Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Gay Marriage, Incest, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Then What?

Oliver Neville, who likes to be known as "Ollie", is a sewer-rat. Not only is he capable of the sneakiest, dirtiest sort of low-down tricks betraying his own party to the gutter press, he has gone on from demanding same-sex "marriage" to the next logical step  - at least in his eyes  - which is that of legalizing necrophilia. That's right. The same lunatic who was chucked out of UKIP for behaving in a malicious and treacherous way has written an article publicly calling for the ban on sex with dead bodies to be lifted.
 How desperate is Ollie to get a partner? Could a dead body be his only option? Anyone else would give him a very wide berth.
   Ollie went to the "Independent" newspaper and the American website Huffington Post snivelling with self-pity because he had been chucked out of UKIP. He claimed it was because he was in favour of same-sex marriage, but that was rot. He had hashed up a radio interview by saying that the European elections don't matter much, and when asked some question about the BNP said that he agreed with its leader Nick Griffin. Hardly surprising that later the same day the party committee asked him to step down as interim chairman of Young Independence. He was not immediately chucked out altogether. That happened because in revenge for his demotion, he spitefully turned on his own party. He sent some private messages from other UKIP members to a left-wing rag so that they could twist it into a poisonous attack. Ollie made out that the opinions and discussions of normal people were "offensive"  - "offensive" to the standards of people who want to legalize sex with dead bodies??  In any state of decomposition....
Ollie's arguments in favour of necrophilia can be read here:-

Ollie is also on record saying that he wants to abolish the age of consent and legalize sex with animals:"“Yes I am pro bestiality and necrophilia being legalised as you ask. Why should the state tell me I cant?… the animal was never human, the corpse is no longer human… if people want to do it and want it to be done to them whats wrong with it? …when your dead are you alive? no. so are you a living human being? no your a shell, your not a person anymore … hey dont have to, they arent a person anymore, theyre property, its like having sex with your pillow.” [Guido Fawkes' blog.]

The penchant for bestiality is not surprising, since Frank Kameny, one of the most prominent gay-rights activists in the USA, described as a gay-rights icon and founding father of the "gay" movement, said the same thing. After bestiality videos were found on sale at a "gay" convention, Kameny wrote a letter to a news website defending the practice and saying that it should be legal:-


Indeed Kameny said "Let's have more and better perversions..."
Kameny was in good company with Harry Hay and Allen Ginsberg the co-founders of the Gay Liberation Movement, who were both enthusiastic paedophiles, members of NAMBLA and advocates of abolishing all age-of consent laws.
      So what was that about "gay" marriage being a slippery slope? It's not so much a slippery slope as a sheer drop over a cliff, into a pit of ghastliness.


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