" marriage, thousands of disabled and sick people would not be having their benefit payments taken away from them. Those cuts too are driving people to suicide.
      The "gay" marriage folly is causing harm and suffering to the 98% majority in this country, and it will cause harm and suffering wherever its nonsense is imposed.

"In a time of universal deceit, to tell the truth is a revolutionary act." (George Orwell).

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