Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vote With a Machete, Get Quick Results

You've tried writing to your MP  - and it didn't work. You've written so many E-mails to your local councillors that they put you on the "nuisance" list. The letters you get back start to sound like a standard formula..."Of course we share your anxieties about blah blah but we are just on the point of passing a law to make it worse and we trust that you will understand why..."
You have written to the local papers, started petitions and put posters up on the local U3A noticeboard, and you still get no positive results?
     What you need is a machete.
To get listened to by the Coalition government, sheer random acts of terror carried out in the streets of South London, are really what you need.
     Last week Drummer Rigby was hacked to death in Woolwich by two crazed, foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim jihadists. They yelled verses from the Koran that said, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Kill those who kill you. I am just getting revenge because you soldiers are sent to make war in Afghanistan." What annoys them is that the troops in Afghanistan are there to put a neutral, non-islamic-fundamentalist regime into power.
     Days later, William Hague announces that the arms embargo against Syria has now expired and Britain and France will be happy to supply weapons and other support to "moderate" Muslims fighting the secular government of Bashar al-Assad. Hey presto, we have changed sides! All you need is a machete and an act of blatant, barbaric violence to get your message over to the Conservative party.
      Surprised? Not really. Cave-in is the conservative motto. They caved in on votes for prisoners. They caved in to every every EU demand for a huge bank bail-out or another idiotic form of regulation. They caved in to the campaign of lies and bullying by the LGBT industry. Now they are caving in to the islamic terrorists and extremists. Obama is already supporting islamic regimes in several parts of the world. He is sending American aid to Egypt and Libya where the islamic governments and their supporters are brutally persecuting all non-believers. Taliban? Yes, we can!!! Coptic Christians are being assaulted, murdered, and driven out of their homes in Egypt, and their churches are being burnt down. How many of them get offered asylum here?
      At least we know now what it takes to get your voice heard in modern, 21st-century Britain. A black hoodie, a van, a great big machete and a tirade of extremist hysteria.


Friday, 24 May 2013

This is My Motto

Blame Tony Blair for Lee Rigby's Murder

Drummer Rigby was beheaded and  dismembered in the street in south London under the noses of Woolwich shoppers. The murderers stood there waving their meat cleavers in the air proclaiming that this was revenge for British murder of Muslims.
    Tony Blair is plainly to blame. Afghanistan is his war. We have been at war in Afghanistan for twelve years, ever since 9/11, and countless soldiers' lives have been sacrificed there. All the time Osama Bin-Laden was in Pakistan, and the Taliban will come back to power the minute we leave. Under the Blair-Brown government, and Labour councils since, hundreds of millions of pounds in public money has been handed out to Muslim schools, Muslim community centres, and minority cultural grants  - while conducting a war that regularly kills people. It's called confusion and it has not got any better under Cameron who is just a clone of Blair.
     OK so if you go back a bit further Al-Qaeda did provoke Western intervention in Afghanistan but if people today weren't so ignorant of history they would have known better than to send troops to a place where no invader has ever succeeded   - not even Alexander the Great.
    So I blame Tony WMD Blair for what happened in Woolwich. Lefties will of course blame the EDL, which has never sent troops to any foreign country and never advocated invasion of anywhere.
     Our deputy PM, Nick Clegg has taken the opportunity to display his ignorance. He has publicly announced that the murder of Drummer Rigby "flies in the face of the peace and love that Islam teaches". Just as eating Little Red Riding Hood is a big surprise after that peace and love wolves are famous for. If Nick Clegg can show me one Islamic text that teaches either peace or love, I will pay him as much money as David Laws swindled in expenses.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Accident and Emergency

     If you turn up at one of the few remaining Accident and Emergency departments of NHS hospitals these days, the first thing you see is a large notice telling you to go away.
"Do you really need to come here? Have you tried telephoning your doctor, e-mailing his surgery or asking advice from your pharmacist? " it says in big letters. In other words, get lost, you are a nuisance.
    If you have been attacked with a meat cleaver in the street in Woolwich, the right thing to do is to telephone NHS Direct and ask them for instructions. If you really want to see a doctor face to face, ring up and make an appointment with your GP, some time in the middle of next week. In fact, don't even ask to see the doctor, just ask to chat to the practice nurse, or read some magazines in the waiting-room. They will probably give you the health advice you need without bothering anyone.
    It's incredible how some people still have the idea that the NHS exists for sick and injured people. They ring up ambulances and ask to be taken to hospital. Sometimes after about six hours, they are. I was in a chemist shop a few days ago and there was an elderly woman at the pharmacy counter who was actually in tears, as she had suffered so many frustrations and setbacks. Just getting a prescription had turned into an ordeal, and she was worn out. After sitting down and chatting with a cojuple of other people in the queue, she told us she had been a nurse in one of the local hospitals for many years, before retiring.
     Another octogenarian I know had just found a treatment that made her life bearable, in the form of some pain-killing patches, and then her GP refused to prescribe them again, without explaining why. Was it the cost?
     According to the Independent newspaper, the government is making a £1 billion raid on NHS funds  to pay for "social care" for the old. By social care they mean what used to be called nursing. If you're not seriously ill it's now called "social care" and 2 hours after an operation for cancer you are labelled a "bed-blocker". Those troublesome geriatrics expect help when they are too old, weak or confused to look after themselves. What strikes me is the attitude that this use of public funds is a "raid", like a bank raid or a heist. If you gave the same money to an EU bail-out, nobody would call it a raid.  The NHS has got better things to do these days than look after our parents and grandparents.

The Pleasures of "Gay" Cornwall

The beautiful Chymorgan guesthouse in Botallock, Cornwall offers charming views of the coast and the surrounding countryside. Here you can spend a quiet peaceful weekend...provided you are a homosexual. Chymorgan is a "gay"-only guesthouse run by lesbians who don't like men and they don't like heterosexuals. So they ban them in the name of "fairness" and "equality". Get it?

  The rooms are provided with every comfort, including a shotgun in case a man comes into sight from any window. For breakfast at Chymorgan you can enjoy freshly-brewed hate, delicious bigotry and  home-baked intolerance. The prejudice preserves are all home-made by the hostesses, Brigitte and Alixx, and the wonderful three-course dinners are all sourced from local produce, including organic hypocrisy and free-range double standards.
      A male friend of mine rang them up this evening and asked whether he could book a room for the coming weekend. He was told they were fully booked. What about the next weekend? No sorry, we are fully booked then too. Then next weekend. So when were they going to have a vacant room? Sorry, they were fully booked for the whole season, yes, right through until October. What about staying in November then?  Sorry, we can't do November because we are closed then. No we don't take bookings for next year. "Why don't you try another place?" "Why should I go to another place?  I have read your website and I wanted to stay at your place - why won't you take my booking?"  She said 'Sorry, I have to go look after my guests," and hung up.
      Funny because despite being fully-booked they are advertising on the internet. Either they have just been inundated with bookings in a few hours or they are telling porkie-pies. But what is wrong with that? After all, they are only doing what hundreds of other gay-hate (sorry I mean gay-rights) establishments do all over the country quite blatantly every day. Their website says plainly that they are a "LESBIAN guesthouse" for "WOMEN ONLY".  There is a gay-accommodation website for every county in the UK.
    When Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who run Chymorvah, another Cornish guesthouse only a few miles away from Chymorgan, said in 2011 that they did not wish to rent a double bedded room to a homosexual couple, they were prosecuted, fined, made to pay thousands of pounds in legal costs, banned from advertising, and inundated with hate-mail and death threats from homosexuals warning them their house would soon be burnt down. This was not a "hotel" they were running  but a bed and breakfast in their own home. The homosexual complainants got legal aid  - the Bulls did not. Then the gay warriors flooded all the holiday websites with abuse, some of it hysterical and obscene, and one of them nailed a dead rabbit to the Bulls' front door. A similar case in Hampshire was treated in the same way because of the same blatantly biassed laws. The harmless good people running these places found that their business was ruined. They were demonized in the left-wing press. We, the tax-payers had to finance this orgy of bullying because the homosexual complainants were supported by the "Equality and Human Rights" Commission. Yes.
     The two men who brought the prosecution, Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, were told on the Bulls' website that they only rented shared rooms to married couples  - and they were not even in a civil partnership at the time. They could have gone elsewhere  - but they preferred to ruin somebody else's life. Are Hall and Preddy evil, nasty, cruel people? Possibly not  - possibly they are just opportunists who discovered they could make a quick buck by playing the victim card, and grabbing £3,600 of compensation. Undoubtedly they are swept along by the LGBT movement with its grossly immoral, warped agenda. It encouraged them to see themselves as victims and not to look at the bigger picture.
    Can heterosexuals get legal aid to fight the discrimination practised by the gay-only businesses? No, we can't. That's official. That is what the Equality Commission told me when I enquired and they repeated it to my MP. "Equality" means homosexuals getting everything they want and bullying heterosexuals  - apparently.

Peter and Hazelmary Bull, owners of the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Marazion

 Since I wrote this, Mr and Mrs Bull have been driven out of business by this double standard. Sadly, they are having to put their home on the market. What a terrible injustice. Shame on all the MPs who passed these unfair laws  - including Andrew Smith my own MP. Shame on the judges who gave the verdict. 
 And I salute you, Peter and Hazelmary Bull. You are the sort of people who once made Britain great and it will be a very poor country without the likes of you.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Country, 'Tis of Thee

Professor Robert Reich, of the University of California, writes that global corporations have no allegiance to any country and this is why they wriggle out of paying any taxes.

Isn't it equally true that socialists and even liberals have no allegiance to any country? Marxism long ago damned the nation state as evil and proclaimed that socialism was international. Liberals follow at a discreet distance, identifying nationhood with aggressive nationalist warmongering. Reich himself refers to nationhood as "xenophobia". The whole idea of having any loyalty to your country or to society has been totally jettisoned by trendies and lefties. So why should big corporations stick with it?
Reich accuses UKIP of being an extreme right-wing "xenophobic" party. But he produces no evidence from any part of the UKIP manifesto to justify this. I suspect that, like most of the people who churn out that sort of accusation, he has not even read it. If you want to see a strong nationalistic policy, compare Britain to Thailand. In Thailand, foreigners are not allowed to own property. Any business set up or registered there must be at least 51% owned by Thai citizens. State health care, social security and pensions are strictly limited to Thai citizens and nobody else. They see any attempt to muscle in on it as theft, pure and simple. Foreigners who are unemployed, too poor to pay for their medical care or convicted of any crime are just chucked out. I wonder why Professor Reich is not writing a denunciation of Thailand.
Reich argues that by staying in the European Union, we would be stronger and more able to stand up to the big international corporations. If so, it is strange that after nearly forty years membership, no such outcome has transpired. The big corporations find it very useful that we are all in the EU  so they can operate here freely while based in other EU countries such as Ireland or Luxembourg that have lower corporations taxes. If the EU hasn't solved these problems in the last forty years, why believe it can do so now? I suspect that the more these giant firms pay in corporation tax, the fewer people they will employ, and the less they will pay in salaries which generate income tax, and the result would be that they generate fewer jobs, lowering demand for goods and services from other businesses. There are plenty of reasons to deplore and shun Starbucks and the others, but Google does give a lot of people free e-mails and a free search engine  - also the browser I am using now, Google Chrome, which is better than Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera.
    Professor Reich seems to think that allegiance to a nation is a good thing for corporations but a bad thing for everybody else. I don't quite see how that figures. I don't see why massive corporations should get public subsidies, but that is another matter.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Barking Mad

     Of all the hate-mail and death threats I still regularly get, some of the most bizarre messages have come from a person calling himself Lord Maxstead.
Hate mail from LGBT loons is usually characterized by scatological language and pathological aggression. Freakish threats, hysteria and foul language are their norms of behaviour. Lord Maxstead is not foul-mouthed and does not make death threats but his logic is so tangled that it continues to amaze me. He deserves some sort of award for utter twaddle. He sent me an E-mail in which he argued for redefining marriage by saying, "My relationship is just as good as yours! It deserves to be recognized as equal!"
       No kidding.
       It's a bit like writing to someone with a dog and saying that your cat is "just as good" as their dog (which you have never seen) and therefore the cat should be allowed to compete at Crufts. Why not hamsters as well? Why shouldn't hamsters enter for the Grand National because they're "just as good as " a horse? To a logical person, the fact is that a cat and a dog are different. People never use cats for guarding their house or rounding up sheep and dogs are no good at catching small birds.
      Since I have never met Lord Maxstead (be grateful for small mercies) I haven't got any opinion about his "relationship", and I wonder how he imagines he can have any opinion on mine. How does he know I have got one at all? How does he know I haven't got an address-book full of toy-boys who meet me at country hotels for weekends now and then? How does he know that I am not a single person, widow, celibate or nun? Such logical factors do not bother him.
      There is only one thing very clear about Lord Maxstead and his "relationship"  - that it is with another male. In that respect, it is plainly, and significantly different from a heterosexual relationship. Whether it is a good relationship is anybody's guess. People can hate each other and fight but still be married ... that is why they need from time to time to get divorced. People can have a good relationship and not be married....that is why in those circumstances they often get married. You actually have to be unmarried, to get married.
       Lord Maxstead's message reveals a kind of naive vanity that makes one squirm. It is shallow and silly. He simply does not understand what marriage is. Marriage is not some sort of display, to show off to your friends what a super relationship you have got. "My relationship is as good as yours...." sounds awfully similar to "My penis is as big as yours..." or "My dress is just as expensive as yours...."  Marriage is not an exercise in vanity. It is a matter of biological mating and a pledge of fidelity - two essential things, both missing from the same-sex so-called "marriage" contract now going through parliament.
      There will be many forms of grave harm to society if this nonsense law is allowed to go through. One of them is the farming of children for sale to rich homosexual couples, a shameful procedure not seen since the days of slavery. Another is the erosion of our understanding of marriage as a faithful, monogamous commitment. All of this arises because of bad logic  - it is the result of ignorance, bad education, illiteracy and lack of clarity of thought.
      It is estimated that the so-called "bedroom tax" will cut the UK government's spending on housing benefit by £500 million. At the same time, the government is going to spend £5 BILLION on re-writing all the legislation relating to marriage just to suit the vanity of a handful of deranged homosexuals. Yes that is correct  - ten times as much money going on the "gay" marriage idiocy. Same-sex "marriage" is costing people such as Mrs Stephanie Botrill their homes, and driving them to suicide. The LGBT movement is snatching the money that  rightfully belongs to the 98% majority of the population. It is causing hardship and cuts, cruelty and injustice. Without "gay" marriage thousands of people such as Stephanie Botrill could stay in their homes. Without the waste and extravagance of "gay" marriage, thousands of disabled and sick people would not be having their benefit payments taken away from them. Those cuts too are driving people to suicide.
      The "gay" marriage folly is causing harm and suffering to the 98% majority in this country, and it will cause harm and suffering wherever its nonsense is imposed.

"In a time of universal deceit, to tell the truth is a revolutionary act." (George Orwell).

Documentary about surrogate birth industry in India. Homosexuals pay to breed kids like animals.

Article about children in Vietnam and children from SSM.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Labour Dragged Migrants In says Mandelson

If ever anybody had "something of the night" about them it has to be Peter Mandelson, the most successful crook of our time. He thinks he is a hero  - remember how he boasted about his "inner steel"? Mandelson must take much of the blame for getting the appallingly incompetent Blair-Brown government elected, with all the disasters that followed.
      Ed Rubberband is now making one of his regular U-turns, trying to woo voters by saying that Labout got it wrong on uncontrolled immigration. Meanwhile Mandelson is following the trend for public confession by spouting on about how the Blair government "sent out search parties" to find and drag in all the foreign immigrants they could.
Can somebody explain to me how bringing in non-unionized workers who are willing to work for low wages without security, safety inspections or pension schemes, can be in the interest of the working class here? How exactly does it make it easier for those already unemployed here to find work? Are they expected to emigrate to the Ukraine or Bulgaria, which are of course prosperous paradises because they have long been communist?
     Mandelson says that they wanted to "rub British noses in diversity". I wonder how many of the Eastern European arrivals are Roman Catholics who have a deep dislike of socialism. When Mandelson went partying on yachts among the EU elite he did not meet the grass roots and he has little idea of what they are really like.
     A few days ago Stephanie Botrill, a grandmother in Solihull, West Midlands, committed suicide because of benefit cuts here that meant she was being pushed out of her home. She had an auto-immune disease that made it harder for her to work as she was in frequent pain. A mass influx of cheap labour did not help people like her to get jobs or to earn the extra £20 per week that would have enabled her to pay her OWN rent and stay in her home, with her network of friends. Mrs Botrill walked under a lorry.
    Peter Mandelson does not have to worry about being kicked out of his home (the one for which he got a mortgage from a close political colleague - remember?) To Mandy with his millions and his vast EU pension the whole situation is academic.

Labour sent out ‘search parties’ for immigrants to get them to come to the UK, Lord Mandelson has admitted.
In a stunning confirmation that the Blair and Brown governments deliberately engineered mass immigration, the former Cabinet Minister and spin doctor said New Labour sought out foreign workers.
He also conceded that the influx of arrivals meant the party’s traditional supporters are now unable to find work.
By contrast, Labour leader Ed Miliband has said his party got it wrong on immigration but has refused to admit it was too high under Labour.
Between 1997 and 2010, net migration to Britain totalled more than 2.2million, more than twice the population of Birmingham.
The annual net figure quadrupled under Labour from 48,000 people in 1997 to 198,000 by 2009.
Lord Mandelson’s remarks come three years after Labour officials denied claims by former adviser Andrew Neather that they deliberately encouraged immigration in order to change the make-up of Britain.
Mr Neather said the policy was designed to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’. 
He said there was ‘a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural’.
Senior Labour figures have been reluctant to concede they deliberately engineered the influx of migrants who have transformed communities over the past decade.
But, at a rally for the Blairite think-tank Progress, Lord Mandelson said: ‘In 2004 when as a Labour government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them, in some cases, to take up work in this country.’
He said: ‘The problem has grown during the period of economic stagnation over the last five, six years.’

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Abu-Cadabra! How to Make a Terrorist Vanish

What a remarkable coincidence. The Coalition government gets a disastrous local election result and one week later Mr Abu Qatada, the impudent hate preacher and enemy of this country, decides "voluntarily" to leave.
After so many years of struggle, so many court hearings and appeals, so many Yuman Rights decisions that have humiliated this country and made Home Secretary Theresa May look weak and idiotic, Mr Omar Othman ( to give him his real name) has had a change of heart. He has of his own volition decided to go back to Jordan and remain there. How strange. Am I the only person who suspects that a large bribe must be the reason he has finally agreed to go? I rather imagine that on his return to Jordan Mr Qatada will not be living in poverty or looking for paid work. Somebody will have passed him a nice lump sum  - at least ten million  - which will be stashed in a secret numbered bank account. And that somebody is somebody very, very concerned about last week's proof of the rise of UKIP.
      For twenty years this nasty, aggressive man has leeched off Britain and taken full advantage of the soft-touch system socialists put in place. An open terrorist and jihadist, who despises the West and encourages its over throw by violent means, he lives on our state benefits and exploits the "Human Rights" tosh imposed on us by foreign courts as a price of belonging to the EU (as if that wasn't bad enough in itself). When he first came to this country in 1993, on a forged passport, he already had five children. Then he revealed himself to be a radical jihadist and started to advocate violence. In 1995 he issued a "fatwa" calling for all those who left Islam to be killed, along with their wives and children. Yuman Rights, you see. In 1995 he was convicted on terrorist charges in Jordan but simply refused to leave the UK. He went on openly preaching hate and violence including the murder of Jews. He also ran a fund-raising campaign to aid jihadists in Chechnya, keeping at one time £170,000 cash in his house so as to avoid income tax, company tax, or any other inconvenient tax.
      For twenty years, he and his polygamous family have lived in an £800,000 four-bedroom house in West London entirely at the expense of the tax-payer. No under-occupancy rules for him! They claim thousands of pounds per month in benefits, do no work and pay nothing in tax. Qatada has also cost us millions in legal aid fees. He employs a QC on his behalf to defy and deride our common laws, and has a security guard at the public's expense. No wonder he can afford seventeen mobile phones!
    Anybody who raises any objection is sneered at by soggy-brained socialists as a "Daily Mail reader". Yes, the lefties really believe that the Daily Mail invented Abu Qatada, and all his family, along with Abu Hamza, benefit fraud, fake asylum-seekers, health tourism, the euro-crisis and the riots in Greece, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. All inventions, all non-existent...
    In 2009 Qatada humiliated the British government yet again by getting a compensation award for wrongful imprisonment. The ECHR tells us that holding this poor little man with his yard-long beard in prison is a breach of his "Yuman Rights" for gawd's sake.....
    And now, days after their bad election results scared the Tories, somehow Mr Othman has chosen to return to Jordan of his own free volition? Pull the other one, it's got bells on it. This deal has got money in it somewhere and when Abu-Qatada finally does climb on a plane out of here, he will be flying First Class and going back to a champagne lifestyle, not a gaol.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Labour's "total inability to govern".

Tristram Hunt, Labour MP for Stoke on Trent, gave us all a warning on BBC Question Time yesterday about trusting any other political party to rule Britain.
The subject of UKIP's rise in the share of votes at Thursday's election was always going to be hard to avoid. So Mr Hunt compared UKIP to Italy's newly-emergent Five Star party, which is now in the ruling coalition. "When they get into power," he said, trying to sound aloof and condescending, "what happens is that they just display a total inability to govern."
      He said that without a trace of irony.
Clearly he has forgotten that he is a member of the Labour party, whose 13 years in power from 1997 to 2010 were the best example anywhere in history of "total inability to govern". Labour found the country in still reasonable shape and left it in tatters. The Blair-Brown government was a complete disaster. Tony WMD Blair spent billions on two wars that have achieved nothing except slaughter, ruin, shameful atrocities, war crimes and the replacement of one bad government with another. Oh that's not quite true  - one other thing they achieved was a rather prolonged enquiry into why or whether a certain scientist cut his wrists under a tree in the woods.
     They are such lovely funerals, we still have them here quite often in Oxfordshire, with the flag over the coffin and all that. Thanks, Tony!
     Blair deluded himself that he was bringing democracy to other parts of the world. Meanwhile Blair threw away democracy in this country as fast as he could. He introduced detention without charge, for up to 90 days, which is an attack on basic civil liberties. For thirteen years, he signed away more and more powers to the EU and let our companies struggle under the burden of more and more regulations. Blair smiled at the EU mandarins ingratiatingly, showed off his schoolboy French and he even handed back some of the rebate so painstakingly obtained by Margaret Thatcher.
              Gordon Brown signing away our rights in the Lisbon Treaty.

        Brown as chancellor had a decade to do something to regulate the banks and the city. Look what a good job he made of it. Massive crashes and extortionate bail-outs leaving us in debt for fifty years to come  - maybe forever. Brown was very happy to ask no questions of Fred Goodwin and co so long as the wheels kept turning and the tax kept rolling in, so that he could spend it.  Labour set up an online system for people to claim benefits more easily and conveniently. So easily and conveniently that within a year, hundreds of millions of pounds had been swindled out of the treasury. All people had to do was to set up multiple, fake identities with a bank account and then sit back and rake the money in.
     Those who read Private Eye will recall the interminable scandal of the NHS computer system, that cost the tax-payer so many tens of millions of pounds, and could never, ever be made to work properly. The fact that it interpreted everybody's birthdate in the American order (month, day, year) led to thousands of patients being mixed up and then denied treatment when they arrived at appointments. My own records were lost for over a year because of this date of birth glitch. All this happened under Labour.
    Has Mr Hunt forgotten Brown's gaff over the 10p tax band? I never will. It was a policy that he sprang apparently without any prior scrutiny. Then he was surprised when those on lower incomes protested at having to pay more.
    The triumphant finale of the Labour government was the expenses scandal. A government led by the likes of "Lord" Mandelson (twice removed from office for his own shenanigans) presided over one of the greediest bunch of crooks ever to sit in the House of Commons. While crime soared and educational standards plummeted, they filled in forms claiming extra money for refurbishing their holiday homes.
     When it comes to "total inability to govern" Labour holds all the Olympic medals. Mr Hunt's smugness suggests that he is completely out of touch.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Discrimination and Equality

I have just written the following letter to my MP Andrew Smith, asking him to pass my query to Maria Miller. the Minister for Women and so-called Equalities. I have circulated it to friends suggesting that they wrote to their MPs likewise, and I have passed it over to the conservative MP David Burrowes too. We will see what their response is.

Justice? Fairness? Doesn't look fair or equal to me.

Dear Andrew,
   I would like to you to send this complaint to the Minister for
Women and Equality. It seems that there are a number of bed and
breakfast businesses registered in the UK that only take women and
lesbian couples. They advertise this quite openly, in fact there are
websites of so-called "gay accommodation"

This is a form of discrimination that is particularly offensive in
view of the extreme penalties that have been recently handed out to B
& Bs that did not want to rent a double-bedded room to a same-sex
This double standard is offensive. The B & B run by Mr and Mrs Bull in
Cornwall has been bankrupted because it is now excluded from lists of
accommodation. They were forced to pay compensation and high legal
fees which they could not afford. They are not permitted to advertise
unless they take homosexuals, and there was similar case in Hampshire.
Yet the homosexuals blatantly practice discrimination and exclusion.
         I want the law to be applied equally in all cases and any
business that tries to limit itself to homosexuals  - whether it is a
club, a hotel, a website, a holiday company, or anything else  - must
be fined, penalized and if it will not cater for open heterosexuals,
closed down.
         Please send this letter to the Minister, Maria Miller.
                           Yours sincerely,
                                           Julia Gasper.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Stephen Fry Talks "Gay" Bullshit

When will the self-important, conceited Stephen Fry learn to shut up? He thinks he is the world expert on everything, including, it seems, women's sexuality. Funny, I thought he was homosexual...well he is, but he still thinks he can pontificate about women he has never met and who would rather die than go to bed with such a fat, crooked-nosed twit.
In an interview with Paul Flynn, Fry announced that women don't really enjoy sex. Oh, really? Since when? Fry argued that women can't enjoy sex because we don't go cruising around Hampstead Heath or public lavatories looking for casual encounters with strangers, as he and his "gay" friends apparently do. He even went so far as to say that women in relationships only participate in sex because it is the price of getting a man to hang around with.
       This guy is seriously stupid and completely cuckoo. He really cannot imagine any other kind of sexual taste, temperament or behaviour apart from that of his chums and buddies. He thinks that women are strange because we are not as emotionally stunted, defective in bonding instinct and lacking in human sensitivity as he is. He has no idea of the feminine mindset, or of the natural link-up between emotional and physical intimacy. 
     Fry was apparently under the impression that his ravings are witty. He has nearly two million followers on Twitter and hosts far too many television programmes. He presides unctuously over his QI show, smug and always very pleased with himself, making gross jokes that often have a connection with the digestive tract. We are all forced to pay the television license fee that keeps this man in a job. He regularly boasts about how he was jailed as a teenager for credit card theft. He even drones on in public about the fact that he is mentally ill - hardly necessary as I had already noticed.
 It is high time this overpaid, overweight, overrated clown retired.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Voice for Justice Conference on Fighting Sexual Exploitation

We will start with a large number and a small one.
The large number is 27 million. That is the number of people still held in slavery in the world, most of them in Muslim countries. The small number is 120. That is how many people bothered to attend the Voice for Justice UK Conference on fighting human trafficking, held at St Aldates Church, Oxford on Saturday 13th April. Most of the established churches ignored it. Luckily most of the papers given by leading professionals who are researching these topics, can still be accessed on the internet.
Children in UK schools are taught that slavery was abolished two hundred years ago. Wrong. In fact there are now more people globally in slavery than at any other time in history. In America this year two women sex-slaves were rescued from the home of a Saudi-Arabian diplomat. The mainstream media ignored it.
Slavery is alive and well and it is flourishing here in the UK. At least there are organizations trying to combat it. Ben Cooley, CEO of the anti-trafficking charity Hope for Justice, spoke at the conference about human trafficking going on in England today. He described horrifying cases of people of all ages and sexes brought in to this country illegally to work as slaves and prostitutes. Without a doubt the EU's open borders policy has made this far easier. Teenage girls were imported in large numbers last year to feed the demand for prostitutes from the tourists who came here for the Olympics. Some of the victims of sex trafficking are children, of both sexes. They are trapped in prostitution because they have no passports, usually cannot speak the language and are terrified of their pimps. A gang from Romania brought in an adult man, a qualified electrician, promising him work. When he got here, smuggled in the back of a van, his passport was taken away and he was made to sleep on the floor of a shed, with no heating. He got no wages, only his basic food. When he tried to run away, his captors subjected him to horrific beating and homosexual assault.
   The papers given related to each other, revealing that human trafficking is interlinked with prostitution (which I am not going to call "the sex industry") and with pornography. Many trafficking victims are used to make pornographic images and videos, for profit, and this sort of material generates more demand for prostitutes. Who are their customers? Men we know, men who are our friends, our fathers, husbands, brothers, sons and colleagues. Pornography teaches them that it is normal to abuse women and that there is no such thing as vice or perversion. Well that is not true! Dr Lisa Nolland talked about how school sex education lessons aggravate the problem. Instead of teaching good moral values, they have been hi-jacked into teaching perversion and grossly anti-moral attitudes. Things that would twenty years ago have been regarded as hard-core porn are now pushed at 12-year-olds in their "health and social education" lessons as normal. The genuine health risks are not mentioned. No wonder there is an epidemic of sexually-transmitted and sex-related disease in this country, most of it in the 14-21 age group. This is one legacy of our Blair-Brown government, which did so much long-term harm in so many ways. One thing parents can do is to vote for an "opt-in" policy on internet pornography, so that there is a default filter. Write to your MP and tell them that this ought to be implemented.
     There is a government committee that is supposed to be enquiring into the issue of human trafficking. One of these MPs, Michael Connarty, attended the conference and dismissed Lisa Nolland's research as "right-wing propaganda". With such a closed mind, he is not much use on the committee.
    The media too often give a glamourized, reassuring picture of prostitution. Films show girls going with rich, considerate customers to plushy hotels and being highly paid, even treated as human. The reality is that girls are appallingly exploited, raped multiple times a day, and often so psychologically damaged that they need long-term counselling if they escape. Towards the end of the conference, a woman gave some glimmer of hope, when she said that she herself had been a victim and had left the life of prostitution, married and settled down. She had now recovered her self-esteem.
   This issue deserved the attention of a lot more than 120 people. I hope lots more go to the site and read the papers.

A few hours after I wrote this the news emerged of three women in Cleveland, Ohio, found after ten or more years' as "missing". They had been abducted and held in captivity as sex slaves in a suburban house by three brothers. They had spent more than a decade being tied up and raped, two of them kept in chains in the basement. The Guardian report does not use the words sex-slaves, rape or perversion. But then it wouldn't would it?

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Not A Bad Day's Work

Dentists all over the country are going to have a hard time repairing the damage, as members of all other political parties gnash their teeth over the results of the County Council Elections. You could hear the noise late into Friday night...
England now has 149 UKIP County Councillors. That means people who have got the common sense to stop financing gross extravagance and waste at Brussels while making painful cuts and running up debts here. People who know that it is crazy to go on pouring £53 million per day into an organization that has not had its accounts signed off for seventeen years  - or is it eighteen years now?! That is the entire lifetime of some of our young candidates. The costs of the EU are not only our statutory contribution to the annual budget but also the costs of bail-outs, hefty fines and the lost business caused by company regulation. We are taxing ourselves to death while throwing good money after bad. And that's on a scale of tens of billions.
The way that money disappears in the EU is phenomenal. There is a huge black hole, billions, in the carbon trading figures and it is proven fact that the Mafia has been raking in profits from the wind farm subsidy system. France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece are all regretting that they went into the single currency. To prop up the euro they are deadlocked into a policy of austerity. Children in Greece are suffering from malnutrition, yes malnutrition, because of the stupidity of politicians like Barroso and Neil Kinnock.
A friend of mine got ill in Spain shortly after Christmas and was sent back to the UK for hospital treatment. What about all those state-of-the art hospitals in Spain, built with EU money? They can't afford to switch the lights on.
         Across the country UKIP got about 24% of the vote in yesterday's elections. It was difficult for the press to find anything else to talk about. How painful they must have found it. I have seen sullen stares of anger from certain people in the past 24 hours and I imagine there are going to be crisis conferences behind closed doors.
         One thing is for sure. The tactic the LibLabCon have been using against UKIP for the past few years has failed. They have smeared us with the most malicious, grubby and vitriolic smears their twisted little minds could produce  - and it has not worked. The LibLabCon fought a dirty campaign, trawling through hundreds of Facebook pages and trying to make a scandal out of a few words hacked, leaked, twisted or invented here or there. They made out that every UKIP candidate was a racist, a Nazi, an ignorant, illiterate clown, or an evil monster from a horror movie. They even smeared Godfrey Bloom and it would be hard to find a more likeable man. He was presented by leftie  journalists in lurid terms. The word "rant" was never far from their lips...
        Well, it has failed. For every nasty vicious smear they have circulated about us, we seem to have got a hundred new voters, drawn from that quiet, grey, busy, ordinary sector of the population who are not followers of Saul Alinsky...the people doing most of the real work. Thank God for normality. With this sort of swing in the voting pattern, it is possible that Britain still has a future as a strong, healthy self-governing nation.