Friday, 12 April 2013

So I'm Traditional Working Class

I've always wondered what class I am and now thanks to the BBC's social class calculator, courtesy of the Guardian, I have discovered that I am Traditional Working Class.
Funny, I told them I liked opera but I suppose they thought I meant the browser.

How would you work out somebody's "class" ?

Do you live in a stately home?  a Yes. b No. c. Yes I'm the housemaid.
Do you drive ...a Range Rover   b Hatchback   c Bicycle   d Certainly not, the chauffeur does that
What do you do with your old clothes? a Throw them away  b Give them to a charity shop c Wear them.
Was your jewellry a Inherited  b purchased c stolen?
Do you spend your weekend going to - a: football matches   b: shooting parties in the Highlands  c the Co-op and the local recycling bargain store?
Do you drink  a: whisky   b wine    c beer or cider in bumper packs of cans from the supermarket?
What is your level of education? a. Degree or higher. b A-levels or professional qualification. C I read the Guardian.
Answers on a postcard please.

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