Thursday, 28 March 2013

David Who?

      Does anybody remember who David Miliband was, I mean is? He was a Labour minister wasn't he, side-kick of Tony WMD Blair and he looked a bit like a chimpanzee. He still does. He was the foreign minister who signed the Lisbon Treaty handing over even more power from Britain to the EU mandarins and I would call that treason. He also did a series of dirty little things such as telling China that we have absolutely no interest in supporting the cause of Tibetan national sovereignty, because we need to borrow money from China and Tibetan monks haven't got any. Before he was foreign secretary, he was Education Minister and presided over a period of plummeting standards and complete breakdown of school order and discipline. In the Blair-Miliband era, teachers were not hired to impart knowledge but merely to exercise crowd control. Miliband repeatedly denied that standards were falling, when everybody knew that they were. He lied his head off.
      As an MP he has earned colossal amounts on the side from advisory or honorary position and spent a minimum of time in his constituency.
      Can anyone remember one distinguished thing he ever said or wrote, or one admirable thing he has done? I can't, yet somehow David was regarded by some as being the natural successor to Blair, just as slick, just as opportunistic and just as hollow. He was visibly shocked when beaten to the Labour leadership by his little brother who had smarmed up to the unions more successfully.
        Now he has followed in the footsteps of Blair by getting a job with an American charity which tries to mitigate some of the harm he and Blair did with their foreign policy. In this humanitarian role he can pose as a saintly benefactor while earning sums that enable him to go yachting with plutocrats. £240,000 p.a. will mean that he is richer than Ed and far away from the galling sight of his little brother leading the Labour party and maybe the country. Nobody seems to mind in America if money donated to a charity for the poverty-stricken is then used to pay the directors fat cat salaries. Mr Miliband's departure will be no loss to this country and I imagine it will be no gain either to the objects of his philanthropy or to America.

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  1. Spottensionavitch, Julia!

    This little creep didn't even get somewhere big, he just thought he might one day!

    These career politicians need a chop down at every turn!