Monday, 25 March 2013

2,000 Pensioners Die of Global Warming

According to Age Concern UK, 2,000 more old people have died of the cold this month than would be expected at this time of year. Last winter was harsh, this winter is going on forever and yesterday when I went to London from Oxford at noon the snow on the top of the car had not thawed by the time we got there.
     In fact it was solid ice.
This is the coldest March for 50 years. Snow fell here in Oxford on March 23rd and how do the global warming experts account for this? By telling us that global warming sometimes makes it colder! That's because of global dimming and the shifting of the gulf stream and the fact that you can only expect it to get colder when it warms up. Okay?
      There is one way that global warming certainly does make it colder - by imposing carbon taxes and shutting down a lot of our more efficient power generating capacity we are pushing up fuel prices to a level that pensioners just can't afford to pay. They are dying of the cold in what was once called a "welfare state". Never mind, snort the PC bureaucrats, let them hurry up and die so we can allocate their under-occupied housing to someone else...
       Carbon taxes are also pushing up the costs of production in this country so that businesses of every kind are less and less likely to choose to operate here. Meanwhile those who don't die are often trapped in their homes because of mobility issues. They have a free bus pass but cannot get on the bus. Walking to a bus stop in icy weather may be too dangerous or impossible. And what is the point of going shopping when you have no money to buy anything? Even the telephone becomes an expensive luxury you have to cut off as inflation eats into your pension.
       This is something we should feel shame about.


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  1. Thank you Julia for alerting us to how many people are dying because of the Severe cold caused by " global warming".