Saturday, 11 May 2013

Abu-Cadabra! How to Make a Terrorist Vanish

What a remarkable coincidence. The Coalition government gets a disastrous local election result and one week later Mr Abu Qatada, the impudent hate preacher and enemy of this country, decides "voluntarily" to leave.
After so many years of struggle, so many court hearings and appeals, so many Yuman Rights decisions that have humiliated this country and made Home Secretary Theresa May look weak and idiotic, Mr Omar Othman ( to give him his real name) has had a change of heart. He has of his own volition decided to go back to Jordan and remain there. How strange. Am I the only person who suspects that a large bribe must be the reason he has finally agreed to go? I rather imagine that on his return to Jordan Mr Qatada will not be living in poverty or looking for paid work. Somebody will have passed him a nice lump sum  - at least ten million  - which will be stashed in a secret numbered bank account. And that somebody is somebody very, very concerned about last week's proof of the rise of UKIP.
      For twenty years this nasty, aggressive man has leeched off Britain and taken full advantage of the soft-touch system socialists put in place. An open terrorist and jihadist, who despises the West and encourages its over throw by violent means, he lives on our state benefits and exploits the "Human Rights" tosh imposed on us by foreign courts as a price of belonging to the EU (as if that wasn't bad enough in itself). When he first came to this country in 1993, on a forged passport, he already had five children. Then he revealed himself to be a radical jihadist and started to advocate violence. In 1995 he issued a "fatwa" calling for all those who left Islam to be killed, along with their wives and children. Yuman Rights, you see. In 1995 he was convicted on terrorist charges in Jordan but simply refused to leave the UK. He went on openly preaching hate and violence including the murder of Jews. He also ran a fund-raising campaign to aid jihadists in Chechnya, keeping at one time £170,000 cash in his house so as to avoid income tax, company tax, or any other inconvenient tax.
      For twenty years, he and his polygamous family have lived in an £800,000 four-bedroom house in West London entirely at the expense of the tax-payer. No under-occupancy rules for him! They claim thousands of pounds per month in benefits, do no work and pay nothing in tax. Qatada has also cost us millions in legal aid fees. He employs a QC on his behalf to defy and deride our common laws, and has a security guard at the public's expense. No wonder he can afford seventeen mobile phones!
    Anybody who raises any objection is sneered at by soggy-brained socialists as a "Daily Mail reader". Yes, the lefties really believe that the Daily Mail invented Abu Qatada, and all his family, along with Abu Hamza, benefit fraud, fake asylum-seekers, health tourism, the euro-crisis and the riots in Greece, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. All inventions, all non-existent...
    In 2009 Qatada humiliated the British government yet again by getting a compensation award for wrongful imprisonment. The ECHR tells us that holding this poor little man with his yard-long beard in prison is a breach of his "Yuman Rights" for gawd's sake.....
    And now, days after their bad election results scared the Tories, somehow Mr Othman has chosen to return to Jordan of his own free volition? Pull the other one, it's got bells on it. This deal has got money in it somewhere and when Abu-Qatada finally does climb on a plane out of here, he will be flying First Class and going back to a champagne lifestyle, not a gaol.

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