Monday, 29 April 2013

We Have Fallen from a Great Height

Britain used to be a nation of tough, disciplined, public-spirited people with high moral standards and a work ethic. Most of those words now sound as if they come from a foreign language.
"Duty" has been replaced by "rights". "Rights" means demanding a soft, easy, lazy, decadent lifestyle with no responsibilities, duties or morals.
  Result: we are a weak country and people can walk all over us.
The obituary of Ted Doyle, a WW2 battle hero who died last week aged 90 tells us a lot about how far Britain has fallen from its former greatness.
Ted who won a Military Medal in Italy in 1944 for single-handedly saving his section from an enemy assault, came from a very humble background.  Was he socially excluded? Not in his own eyes.
"Douglas Edward Doyle was born on Christmas Eve 1922 at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, one of 11 children whose father had served with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Gallipoli and was gassed and wounded on the Western Front. The family was poor, and often relied on the Salvation Army for food. On Sundays, Ted would rise early to accompany his father and brother to steal vegetables from nearby fields. He was only 11 when he started work, and gave his wage to his mother, keeping one penny a week for pocket money."
Contrast that with the life of the modern teenager. Ted had no luxuries, no foreign holidays, no television, no internet, no government grant, no money for drink or drugs, no sex with girls who are given the contraceptive pill by teachers at school. Just work. Hard work. If it hadn't been for the War he would probably never have gone abroad.
Ted was employed as an ironworks scrap cutter when he signed up with his father's regiment, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in June 1940. After transferring to the Royal Fusiliers he was posted to Algiers, then he took part in the battle of Monte Cassino. His worst experiences were yet to come.
"On the night of August 1/2 the 2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers was advancing towards a low ridge near Strada, a town on the still strongly held Gothic Line. The Fusiliers had to approach along a road that had been heavily mined and came under machine-gun, mortar and artillery fire.
Doyle was in the leading section of the platoon in the company at the head of the advance when, at about 11pm, it came under fire from a light machine gun. This was immediately followed by intense small arms fire from the flanks, making it possible for seven or eight of the enemy to rush Doyle’s section of 11 men. It was he who first saw the Germans coming. Although the bright moonlight made him an easy target, Doyle remained alone in the open, firing his Bren gun from his hip. He repelled the enemy attack, killing or wounding at least five. According to the citation for his Military Medal, it was his coolness, initiative and courage that allowed his section to be extricated and rejoin the remainder of the platoon."
   Self-sacrifice, courage, nobility ...when did we lose them? Where did they go? The men of Ted Doyle's generation really had something to be proud about  - and they never boasted.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Socialists Embarrassed About Dawkins

I have just read the worst sentence it is possible to write in English, and it was of course in The Guardian.
"This doesn't make him [Prof Richard Dawkins] unusually hypocritical. It just means that he thinks the same way as people who believe stories that are differently ridiculous to his –"

Differently ridiculous? Please. Even if you don't know that things are different FROM, not different TO, others things, you could at least shun the atrocity of applying an adverb to an adjective. But to suppose awareness of all that would be to pre-suppose the article, or the whole newspaper, was written by educated people.
It's the Grauniad, so what would you expect? The tangled grammar and the tangled logic go hand in hand. When Western writers expose harrowing oppression and shocking injustice in America, that's fine, but when Asian writers expose ditto in an Asian, worst of all a Muslim, country, they are denounced by pickle-headed lefties worrying about "Orientalism". They are desperate to be PC and find a female Muslim author to applaud, but when by writing at all she proves she is too assertive for her culture, they are in a fix. How dare they criticise those cultures and thereby justify the invasion of Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and the French burka ban?
It must be so awful to be a leftie and fraught with contradictions like that.
         Now Guardianistas are getting angry with Richard Dawkins because he doesn't believe in winged horses taking people up to heaven. They never get angry with him or other God-bashers for ridiculing Christian myths and miracles. Dawkins is not a very sophisticated interpreter of ancient texts, such as the Bible. Trained as a scientist, he simply lacks the necessary linguistic and critical skills. Nevertheless he is entitled to his opinions. When a winged horse turns up to argue with him, that would merit a page in a national newspaper, but calling him rude certainly does not. Every single day of the week, leftie God-bashers use all the most contemptuous terms they can dredge up for Christians and Jews  - "Zionists", "fundamentalists", "Red-necks", "Bible-belt right-wing extremists"  - but they still insist that to disbelieve in a winged horse is racist, insensitive and embarrassing. What they suffer from is a kind of cultural masochism, an insistence that everything Western must be talked down, rubbished and discarded.
        Every day the Guardian publishes outrageous lies about UKIP and its members. Most of these have absolutely no basis in evidence whatsoever. They are just made up. The left-wing press invents tittle-tattle and then copies it from one place to another like one of those dire chain letters. Now that the County Council elections are approaching and the UKIP ratings in the polls are notably higher than ever before, the lefties are getting desperate. They are resorting to new smear campaigns and some of these even involve hacking and impersonation. I have no doubt at all that this is what happened in the case of Anne-Marie Crampton. Over the past few months, a survey carried out for the party found dozens of fake profiles and duplicated identities masquerading as UKIP pages or members on Facebook and the Internet. When the identities are not false, the lefties are adept at twisting, misquoting and misrepresenting what anyone has actually said. They take pride in this. "Jack and Jill went up the hill" would appear in the socialist press as "Jack called Jill a dirty n---er and Jill called Jack a filthy qu--r. These sick rants were reported to the police who arrested them both for hate speech."
       One minute the left-wingers are accusing UKIP of being "Zionist" and the next minute they are accusing it of being "anti-semitic"  - unaware that we have actually got one Jewish MEP. Currently the Guardian is repeating the tired old allegation that there are links between UKIP and the BNP. Actually the BNP is a socialist party and nobody who has ever belonged to it is admitted into UKIP.
 They really can't make sense, can they?
           Can't the Guardian be differently ridiculous for a change?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Israeli Sources Claim Boston Bomber was Al-Qaeda

According to Israeli intelligence sources, the name of the Boston
bomber is  Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi and he is a member of Al-Qaeda. 

Well we will see, won't we?

Suspicion is redoubled by the fact that the type of bomb used was one that Al-Qaeda has used for years and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has known about their use by terrorists since at least 2004.

“The pressurized cooker is the most effective method,” said an article in the first issue of al-Qaida’s magazine, Inspire, published in July 2010.

The English-language magazine is published online, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

“Glue shrapnel to the inside of the pressurized cooker then fill the cooker with inflammable material,” the article said. A small light bulb can be used as a detonator, according to the al-Qaida article.

The report continued: “Place the device in a crowded area. Camouflage the device with something that would not hinder the shrapnel such as cardboard.”

“You need to also include shrapnel,” the article said, according to the Free Beacon. “The best shrapnel are the spherical shaped ones.”

Also, “sniffing dogs are not trained to recognize them as bomb-making ingredients,” the article said.

“In one or two days the bomb could be ready to kill at least 10 people,” the article said. “In a month you may make a bigger and more lethal bomb that could kill tens of people.”

But don't let's permit any islamophobia to creep in here.

Friday, 12 April 2013

So I'm Traditional Working Class

I've always wondered what class I am and now thanks to the BBC's social class calculator, courtesy of the Guardian, I have discovered that I am Traditional Working Class.
Funny, I told them I liked opera but I suppose they thought I meant the browser.

How would you work out somebody's "class" ?

Do you live in a stately home?  a Yes. b No. c. Yes I'm the housemaid.
Do you drive ...a Range Rover   b Hatchback   c Bicycle   d Certainly not, the chauffeur does that
What do you do with your old clothes? a Throw them away  b Give them to a charity shop c Wear them.
Was your jewellry a Inherited  b purchased c stolen?
Do you spend your weekend going to - a: football matches   b: shooting parties in the Highlands  c the Co-op and the local recycling bargain store?
Do you drink  a: whisky   b wine    c beer or cider in bumper packs of cans from the supermarket?
What is your level of education? a. Degree or higher. b A-levels or professional qualification. C I read the Guardian.
Answers on a postcard please.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mrs Thatcher Gave Us Nasty Medicine

George Galloway outdid himself in uncouth loutishness by commenting on the death of Margaret Thatcher : "Tramp down the dirt."
Notice the sexist sub-text there - "tramp" is an insulting world for a woman, a synonym for "slut" and many other sexist terms were applied to Mrs Thatcher in her time. B**ch, c**t, the whole lot.
I never voted for Mrs Thatcher and I never liked her style, but I was younger and more ignorant then. Having grown up in a world where there were strikes and bombings on the news every week, I regarded that as normal. I did not realize that Britain, once a world power, was going downhill faster than a snowball on skis.
To understand Mrs Thatcher's career . and her historical importance  - which is immense  - you have to realize that the Labour movement in Britain had already failed when she was elected in 1979. Of course you can't expect Labour supporters to admit that, but it is true. The Labour movement had broken down completely, as large and powerful unions defied the decisions of a series of Labour Prime ministers. Jim Callaghan could not handle the unions that were reducing the country to chaos any more than Edward Heath could do. They were both ineffectual. The country was in a state of dysfunction, torn by incessant strikes and crippled by inflation. When Thatcher came to power, inflation was running at more than 20% and the cycle of inflation-strike-inflation was spiralling out of control.
        The Labour movement had got to a point when union bosses would not obey an elected Labour leader, so there were only two alternatives: either a takeover of the country by those union bosses, or an assertion of power by the elected government that would break the power of the unions. Sad indeed, when the unions had once fought to improve the life and conditions of the really poor, exploited masses. They had, but that was 1909, not 1979. A lot had changed in those 70 years.
        It is often said that Mrs Thatcher did not have the votes of more than 50% of the electorate. Actually, no British government since World War 2 has had the votes of more than 50% of the electorate. All of them have been voted in using the FPP system, and those who object should not have recognized Tony WMD Blair as PM either.
         Mrs Thatcher did not cure all the ills of Britain and she did not always make the right decision. However, there is no doubt that she has been demonized unjustly by the socialists who are bad losers. They blame her for shutting down the coal mines. In fact, Harold Wilson came to power with a coal industry employing 590,00 and making huge losses. He started the programme of pit closures and he shut down 93 pits in total. He was closing a pit a week at one point. Mrs Thatcher inherited an industry employing just under 200,000 which was eating up tax-payers' money in subsidies. She closed 22 pits. The industry was already dead.  Ten years after the tragic and bitter miners' strike of 1984, very few of the men who took part in it said that they would want to go back down a mine.
          Crushing the unions was not a nice thing to have to do and I would not like to have to carry out such a programme personally. But here are two personal memories of what was going on in the 1970s:
"My uncle was an apprentice engineer at Rootes /British Leyland at Linwood, he caused a walk out one Friday afternoon when on the final check over of a particular car he noticed an indicator bulb was defective... He changed it and caused the electricians to take the hump and walk out on strike which closed the plant for the day. That was the craziness of the time which Thatcher seems to be blamed for by left wing idiots."
"My Grandad worked at a factory where a development meant wood had to be attached to metal. The metal-workers union and the wood-workers union each went on strike claiming it was not their responsibility to work with the other material. Thatcher gave British industry a chance. The Unions killed it."

    Mrs Thatcher was respected around the world and she made Britain respected again for a short time, perhaps the last time. Undoubtedly she was the greatest leader that Russia had in the 20th century and millions of people in Eastern Europe regard her as a heroine who stood up for their rights. Mikhael Gorbachev has commented on her death, "Margaret Thatcher was “a great politician and an exceptional person who helped end the Cold War." The programme of multi-lateral nuclear disarmament that NATO and the USSR carried out in her time was a genuine step forward for peace in the world. Lady Ashton never got one nuclear weapon scrapped. Lady Thatcher, arguing from a position of toughness and strength, did. During the Reagan-Thatcher era, while left-wingers sneered and jeered, the capitalist economy produced the whole computer revolution. Desktop PCs, software for businesses, schools and social media. Mobile phones, CDs and all those things that revitalized the economy were not invented or marketed successfully under a socialist system run by the likes of Arthur Scargill or Lenin.
   Margaret Thatcher also provided a generation of girls with an inspiring role-model, proving that women could go all the way to the top if they concentrated on doing their job, not on being sexy or popular (as the magazine culture teaches girls to be).
    Without a doubt, Mrs Thatcher was ousted from the leadership by her own party because of her euro-scepticism. She made a speech at Bruges pointing out the dangers of creeping euro-federalism and within a few months the Brussels bootlickers had organized a leadership coup.
     So  - two cheers for Mrs Thatcher and a big boo for all those who haven't got the courtesy to say one good thing about this remarkable woman even at her death.

NB A friend tells me this:  The Left loved to call Mrs Thatcher the "milk snatcher". The Labour government withdrew school milk from 11-18 year-olds in 1968. When the Heath government followed this by withdrawing it from 7-10 year olds the left reacted with rage. Yet we know that without Thatcher's protest it would have been taken away from the 5-7 year olds as well.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Health and Safety

Let's ban everything that poses a danger to our environment!
Wait a moment  - is that really essential?
A student, taking part in a science fair, wanted to show how conditioned people have become to believing the worst about trends in our environment. In his project he urged people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total elimination of a certain common chemical. And for plenty of good reasons:

1. It can cause excessive sweating and vomiting
2. It is a major component of acid rain
3. It can cause severe burns in its gaseous state
4. Accidental inhalation can kill you
5. It contributes to erosion
6. It decreases effectiveness of vehicle brakes
7. It has been found in tumours of terminal cancer.

He asked fifty people if they supported a ban of this chemical, named dihydrogen monoxide. Forty-three said yes and six were undecided. Only one knew that dihydrogen monoxide was in fact H2O (water).

Thanks to my friend Chris for this!
I'm told that the idea originally comes from Penn and Teller's TV show and they got hundreds of people to sign the petition. Save the Planet! Ban water.

Friday, 5 April 2013

National Curriculum - What should Schools Teach?

So British schoolteachers have passed a vote of no confidence in Michael Gove. I'm not surprised, that man is a mess. He is so wet you could do your week's laundry in him.
Nevertheless, the bulk of the blame for Britain's falling educational standards must fall on Labour. It is only now in retrospect that the true extent of the failure of the Blair-Brown government in education is becoming apparent.
According to the National Literacy Trust, there are 5.2 million illiterate adults in England alone and 7 million in the UK. SEVEN MILLION. Yes, seven million and those figures are not going down, they are getting worse. Imagine having to have a charity in the UK that encourages literacy. Yet that is exactly what the National Literacy Trust is  - a charity that provides extra classes and opportunities for those who have left school illiterate to try to catch up. It is a complete indictment of our educational system and of the comprehensive schools in particular, because almost all of those people have been to comprehensive schools. Holding other pupils back did not enable them to achieve more.
The figures on numeracy are almost as bad. UK children are under-achieving in Maths compared to children in other European and Far-Eastern countries. As for the study of foreign languages, it has slumped to an all-time low. When the requirement for one foreign language was dropped from the core curriculum under Labour, many schools cut the staff in their language departments and there is no prospect of restoring them in the near future. Isn't the EU a wonderful thing? Sixty years ago British children were taught Latin, French and German but now we are "part of Europe" they haven't got a clue, and many can't even read or write English. Without decent standards of literacy and numeracy no wonder they cannot excel in history, geography or science.
        Under Labour, schools neglected everything except political correctness. Children have been taught ideology, yet they are illiterate. They have had the religion of global warming drummed into them so that anyone who questions it is labelled a "denier". They have all done projects on global warming, set up by people who were telling us fifteen years ago that we would never see snow again. Well, we've seen enough of it this year to last me a long time.
       Children today are taught history with a huge anti-colonialist bias. This can go too far. They have been indoctrinated to think that slavery was invented by white people in Europe and inflicted only on black people who were taken to America. They honestly don't know that slavery has been going on for thousands of years on every continent and is still persisting today  - particularly in Africa and the Middle East. Feminism has of course been stressed to such an extent that many psychologists think that boys have been damaged. They feel guilty and lack confidence in their identity. Perhaps worst of all, children have been indoctrinated to believe in "homophobia" and regard this as a terrible crime. Any hint of "homophobia" must be reported to the teachers and suitable punishment meted out. Yet it is a non-existent, fake term. Teachers today have to put children as young as five on a "hate-register" for calling a pair of shoes "gay". The records are kept indefinitely. The results are very like the results of brainwashing in communist countries, where children were trained to spy on their parents and other adults and report them to the authorities for any "incorrect" opinions.
     Without a doubt, illiteracy has helped in this ideological indoctrination. Our young people are ignorant, that is why they can be taught to believe any rubbish and accept any pseudo-science.  They just don't read and they haven't got the faintest idea what real education means.
       Let's cut the ideology out of our school curriculum and replace it with literacy and numeracy. It's only common sense.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Socialist Red-faced Over Tax Avoidance

HaHaHaHaHa....French socialist Prime Minister Francois Hollande is deeply embarrassed by the discovery that his finance minister has been avoiding income tax by having a secret bank account in a foreign tax haven.
Hollande's government came in with a heavy-handed tax-the-rich policy that has in one year driven thousands of the wealthiest French citizens   - including actor GĂ©rard Depardieu  - abroad. His left-wing policies offered nothing but a rhetoric of guilt and blame towards those who wanted to keep what they earned, and disgrace for those who looked for ways to minimize tax.
Jerome Cahuzac was the finance minister in charge of pushing through this left-wing policy, yet he has just been exposed as possessing a secret foreign bank account containing 600,000 euros. Not only that, but it seems that Monsieur Cahuzac lied about it repeatedly when questioned by journalists.
This is a double scandal as it has also been revealed that Jean-Jacques Augier, Hollande's election campaign treasurer, is a joint owner of two firms registered for tax purposes in the Cayman Islands.
 M. Hollande's popularity ratings have fallen to 27% since he came to power ten months ago.

One last chorus of The Red Flag, anyone? It's not as red as Hollande's cheeks.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Parking Charges Punish those who Work

      All over the country, local councils are resorting to imposing parking charges as a way of raising income while their council tax rates are capped and fixed. Parking has long been a nightmare in most parts of Labour-Green-run Oxford, where having a car at all is seen as a crime. Similar charges are now being brought in at Newbury, where Conservatives and LibDems are in charge.
       You have to pay in many cases to park outside your own house. You have to pay again when you go to the shops and you cannot park anywhere near to them. You have to pay to park when you go out for the evening or go to church. Putting in controlled parking zones costs the council a lot of money  - the one in Magdalen Street in Oxford cost £445,000. So they then have to charge more to cover the costs of the parking scheme. The most unjust thing is, in my view, when you have to pay to park your car when you are just trying to get to work. It's a tax on work. It's a penalty for  getting out of bed and making some contribution to society.
      The people using the Thornhill Park and Ride now have to pay £3 if they park there longer than 11 hours. This means that those who live in Oxford and want to take the coach to London daily have to pay to park their cars in the car park, which is now being expanded. A charge of £3 per day adds up to £15 per week and assuming you work 48 weeks per year, comes to an annual bill of £720. That is extortionate. It far outweighs the small tax concessions that most people got in the Budget. It is making people pay to work.
      At last night's meeting of Risinghurst Parish Council a lot was said about the inconvenience caused by people parking their cars all day outside somebody else's house, or in somebody else's street. I see how that could be irksome. However, there is another side to this. What would be the impact if all those people stopped working? I think that any steps taken to address the problem must try to offer the drivers a positive alternative, and not just regard them as a pest.
      Who are these commuters who park at Thornhill? One of them I know is one of the hardest-working people I have ever met. A former nurse, who now works in Occupational Health, she used to live and work in London until she had to change jobs and found one in Reading. So she rented out her London flat and moved to Oxford. The cost of living in rented accommodation here and commuting to Reading were bad enough, even before a series of bad tenants cheated her by refusing to pay the rent on her flat. After wasting a lot of money on legal fees, she "won" the case, got no back payments from the vanished tenants and lost the flat. She then bought a small house out at Bayworth, near Abingdon. It is an ex-council house in a quiet, rural position. She had to do everything to it  - redecorating, installing double glazing and putting in a new boiler. At this time she was working in Oxford.
         But eventually  that job too expired and she found that the only prospect of more work was in London. So she started commuting back to the same area where she used to own her own flat. Can you imagine the frustration of having to do that? She drives to Oxford from Bayworth every morning at 7 am and gets a coach to London. This means that she has to park somewhere. Until recently she could park free of charge at Thornhill Park and Ride. But now that privilege will cost her £720 per year. Where will she find the extra money? I really don't know, but I wonder if these parking charges should be made tax deductible. I'm not saying they are any worse than high rail fares or high petrol costs for other commuters, but there are arguments for making it easier for anybody to get to and from work. If these people all stopped working because, after all the overheads and peripheral expenses, it just wasn't worth the daily grind, that would have a considerable negative impact on our economy.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Devil Brings Case for Discrimination,

The arch-angel Lucifer, a.k.a. Satan or the Devil, is going to the European Court of Human Rights with his case against God for illegal discrimination.
Lucifer is arguing that his exclusion from Heaven and demotion from his status as arch-angel are discriminatory and he is seeking compensation. A solicitor representing him said, "We see no reason why rebellion, disobedience, or transgression of arbitrary laws should be the basis for ending our client's contract. As for the Fall of Man, that is simply not relevant. You cannot prove it has any connection with Lucifer. All angels are equal. They deserve equal rights."
   An attempt to extradite Lucifer to Hades has already failed, as his lawyers argued that there was a danger that he may be subjected to torture. Some of the evidence against him may have been obtained using torture and until this has been disproved, Lucifer is being accommodated in a five-star hotel in Park Lane, London along with his retinue, and provided with a security guard at the tax-payers' expense. It is not clear whether the security guard is meant to protect him or the public.
     Lucifer has several times in recent years been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. If the ECHR decides in his favour, Lucifer will be re-instated in his previous position and will get an automatic right to equal media time for his agenda. Unwary denunciations may soon be classified as "hate-speech". If successful, his case will mean big payouts for Beelzebub, Belial, Moloch and many others. If not successful, he says he will take his case to the UN.

The Devil will be getting legal aid.