Thursday, 17 January 2013

Infiltrator Ejected from UKIP

A friend of mine in Bournemouth sent me a juicy bit of gossip. They had a rather too enthusiastic new member lately who was very keen to join the committee. He was a middle-aged homosexual. It turned out he was an undercover agent and was involved in espionage, no less! He was recording meetings and taking notes so that he could report them to his fanatical "gay" friends. He was very interested in reporting any Christian views or discussion of same-sex marriage on the grounds that this was "fomohobia".

He had given them a false address but eventually they identified him as a known sex offender, with two convictions. His name was Aaron Darkwood, which sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but it's true. He also sometimes goes by the name of Jones. About eighteen months earlier he narrowly escaped gaol after his housemate complained that he had filmed him with a secret camera. The court in Worcester heard that the camera had been hidden in the bathroom to make a video of the other man showering and using the toilet. Almost ten years before that, it seems our budding Guy Burgess had been gaoled for paedophile offences.
According to UK Paedos Exposed "Magistrates were told that Jones served 30 months in prison for offences relating to young boys in 1999, for which he had also been placed on the sex offenders register for life."  Mr Darkwood, who was an employee of Worcester County Council, has now been chucked out of Bournemouth UKIP but has recently surfaced elsewhere.

Here is a website he set up in which he describes himself as a "gay guy" and claims to be a UKIP supporter:-
It features no less than 16 pictures of himself, with the headline "The many faces of Aaron"  - Aaron as athlete, event organizer, politician, gun-freak, but no pic of Aaron as the bloke who likes boys and puts cameras in toilets. Work in progress then?

Mr Jones/Darkwood ought to join the Labour party, where it seems there are others who share his tastes. This Labour party secretary was convicted of putting a secret camera in a gent's lavatory in Croydon in January 2014.

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