Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Is this why we need foreign workers?

So it transpires that the building industry in this country has been keeping secret blacklists of banned workers in the UK for 17 years. Anyone too apt to complain about dangerous conditions, breaches of regulations on hygiene or take too great an interest in union activity has been labelled a "trouble-maker" and kept out of work. No wonder we need millions of foreign builders, plumbers and electricians!
     Thousands of British workers have been driven out of the construction industry. What do the bosses say? Essentially, they say that important contracts such as building the Olympic stadium, have important deadlines, and they just cannot take the risk of employing bolshy workers. Bolshy being a word closely related to Bolshevik. No return to the strikes and chaos of the 1970s. So the free movement of labour throughout the EU is helping not only to undercut wages but to import a meeker, tamer workforce, more malleable and less assertive. This brings me back to the old puzzle of why the Labour party is so completely committed to our EU membership (as it was) or federalism (as it soon will be). The EU makes thousands of health and safety regulations, but it also enables employers to hire submissive workers who won't insist on them being implemented.
     Hmmmm. Meanwhile the bill for keeping jobless people on the dole is astronomical. What a mess we are all in. It doesn't make sense.


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