Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Suzanne Moore Terminally Confused

No wonder Suzanne Moore is terminally confused. She is part of the Left and political correctness is their religion. She and her friends Julie Burchill and Julie Bindel went on a binge breaking all the laws on homophobia and transphobia, and now Suzanne has issued a sort of half-apology mixed with defiance.
"People died for my right to insult you," she says at one point, then backtracks and crawls to the trannies and other groups of dedicated offence-takers. Well of course just because people died for something doesn't make it right. People died defending the Roman Empire and slavery and just about every other rotten idea. But to hear that sentence from Suzanne Moore adds to my respect for her. It shows that she has got a glimmering of a belief in freedom.
       Isn't it curious that the people who are most apt to be offended are often the most offensive people around ? In their sensitive, polite way they screeched for Suzanne Moore to be decapitated, and they showed their political acumen by telling her she was a member of the EDL. Burchill and Bindel were also targetted by online lynch-mobs.
       Perhaps there will be a knock-on effect from the Reform of Section 5, and soon all of our silly repressive laws will be repealed and consigned to history. Let's dream.

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