Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ed Miliband starts to do his sums

It would be uncharitable to suggest that Ed Miliband 's sudden announcement that "Labour got it wrong on immigration" has anything to do with his party's poor showing in the Eastleigh by-election where UKIP beat the Conservatives. Ed is not a beacon of consistency. He is a wavy line. He wiggles and alters his opinions to suit the trend.
Few of us will forget the moment when Gordon Brown called Mrs Gillian Duffy a "bigot" at Rochdale. She asked him why there were so many immigrants and he presumed that her question was racist. Speaking as an immigrant myself, I don't think it is. I think that any country has the right to pick and choose who goes there and to decide whether their economy is going to be helped or harmed. Some migrants are needed to do a particular job because of a skills shortage. Others are not and when we have millions unemployed we need to ask questions.
Under EU rules, millions of Romanians and Bulgarians will be able to leave their own countries and flood to Britain to claim benefits at the end of this year. They make no secret of their intention of doing so and the Romanian government has officially confirmed it. So why are these two former communist countries so poor if socialism works? That is what I ask myself. Why are they still poor after having billions of euros of EU funds poured into them in subsidies? Because such schemes never really work.
If you do the arithmetic, the result of a mass stampede into the UK will be a sudden huge upsurge in our welfare bill, together with our NHS costs and an increased pressure on housing. Rents and house prices will be forced up, more housing will need to be built, local authorities will be paying more people housing benefit... and so it goes on.

Nobody thinks that Romanians and Bulgarians are racially different from the already very miscellaneous British. I have never disliked any of them personally and Bulgarians are very well educated but it was a Romanian himself who told me that Romanians are very corrupt and crime among them is rife. Romanian gangs of thieves and pimps are finding the EU open borders policy very convenient. To them it is "Jeux Sans Frontieres"...

Never mind, there are lots of consolations for being in the EU. If you are a school leaver, you can go and study at a Romanian university thus saving the £9,000 per year fees and quite a lot on your living costs.
According to a young Romanian I know called Arcade, universities there are now offering courses taught in English which are free to all EU citizens. In Bucharest and other major cities, there are students from 70 different countries studying medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. Life there is Spartan and students for the most part live in dormitories and manage without laptops or Starbucks. But they leave debt-free and their qualifications are recognized all over the world.
I wonder how many British students will be tempted to take this up?
          Maybe half a dozen? I would be interested in hearing from any British students who have actually done this.
Romania has a comprehensive University level studies offer for the ENGLISH SECTIONS of the following specializations: 1. University of Medicine and Farmacy 'Grigore T. Popa' - medicine, dentistry and pharmacy @ 2. Technical University "Gh. Asachi" from Iasi - 2.1 Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services @ 2.2 Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering of Iasi @ 2.3 Faculty of Arhitecture @ Electrical Engineering, Energetics and Applied Informatics Faculty @ 2.5 Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering @ AND MANY MORE ON JUST CLICK ON FACULTATI

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