Thursday, 7 February 2013

Euthanasia or Just Plain Murder

The crisis in care of the old and the sick is no longer imminent. It is here. The desperate lack of adequate care for our old people has reached crisis point and beyond. Winter is always the worst time and the death toll is just dreadful. We call them the "elderly" as if euphemism could somehow relieve their plight, then we leave them to die.
In Banstead, Surrey, a woman aged 81 was left without any care at all for nine days in her home and then died on 4th February shortly after being admitted to hospital. It was too late to save Gloria Foster. She was supposed to be getting four visits per day, but she died of starvation and dehydration, covered in bedsores. The situation behind this shameful event is a mess and reveals a lot about what is going on in this country. Mrs Foster was supposed to be the responsibility of Surrey County Council, which contracts out this sort of work to a company, Carefirst24. How come it is more economical to outsource geriatric care to a private company? Because they employ illegal immigrants, of  course. It turned out that they were hiring, among others, workers from Mauritius and the Philippines. This came to the attention of the UK Border Agency, which carried out a raid at the Carefirst24 company HQ in Sutton, and arrested six employees. The result of this was that there was nobody left to look after Mrs Foster.
"A spokesman for UKBA said it met local authorities ahead of the raid to warn them of what they were going to do so they could arrange alternative care for the company's clients." Well you can believe that if you want to. It does not appear that any alternative care was provided either by the company or the County Council, for nine days. How many bedridden people were left stranded?

I want to know why our own citizens cannot or will not train to do this work. We have millions of unemployed people. About a year ago I wrote references for a young man who was offered a traineeship in this kind of company. (He was English born and bred and I thought he was a suitable sort of person too). He did it for a few days then gave it up, because he said it was "not for him". When I pressed him for a better explanation, he said that it was frustrating to have to go to each person for only 20 minutes and have to do a lot of paperwork reporting on each. He wanted a more personal relationship with people. In other words, his notion of doing the job was an unrealistic one. The fact that something desperately needs to be done was not a factor in his decision. And of course he can live indefinitely on benefits.

Which is worse, to leave old people to die of starvation and neglect, or to give them a friendly push by abusing the Liverpool Care Pathway? Both are shameful and deserve the term fascist euthanasia. I don't suppose David Cameron would give a damn about anyone calling him a fascist. He is busy pursuing his own priorities in "human rights" e.g. votes for prisoners and messing up marriage. So long as it is a pink swastika, he seems to think that everything is just fine.

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