Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tories the Left

Anyone who doubts that there is no difference at all between Labour, Libdems and the Conservatives will have to explain why the Conservative party has just sacked a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for insulting...socialism.
      Yes, that's correct, Dr Rachel Frosh, a conservative who had already been selected by her constituency of Harrow West and approved as Tory candidate, has been told she has been dropped because of a six-word message she sent out on Twitter. The message ran "Dear Socialists embrace your inner Nazism." It was attached to a picture of Adolf Hitler and a quotation from a speech he made in 1927 when he professed to be an ardent socialist: "We (the National Socialist Party) are socialists, we are enemies of the capitalist economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with it's unfair salaries, with it's unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance and we are determined to destroy this system."
     Now what worries me most about that quotation is the wrong use of the apostrophe, but that was not what sent a mob of tweeters hysterical. They all started foaming at the mouth and insisting that they had been offended and what she said was not politically correct. This is the disease that is sweeping this country  - dedicated offence-takers throwing a tantrum and insisting that they will scream and scream until they get their own way.
     Nothing that Rachel Frosh said was controversial, yet incredibly, she has been bullied into resigning her job as Deputy Crime Commissioner of Hertfordshire, all because of this Twitter remark. I remember when I taught for the Open University that we had to study ideology, and the prevailing view in the class was that communism and fascism were to all intents and purposes the same. I think there are striking resemblances. Hitler came from a lowly background, seized power by a series of ruses and proceeded to kill millions of people; Lenin and Stalin also came from lowly backgrounds, seized power through a coup and proceeded to kill millions of people; they plastered the billboards everywhere with propaganda expressed in crude slogans and cruder art; neither communists nor nazis permitted any criticism or opposition to their regimes. Pious Marxists would say, "But Hitler didn't nationalize the whole of industry  - he left the great industrialists running their businesses." And the majority of people in the street (or on the Clapham omnibus) would retort, "So bloody what?"
     At the very same time, our Coalition government is telling us that they will conform to a human rights ruling that nobody can be sacked for their political views. Really?
     If Rachel Frosh were a Labour candidate or even a Libdem, there might be a faint ghost of an excuse for her to be treated in this way, but she is (or was) a Conservative candidate and an elected Police commissioner. She has twenty years of experience working in the NHS, yet all of that is flung aside for the sake of some petulant tweeters who think they are insulted. Conclusive proof that Cameron is Blair Mark 2 and his party is a troop of Labour clones. What we need in this country is a political party that has the guts to give two fingers to politically correct claptrap and stop grovelling to the views of a tiny minority of utterly silly people.

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