Thursday, 17 January 2013

Surge in UKIP membership

Membership of UKIP has surged in the last few months. Three thousand new members have signed up.
In part this is due to the crisis in the euro-zone and the failure of the Coalition government to keep its promise to hold a referendum on our continued membership. David Cameron keeps waffling on about the absurd idea that we cold "re-negotiate" the terms of our membership or somehow re-engineer the treaties to damage us less. It's all rot. EU membership means loss of sovereignty and it means that our indebted country is throwing away £53 million per day, on top of all the billions we are paying for bank bail-outs.
Some new members give surprising reasons for joining. A neighbour I bumped into at the Co-op told me that what really annoyed him was the fact that the EU has now banned wall thermometers that contain mercury. This is on health and safety grounds, because you never know when somebody will wrench a wall thermometer off its bracket, suck it, bite it, and swallow the poisonous mercury. As you do. That's when you've finished sucking and crunching on the naphthalene moth balls you found in a drawer of the bedroom.
While banning both of those, the EU has made economy light-bulbs compulsory. Did you know that they also contain mercury? And other dangerous chemicals too. They are banned in China because somebody might grab one, bite into it and eat the mercury. What a strange suggestion!
      A certain LibDem MEP who shall be nameless is publicly denying that it is illegal under EU regulations to re-use jam-jars. Well just for the record, it is illegal. Not only for commercial purposes, but also for charity stalls and bazaars, fetes and amateur fund-raising of any kind, It is even illegal to re-use a jam-jar if you GIVE the offending container to anyone else. These laws do no only apply to companies, they apply to everyone.


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