Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cameron Repeats Same Old Lies

We've heard it all before. David Cameron said before the last General Election that he would hold a Referendum on our EU membership after he was elected as Prime Minister. He gave a "cast-iron pledge" earning himself the nickname of cast-iron Dave. Then he broke his promise openly, brazenly and like a complete rat.
Now after four more years of economically disastrous EU membership, he is making the same promise all over again. Yes, he will hold a referendum, but not now. Not in this term of government, only after the next election when he hopes he will be Prime Minister again. Wait until 2017! He really does think his voters are stupid, doesn't he? He expects them to believe the same hollow, insincere promises.
 Remember jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but never jam today... It's the same with the EU referendum. It keeps moving ahead in the calendar. Referendum in the future, referendum after the next election, but never referendum now. Just vote for him one more time...and see him postpone it again.
    Nick Clegg was making the same sort of promises right up to the 2010 election. Here is a video of Mr Clegg standing up in the House of Commons and declaring to Gordon Brown, who was then Prime Minister, that we ought to hold an in-out referendum:-

Very fine bit of rhetoric wasn't it? But it was just a theatrical performance.
When it came to the election, Clegg and the Libdems officially campaigned for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and then when they got into the Coalition, of course they binned all those promises faster than a smoker flushes away the joints when the police knock at the door.
What they are really afraid of of course is having a referendum and finding that the majority vote is OUT. Which I strongly believe it would be. 

Martin Schultz commented on Cameron's speech, that a man who promises a referendum but only in five years time, in 2017, after the 2015 election, need not be taken seriously. "He has his eye on the election, not the referendum!"

 And here is Rodney Atkinson's latest well-informed analysis of the situation from the Free Nations website:-

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