Friday, 5 April 2013

National Curriculum - What should Schools Teach?

So British schoolteachers have passed a vote of no confidence in Michael Gove. I'm not surprised, that man is a mess. He is so wet you could do your week's laundry in him.
Nevertheless, the bulk of the blame for Britain's falling educational standards must fall on Labour. It is only now in retrospect that the true extent of the failure of the Blair-Brown government in education is becoming apparent.
According to the National Literacy Trust, there are 5.2 million illiterate adults in England alone and 7 million in the UK. SEVEN MILLION. Yes, seven million and those figures are not going down, they are getting worse. Imagine having to have a charity in the UK that encourages literacy. Yet that is exactly what the National Literacy Trust is  - a charity that provides extra classes and opportunities for those who have left school illiterate to try to catch up. It is a complete indictment of our educational system and of the comprehensive schools in particular, because almost all of those people have been to comprehensive schools. Holding other pupils back did not enable them to achieve more.
The figures on numeracy are almost as bad. UK children are under-achieving in Maths compared to children in other European and Far-Eastern countries. As for the study of foreign languages, it has slumped to an all-time low. When the requirement for one foreign language was dropped from the core curriculum under Labour, many schools cut the staff in their language departments and there is no prospect of restoring them in the near future. Isn't the EU a wonderful thing? Sixty years ago British children were taught Latin, French and German but now we are "part of Europe" they haven't got a clue, and many can't even read or write English. Without decent standards of literacy and numeracy no wonder they cannot excel in history, geography or science.
        Under Labour, schools neglected everything except political correctness. Children have been taught ideology, yet they are illiterate. They have had the religion of global warming drummed into them so that anyone who questions it is labelled a "denier". They have all done projects on global warming, set up by people who were telling us fifteen years ago that we would never see snow again. Well, we've seen enough of it this year to last me a long time.
       Children today are taught history with a huge anti-colonialist bias. This can go too far. They have been indoctrinated to think that slavery was invented by white people in Europe and inflicted only on black people who were taken to America. They honestly don't know that slavery has been going on for thousands of years on every continent and is still persisting today  - particularly in Africa and the Middle East. Feminism has of course been stressed to such an extent that many psychologists think that boys have been damaged. They feel guilty and lack confidence in their identity. Perhaps worst of all, children have been indoctrinated to believe in "homophobia" and regard this as a terrible crime. Any hint of "homophobia" must be reported to the teachers and suitable punishment meted out. Yet it is a non-existent, fake term. Teachers today have to put children as young as five on a "hate-register" for calling a pair of shoes "gay". The records are kept indefinitely. The results are very like the results of brainwashing in communist countries, where children were trained to spy on their parents and other adults and report them to the authorities for any "incorrect" opinions.
     Without a doubt, illiteracy has helped in this ideological indoctrination. Our young people are ignorant, that is why they can be taught to believe any rubbish and accept any pseudo-science.  They just don't read and they haven't got the faintest idea what real education means.
       Let's cut the ideology out of our school curriculum and replace it with literacy and numeracy. It's only common sense.

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