Thursday, 31 January 2013

Labour's Party Political Broadcast

We learned a lot about Ed Miliband from Labour's TV party political broadcast. We saw his old school and some of his old school teachers and some of his old school classmates. We even saw some of his former students. They all said what a nice bloke he was. We discovered, if we didn't know beforehand, that he went to a London comprehensive and then to university and then lectured for a while at Harvard University.
       What we didn't hear was any policies. We didn't hear any new ideas for running the country, eliminating the deficit, creating jobs, saving the health service, or extricating ourselves from the economic disaster zone of the EU. We didn't even hear him mention the banks. He certainly didn't say  sorry for the appalling mess that Labour made last time, under Blair and Brown. It was just "Vote for me, because I'm a nice chap and I didn't go to public school." Sorry Ed, that's just not good enough.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Prevent Abuse of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP)

 How very suitable that on Holocaust Memorial Day somebody has sent me a petition against euthanasia creeping into the NHS. Doctor and nurses warn that the so-called Liverpool Care Pathway, meant to be a gentle easing away of life for those who are terminally, incurably ill, is now being used to simply hasten the deaths of old people whose lives are judged to be of poor quality and for whom long-term care would be too expensive.
How utterly shaming. We treat old people in this country appallingly. After a lifetime of working and paying tax into what they were told was a "welfare state" they now have some of the lowest pensions in Europe. Many go cold and hungry in the winter, or they are told to pay enormous sums for local council care, which was supposed to be free and their right. Now some of them are allegedly being subjected to nothing more than euthanasia. And this is how we treat our parents and grandparents. How true that we have lost our moral compass.
      These people have been cheated. They paid into a system and they did not get what they were promised. How many other less urgent, less just, less deserving things have successive governments squandered money on, before ending up in this shameful situation?  The basic human rights and dignity of older citizens are now being eroded. Please sign and share this petition as widely as possible.

Prevent Abuse of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP)
Petition published by Voice for Justice UK on Jan 26, 2013
Target: The UK Government
Region: United Kingdom
Web site:
Sign the petition Sponsor

Petition Background (Preamble):
The Liverpool Care Pathway was first developed by specialists in palliative medicine to give compassionate care and respect to those facing death. Its stated aim was to enable patients ‘to live until they die’, free of pain. Extended to all NHS hospitals since the 1990s, this Pathway has become subject to major abuse.

 Large numbers of patients not suffering from terminal illness, but whose quality of life is judged deficient or too costly to sustain, are routinely being put on the Pathway - often without the knowledge or consent of either themselves or their families. The Telegraph, before Christmas, famously reported that of the 130,000 patients placed on the Pathway in NHS hospitals every year, 57,000 last year were given no hint that their treatment had been stopped and measures put in place to hasten death.

 What it means: For patients on this Pathway all treatment, broadly defined so as to include food and hydration, is withdrawn. This effectively means the patient is starved to death. The process is then helped along by the administration of massive doses of narcotics, which serve to sedate the patient, but even by themselves can be lethal.

 People wrongly put on this Pathway, if removed in time, have gone on to make a full recovery. Sadly, many others - also wrongly put on this Pathway, but for whom help has come too late, - have died. We do not criticise right use of the Pathway for those in the end stages of clear and established terminal disease, but we wholly deplore wrongful extension of this Pathway to the chronically ill, or to those whose only deficiency is to be old.

We acknowledge the positive aspects of the Liverpool Care Pathway as providing good and compassionate care to those in the end stages of clear and established terminal disease, but we call upon government to put in place adequate safeguards to prevent the inappropriate extension and misapplication of this programme to end prematurely and without justification the lives of elderly and/or chronically ill patients admitted to hospital, whose quality of life is assessed as poor, and whose care is deemed a financial burden. We emphasise that people need access to adequate end of life care without fear of it being applied inappropriately.

 We call for the removal of any and all financial incentives made to NHS Trusts linked merely to the number of patients on the Pathway (or on any other form of treatment or intervention), rather than to the actual improvement of levels of care. We fear abuse of the Pathway both endangers patients and puts unacceptable pressure upon doctors.

 We call for safeguards to be put in place ensuring that full information be given to both patients and their families in relation to their treatment and care - especially, but not only, towards the end of life, so that placing on the Pathway be done only with full and informed consent.
Sign the petition

The Prevent Abuse of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) petition to The UK Government was written by Lynda Rose and is in the category Health at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: end of life, euthanasia, terminal illness, care for the elderly, human rights, liverpool care pathway, lcp, patient rights, informed consent, department of health treatment guidelines

>>  It is cheering to be able to report that six months after this was written, the government decided to discontinue use of the Liverpool Care Pathway in England. The minister , Norman Lamb, was influenced by an official review and arguments such as those below.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sick Twisted Lib Dem MP Insults Jews with Holocaust jibe

Lib Dem David Ward, MP for Bradford East, has issued shocking twisted statements about Jews and the Holocaust. He offended not only Jews but all decent people when he said publicly that Jews have "failed to learn the lesson from the Holocaust".
Mr Ward's sick rant accused the Israeli government  - which he equates with "Jews"  - of treating the Palestinians in the occupied zones as badly as the Jews were treated in the Nazi death-camps. Ward obviously knows nothing about either, and his ignorant abusive statement is meant to curry favour with the Islamic voters of Bradford. Let us hope that they are better informed than he is and know the difference between a Zionist and a Jew, or a refugee camp and an extermination camp.

Mr Ward has been severely criticized and his resignation has been called for.

According to American Senator John Kerry, Israel has done everything in its power over the past four years to reach a legal compromise solution to the situation.
"For the past four years, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has refused to come to the negotiating table with Israel and has continuously tried to impose preconditions on talks.
He has insisted that Israel accept the pre-1967 lines as final borders and has demanded that Israel release all Arab terrorists from its jails, and halt construction in Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem for a second time before talks begin. At the same time, he has refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist. His Fatah party's newly adopted logo shows all of Israel as Palestine.
Even when Israel imposed a ten-month freeze on Jewish construction in an attempt to bring Abbas back to the negotiating table, he refused, choosing instead to impose more preconditions."

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Suzanne Moore Terminally Confused

No wonder Suzanne Moore is terminally confused. She is part of the Left and political correctness is their religion. She and her friends Julie Burchill and Julie Bindel went on a binge breaking all the laws on homophobia and transphobia, and now Suzanne has issued a sort of half-apology mixed with defiance.
"People died for my right to insult you," she says at one point, then backtracks and crawls to the trannies and other groups of dedicated offence-takers. Well of course just because people died for something doesn't make it right. People died defending the Roman Empire and slavery and just about every other rotten idea. But to hear that sentence from Suzanne Moore adds to my respect for her. It shows that she has got a glimmering of a belief in freedom.
       Isn't it curious that the people who are most apt to be offended are often the most offensive people around ? In their sensitive, polite way they screeched for Suzanne Moore to be decapitated, and they showed their political acumen by telling her she was a member of the EDL. Burchill and Bindel were also targetted by online lynch-mobs.
       Perhaps there will be a knock-on effect from the Reform of Section 5, and soon all of our silly repressive laws will be repealed and consigned to history. Let's dream.

Nice Foreign Holiday for Labour Councillors

I hear that  a delegation is being planned to travel to Nicaragua and visit León, Oxford’s twin town. It will be led by Cllr John Tanner, who is also Vice-Chair of the Oxford-León Association & Trust and include Chair, Jan Marshall and Pete Fryer of Unison.
Are these town-twinning events really any more than a free holiday for the Labour councillors and their friends in the unions? It would be nice if they would release the figures about the cost of this little jaunt across the Atlantic to us, the taxpayers who are doubtless footing the bill.
 Will they bring us home a T-shirt saying, "My city councillors went to Nicaragua and all I got was this measly T-shirt"?
   Some years ago I joined the Oxford-Grenoble Association. Its events were not well-organized. We went to Grenoble in May and the weather was shockingly cold. It was snowing when we got there, after a tedious train voyage in the company of some of the most ghastly people you could find anywhere. We were freezing and  when our host picked us up and took us back to his house, dinner consisted of cold ham and salad. Then we were put into a chilly, draughty bedroom. The reason I went was to take my daughter, who was learning French  - but the OGA placed us with an English family. The great event was a coach trip to see a weird fantasy castle built by a local postman out of junk. This might have been more interesting had it not been pouring with rain. On the Monday, when we wanted to see the art and history museums in the town, we were told that there are all shut on Mondays. Surely the OGA should have anticipated that.
   When the OGA organized the return visit, I hosted a nice young French woman.  I have happy memories of her, but again the itinerary was not well planned. On a roasting hot day we all went to Henley in a coach. On the way back, the temperature reached about 90 in the coach and we had no water. As the coach route into Oxford was passing my house, I asked the driver if he could drop me and a few others at the bus stop in Headington. To my surprise, the OGA organizer, a rather stern old-school matron type of person, said that would not be allowed.
      Why? It was perfectly legal. Coaches can stop at bus stops, can't they? But no, she said the coach had been hired to take us to Henley and back to central Oxford. No stop in Headington had been planned, so it could not possibly be permitted. Why? Despite several pleas from hot, tired and elderly people, she remained intransigent.
      It was then that I realized I was up against a certain sort of authoritarian mentality, typical of the EU. We were all cooped up on that coach like cattle on a truck. Nobody would listen to us. I had no mobile phone at that time, otherwise I would certainly have considered ringing the police. The coach proceeded on its way into the city and because it was the rush hour and there was severe congestion on the London Road, it took another three-quarters of an hour to get to the centre of the city. It was blistering hot and sweaty and we were all parched and exhausted. Then we all had to queue for another bus to bring us all the way back to Headington.
     I got home one and a quarter hours after the coach had originally passed my house, and I rang up and resigned from the OGA that evening. I had learned a valuable lesson about being "European".

Cameron Repeats Same Old Lies

We've heard it all before. David Cameron said before the last General Election that he would hold a Referendum on our EU membership after he was elected as Prime Minister. He gave a "cast-iron pledge" earning himself the nickname of cast-iron Dave. Then he broke his promise openly, brazenly and like a complete rat.
Now after four more years of economically disastrous EU membership, he is making the same promise all over again. Yes, he will hold a referendum, but not now. Not in this term of government, only after the next election when he hopes he will be Prime Minister again. Wait until 2017! He really does think his voters are stupid, doesn't he? He expects them to believe the same hollow, insincere promises.
 Remember jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but never jam today... It's the same with the EU referendum. It keeps moving ahead in the calendar. Referendum in the future, referendum after the next election, but never referendum now. Just vote for him one more time...and see him postpone it again.
    Nick Clegg was making the same sort of promises right up to the 2010 election. Here is a video of Mr Clegg standing up in the House of Commons and declaring to Gordon Brown, who was then Prime Minister, that we ought to hold an in-out referendum:-

Very fine bit of rhetoric wasn't it? But it was just a theatrical performance.
When it came to the election, Clegg and the Libdems officially campaigned for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and then when they got into the Coalition, of course they binned all those promises faster than a smoker flushes away the joints when the police knock at the door.
What they are really afraid of of course is having a referendum and finding that the majority vote is OUT. Which I strongly believe it would be. 

Martin Schultz commented on Cameron's speech, that a man who promises a referendum but only in five years time, in 2017, after the 2015 election, need not be taken seriously. "He has his eye on the election, not the referendum!"

 And here is Rodney Atkinson's latest well-informed analysis of the situation from the Free Nations website:-

Gay Marriage, Incest, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Then What?

Oliver Neville, who likes to be known as "Ollie", is a sewer-rat. Not only is he capable of the sneakiest, dirtiest sort of low-down tricks betraying his own party to the gutter press, he has gone on from demanding same-sex "marriage" to the next logical step  - at least in his eyes  - which is that of legalizing necrophilia. That's right. The same lunatic who was chucked out of UKIP for behaving in a malicious and treacherous way has written an article publicly calling for the ban on sex with dead bodies to be lifted.
 How desperate is Ollie to get a partner? Could a dead body be his only option? Anyone else would give him a very wide berth.
   Ollie went to the "Independent" newspaper and the American website Huffington Post snivelling with self-pity because he had been chucked out of UKIP. He claimed it was because he was in favour of same-sex marriage, but that was rot. He had hashed up a radio interview by saying that the European elections don't matter much, and when asked some question about the BNP said that he agreed with its leader Nick Griffin. Hardly surprising that later the same day the party committee asked him to step down as interim chairman of Young Independence. He was not immediately chucked out altogether. That happened because in revenge for his demotion, he spitefully turned on his own party. He sent some private messages from other UKIP members to a left-wing rag so that they could twist it into a poisonous attack. Ollie made out that the opinions and discussions of normal people were "offensive"  - "offensive" to the standards of people who want to legalize sex with dead bodies??  In any state of decomposition....
Ollie's arguments in favour of necrophilia can be read here:-

Ollie is also on record saying that he wants to abolish the age of consent and legalize sex with animals:"“Yes I am pro bestiality and necrophilia being legalised as you ask. Why should the state tell me I cant?… the animal was never human, the corpse is no longer human… if people want to do it and want it to be done to them whats wrong with it? …when your dead are you alive? no. so are you a living human being? no your a shell, your not a person anymore … hey dont have to, they arent a person anymore, theyre property, its like having sex with your pillow.” [Guido Fawkes' blog.]

The penchant for bestiality is not surprising, since Frank Kameny, one of the most prominent gay-rights activists in the USA, described as a gay-rights icon and founding father of the "gay" movement, said the same thing. After bestiality videos were found on sale at a "gay" convention, Kameny wrote a letter to a news website defending the practice and saying that it should be legal:-


Indeed Kameny said "Let's have more and better perversions..."
Kameny was in good company with Harry Hay and Allen Ginsberg the co-founders of the Gay Liberation Movement, who were both enthusiastic paedophiles, members of NAMBLA and advocates of abolishing all age-of consent laws.
      So what was that about "gay" marriage being a slippery slope? It's not so much a slippery slope as a sheer drop over a cliff, into a pit of ghastliness.


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Is this why we need foreign workers?

So it transpires that the building industry in this country has been keeping secret blacklists of banned workers in the UK for 17 years. Anyone too apt to complain about dangerous conditions, breaches of regulations on hygiene or take too great an interest in union activity has been labelled a "trouble-maker" and kept out of work. No wonder we need millions of foreign builders, plumbers and electricians!
     Thousands of British workers have been driven out of the construction industry. What do the bosses say? Essentially, they say that important contracts such as building the Olympic stadium, have important deadlines, and they just cannot take the risk of employing bolshy workers. Bolshy being a word closely related to Bolshevik. No return to the strikes and chaos of the 1970s. So the free movement of labour throughout the EU is helping not only to undercut wages but to import a meeker, tamer workforce, more malleable and less assertive. This brings me back to the old puzzle of why the Labour party is so completely committed to our EU membership (as it was) or federalism (as it soon will be). The EU makes thousands of health and safety regulations, but it also enables employers to hire submissive workers who won't insist on them being implemented.
     Hmmmm. Meanwhile the bill for keeping jobless people on the dole is astronomical. What a mess we are all in. It doesn't make sense.


Friday, 18 January 2013

Grannies Seize Hostages in Algeria

Six frail grannies from a knitting circle in Algeria have seized a desert gas production complex near In Amenas and taken a large group of westerners hostage. They are shooting the hostages if they don't get a better supply of knitting patterns to meet their demands.
Well you're not allowed to say the truth are you? It couldn't possibly be Jihadists could it? To admit that would be Islamophobia.
Sad to say, events seem to have proved me right,

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Infiltrator Ejected from UKIP

A friend of mine in Bournemouth sent me a juicy bit of gossip. They had a rather too enthusiastic new member lately who was very keen to join the committee. He was a middle-aged homosexual. It turned out he was an undercover agent and was involved in espionage, no less! He was recording meetings and taking notes so that he could report them to his fanatical "gay" friends. He was very interested in reporting any Christian views or discussion of same-sex marriage on the grounds that this was "fomohobia".

He had given them a false address but eventually they identified him as a known sex offender, with two convictions. His name was Aaron Darkwood, which sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but it's true. He also sometimes goes by the name of Jones. About eighteen months earlier he narrowly escaped gaol after his housemate complained that he had filmed him with a secret camera. The court in Worcester heard that the camera had been hidden in the bathroom to make a video of the other man showering and using the toilet. Almost ten years before that, it seems our budding Guy Burgess had been gaoled for paedophile offences.
According to UK Paedos Exposed "Magistrates were told that Jones served 30 months in prison for offences relating to young boys in 1999, for which he had also been placed on the sex offenders register for life."  Mr Darkwood, who was an employee of Worcester County Council, has now been chucked out of Bournemouth UKIP but has recently surfaced elsewhere.

Here is a website he set up in which he describes himself as a "gay guy" and claims to be a UKIP supporter:-
It features no less than 16 pictures of himself, with the headline "The many faces of Aaron"  - Aaron as athlete, event organizer, politician, gun-freak, but no pic of Aaron as the bloke who likes boys and puts cameras in toilets. Work in progress then?

Mr Jones/Darkwood ought to join the Labour party, where it seems there are others who share his tastes. This Labour party secretary was convicted of putting a secret camera in a gent's lavatory in Croydon in January 2014.

Surge in UKIP membership

Membership of UKIP has surged in the last few months. Three thousand new members have signed up.
In part this is due to the crisis in the euro-zone and the failure of the Coalition government to keep its promise to hold a referendum on our continued membership. David Cameron keeps waffling on about the absurd idea that we cold "re-negotiate" the terms of our membership or somehow re-engineer the treaties to damage us less. It's all rot. EU membership means loss of sovereignty and it means that our indebted country is throwing away £53 million per day, on top of all the billions we are paying for bank bail-outs.
Some new members give surprising reasons for joining. A neighbour I bumped into at the Co-op told me that what really annoyed him was the fact that the EU has now banned wall thermometers that contain mercury. This is on health and safety grounds, because you never know when somebody will wrench a wall thermometer off its bracket, suck it, bite it, and swallow the poisonous mercury. As you do. That's when you've finished sucking and crunching on the naphthalene moth balls you found in a drawer of the bedroom.
While banning both of those, the EU has made economy light-bulbs compulsory. Did you know that they also contain mercury? And other dangerous chemicals too. They are banned in China because somebody might grab one, bite into it and eat the mercury. What a strange suggestion!
      A certain LibDem MEP who shall be nameless is publicly denying that it is illegal under EU regulations to re-use jam-jars. Well just for the record, it is illegal. Not only for commercial purposes, but also for charity stalls and bazaars, fetes and amateur fund-raising of any kind, It is even illegal to re-use a jam-jar if you GIVE the offending container to anyone else. These laws do no only apply to companies, they apply to everyone.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Nice Bit of Liberal Censorship

What does liberal mean? It seems to mean pushing an agenda in a repressive, authoritarian way.

Lynne Featherstone, Libdem minister for International Development, has behaved disgracefully by calling for the dismissal of journalist Julie Burchill and her editor at the Observer, John Mullholland. It seems that Ms Featherstone thinks that the government in this country should tell the press what to write.
The ugly, abusive squabble on all the media about Suzanne Moore, Julie Bindel and Julie Burchill, and their non-politically-correct comments, is a healthy sign of rebellion and it is long overdue.

If Ms Burchill has written anything that is false or libellous, her accusers should take her to court. If they cannot, they should shut up and so should Ms Featherstone.
I don't want a society where government ministers decide who can edit a newspaper and who can write for it.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Eurozone Slump Causes Honda Job Losses

The Honda car factory in Swindon is making 800 workers redundant. This would be bad enough in an average or buoyant economy but in the present prolonged recession it is a calamity for the whole town. Inevitably other businesses will be hit by the knock-on effect and 800 families will suffer.
The management of Honda is blunt in putting the blame on the slump in the euro-zone. The factory depends on demand for Honda cars from buyers in France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Portugal, but throughout those Euro-zone countries a policy of strict austerity is being imposed. Cuts in spending, cuts in pay, cuts in pensions, higher taxes, all with one aim, to save the single currency. It is a chilly economic wind coming from the euro-zone that is hitting Swindon. So much for the promises about the EU bringing us prosperity. The Swindon management does not expect to see any recovery in the euro-zone for the next three years.
"Honda does not expect growth in the European market for another three to four years, Honda Europe's executive vice president Ken Keir has said."
And what about after that? Can he give a firm prediction that things will look up even in the long term? He is too wise and cautious to do that.
There is a lot of misery in the Euro-zone. Mass unemployment and higher tax bills leave people cold and homeless, and queues for food banks are getting longer. Health services are in breakdown and many public buildings even schools, cannot afford to keep their heating on. No wonder there are marches, protests, even riots. (None of this is made up by the Daily Mail.)

Meanwhile life is great for the fat cats of the EU bureaucracy. A top administrator, or "haute fonctionnaire", in charge of a team of clerks can earn £100,000 per year and even their pensions are £6,000 per month. Guaranteed, inflation-proofed. All paid by you and me.
A rather strange commentator on BBC recently claimed that if we leave the EU, Spain would eject 400,000 British people who are living there. If they did, the Spanish would just be cutting their own throats. Spain is desperate for the business that these ex-pats, almost all of them well-heeled retired people, give them. By retiring to Spain and buying properties there they put money into the Spanish economy and create jobs. They spend their pensions and savings in Spanish shops and hire Spanish golfing instructors. Some of them have had their ownership rights retracted, and if they come back here to the UK, they will be spending their pensions in our shops instead. It's an ill wind.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Well, OK then, Diane

Diane Abbott made jaws drop last week when she said that feminism had been partly to blame for the breakdown of the family in this country. It is not often that you find a female Labour politician prepared to make any criticism of the feminist movement. I don't think Harriet Harman would ever be caught saying anything of the sort.
My immediate, knee-jerk reaction is to say feminism is not to blame, because I strongly believe that women should be out there in the work-place, getting equal pay for equal work, and rising to the top if they merit it. Much though I resent being governed by the EU, I admire Mrs Angela Merkel. I like her boring clothes, her boring image and her plain, businesslike manner - I liked her even more when she was caught giggling at Silvio Berlusconi.
But in one respect, I think that feminism did get it wrong. The idea that all gender-stereotyping was bad and could be abolished was an experiment that has proved only partly successful. It can be taken so far, and no further. It is true that there are many jobs women now do that they used to be thought unsuitable for - but it is also true that there are still a lot of traditional men's jobs that they are shying away from and I don't think the gender gap is going to change much more. Yes, women can now be cabinet ministers and go into the army, but most don't want to be engineers or plumbers or work on building sites. Men can do secretarial work or become nurses, even midwives, but only a very few of them are doing so.
I wonder if we have reached the natural limits of the gender revolution. Yes there are women on TV driving heavy articulated trucks across wild terrain - but for every woman who does that there are thousands who don't want to and would rather be a librarian, or a nurse. Meanwhile only one in ten of our nurses is a man.
We used to give little girls nurse's uniforms to dress up in when they were five years old, until feminists told us that this was gender stereotyping. Careers teachers should stop pushing leaflets about nursing at the girls, and encourage them to become architects. Films such as "Billy Elliot" challenged the expectations of what a boy should aspire to career-wise. With mines closing down, and men on the dole, why not encourage him to become a ballet dancer? Maybe, but that's not a very realistic way to run the economy. How many jobs as ballet dancers are there in the UK and how many unemployed men?
The fact that we are now, as a society, desperately short of nurses and carers, is something that I would consider blaming feminism for. A nation only needs a few architects (I sometimes wonder if we need any at all) but it needs tens of thousands of nurses, particularly when we are an aging population with the highest life expectancy of any era in history. I cannot see us recruiting all the nurses we need from our teenage boys - correct me in ten years time if my prediction was wrong. And when you look at the job vacancies here that people are desperate to fill, the words I hear most often are "nurse", "carer", "engineer" and "plumber". Why would we need to import so many Polish plumbers or heating engineers if our own young women were so eager to train for the job? I can only find one female plumber in the Oxford Yellow pages. And now take a look at the nurses and carers we are importing in such large numbers. Yes, the vast majority of them are women. They come from countries where people still give nurses' uniforms to little girls at the age of 5, and where you can undoubtedly train to be a nurse without having to take a degree.
So I'm with you, Diane Abbott. It is OK to criticize feminism, you were honest to do it, and I will lay into it a bit more next time I find just cause.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

EU Has Made Ireland Weak and Destitute

I don't always agree with everything Rodney Atkinson says. But this time on the subject of Ireland he has put it so well that what he wrote deserves to be passed on verbatim:-

"A corporatist society is one run by the State for the interests of corporatists (large unions, big business, unelected supranational powers, professional interest groups, media manipulators etc). Corporatism is the socialist form of capitalism and it rules in most western "capitalist" countries, just as it did in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The ultimate expression is the European Union whose interest is not the peoples of Greece, Ireland, Spain etc who are bankrupt, suicidal and unemployed but big business and the corporatist fascist establishments in Brussels, Paris and Berlin.
Ireland is a typical example - indeed an example which the EU praises!! Its debts are massive, its people are leaving (87,000 Irish left last year), the State is bankrupt but big multinational (mainly EU and US) businesses are making a killing exporting from this convenient but impoverished island. GDP looks good - ie what is produced in Ireland) but GNP is weak (after big foreign businesses take out their profits - after paying the paltry 12.5% corporation tax!)

The failures of the EU and its grotesque Euro are clear for all to see (26 million unemployed with youth unemployment up to 55%) - truly horrendous! "

Rodney, who is the founder of the Freenations website, points us to this article by Vincent Cooper in The Commentator (an Irish news website):
A Redundant Political Class in Ireland

3 January 2013
Politics is dead in the Irish Republic. The Irish parliament, the Dail, is now little more than a rubber stamp for the Troika, the generic name for the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Union, the three powers to which the country is in hock.
Things are bad. Ireland’s debt to GDP ratio is set to reach 122 percent in 2013, above the 120 percent threshold the IMF considers unsustainable. The total debt of the country, according to an Irish Times report, is €192 billion, four times what it was in 2007, with a projected need to borrow a further €34 billion before 2015.

The fact is that Ireland is technically cash-flow insolvent. The country simply doesn’t have the revenue to fund the day to day running of the state. And the projections are for continued borrowing for years to come, with a hope – it can be little more than a hope –that somehow, miraculously, the economy will return to growth.

But with little or no sign of that desperately needed economic growth, emigration of graduates and the unemployed is about the only welfare relief the country has – and at a terrible economic and demographic cost to the future of the state.

Over the past year, 87,000 people left Ireland for countries far afield such as Australia, Canada, and the UK, countries that are now reaping the benefits of Ireland’s expensive-to-educate graduates and tradesmen.

Yet fascinatingly, as those 87,000 people leave the country to find work abroad, the number of immigrants entering the country was steady at 52,700, with 12,400 of these from non-EU countries.

This glaring anomaly of educated and skilled people leaving because of unemployment, being replaced by typically low-skilled immigrants, is not mentioned by the political class. It is mentioned on the streets of Dublin, often in great anger, but no politician will touch it. Political correctness along with the Troika now rule the Irish state. So even in the midst of financial Armageddon, the numbers entering the country continue at Celtic Tiger levels. Ireland’s welfare entitlements are still very generous, and on any common-sense view of human nature would attract takers. And that seems to be what’s happening.

In north Dublin, for example, over half the applicants for social housing are from immigrants, with over 43 percent of the total being lone parents. While waiting to be housed, all social housing applicants receive rent allowance, with the result that over half of all residential rents in the country are now paid for by the state, or more accurately by the few remaining tax payers. This socialist policy of state housing support is a lucrative business. One Dublin landlord received €620,000 last year in rent subsidies. On the back of socialist welfare policies, landlords are building wealthy property portfolios - all paid for by the Irish tax payer.

One local councillor from north Dublin broke the rigidly enforced political correctness by talking about ‘welfare tourism’, but quickly back-pedalled and qualified his remark by repeating the well established liberal mantra of how Ireland ‘needs immigrants.’

So what, if anything, is the Irish government doing about this unsustainable mess, apart from drawing lucrative salaries and gold-plated pensions? The Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny is paid more than David Cameron.

Economically the Troika is in charge, and the recent austerity budget - which imposed a swingeing property tax on householders, many of whom are in negative equity - was designed largely to facilitate repaying the country’s debt. The government doesn’t have much option here. It simply has to do what it is told by the Brussels apparatchiks.

The Irish political class, in effect, are reduced to being managers working for the Troika, and there’s virtually no serious political debate in the country about any alternative, such as leaving the euro and devaluing. All political parties, both left and right, give absolute and unconditional support to the euro project.

As Nigel Farage said on Irish radio a few months ago, Irish politicians are "the good boys of Europe. Brussels says jump and the Irish say how high." Such Brussels worship is unique in the EU. In the UK for example, as in France and other EU states, there is some degree of rational opposition to the EU and to the euro single currency, and these issues often split along left and right lines. There’s no such split in the Irish body politic. But there is one, highly contentious issue where the Irish political class has dug in and taken a stand - Irish corporation tax rate.

Ireland has one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the EU, at 12.5 percent. This makes the Irish Republic a major corporate tax haven, competing with places such as the Cayman Islands. Many large corporations, including Mit Romney’s Bain Capital Private Equity, use Ireland as a corporate base for tax purposes.

There is unanimous support for this beggar-thy-neighbour policy right across the Irish political spectrum - and for good reason. Thanks to its much resented tax haven status, Ireland pulls in large tax revenues that account for an Irish share of global profits hugely disproportionate to the size of the economy.

But the country risks becoming a pariah state over the issue. Many countries in the EU, particularly the French, are furious at Ireland’s tax haven status. They claim companies such as Google use transfer pricing - routing profits from high tax to low tax jurisdictions - that benefits Ireland and takes from the French exchequer.

With such fierce opposition, it’s difficult to see how the Irish can, in the long run, hold out against French demands for change. So even on the issue of setting its own corporation tax rate, it looks like the Irish political class will eventually have to concede to the power of Brussels. When that happens, along with closer political union, many argue there will be little need for an independent Irish parliament.

Vincent Cooper is a freelance writer

Monday, 7 January 2013

Steady on, Diane.

Diane Abbott didn't do too brilliantly on the special Christmas series of University Challenge. She thought that Isaac Newton was active as a scientist in 1632 (ten years before he was born).
Diane, as you may remember, is the Labour MP for Hackney who spent over a thousand pounds on taxis home from Westminster and claimed it on expenses. On the Andrew Marr show, she justified the fact that she sent her child to a private school by saying that "West Indian Mums would go to the wall for their children". Never mind that it is against Labour party policy. She was accused of racism because she told another black woman that "white people love to divide and rule".
Her latest bid for attention is a speech saying that local authorities should have more powers to ban fast-food outlets because they make children fat. Is Diane really the person we would all go to for dietary advice? She is not exactly slim herself. And lastly, she has spoken up for the FAMILY. In a surprising recantation for a left-winger, she has said that society needs "some kind of stable family structure" - though not necessarily a heterosexual, mum-dad-and-kids kind. Most surprising of all, Diane has said that feminism was partly to blame for the breakdown of the family.
Steady on, Diane. You don't have to remind me that a long list of feminist writers from Betty Friedan to Germaine Greer gave a negative view of marriage and the family. (And did you know that you can now get study notes on the Feminine Mystique? I kid you not). Yes, there was a new emphasis on women wanting sex instead of love, marriage and babies. It was all about orgasms, not engagement rings. But why? Before Cosmopolitan, Spare Rib and Shere Hite there was already a sexual revolution. Alfred Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, Playboy and James Bond all came before feminism. The truth is that women changed because men had changed. There was already a sexual revolution and feminists just decided to go along with it rather than conflict with it.
Go back a bit further in history and you get to socialism. Yes, the classic Marxist theorists all denounced the family as an oppressive institution and looked forward to its abolition. Marriage was pathetically "bourgeois" and dated. Left-wing psychologists told us that nobody would fall in love if they were not conditioned to do so. Feminists were very strongly influenced by that too.
A very sad article in the Telegraph just over Christmas said that when British children were asked what they wanted from Santa Claus, one in ten of them wrote "a Dad" on their list. Quite a few wrote "a Mum" too. So it is true that the family seems to be heading for extinction, but honestly, Diane, it's not fair to blame it on feminism.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year, Old War

Every Christmas we sing the same sweet words, "Peace on earth, goodwill towards men," and every January we wake up to find that the war is still going on. Nobody takes a blind bit of notice. I wonder how many of us can even name one serviceman or woman who has been killed in Afghanistan in the past twelve months.
The war seems to serve only one useful purpose. Whenever Prince Harry does something particularly disgraceful he is sent out there to do a stint at the front as penance. Now that he is once again serving in Helmand province, an Afghan warlord has launched a bitter verbal assault on him, but oh dear, most of what Gulbuddin Hekmattyer says is true, at least it is hard to deny.
"Britain dragged herself into this unjustified, useless but cruel conflict to please the White House. The British did not gain anything, instead they lost blood and treasure." Well, he's got a point hasn't he?
"I do not understand how the British public accept their children being sent to certain death in order to please American generals." Hmmm, although it's not certain death, it's got a lot of deadly risk in it.
Mr Hekmattyer boasts, "Today the scenario of Afghanistan is like that of one year before the withdrawal of Soviet Union. The Americans and their allies are tired of fighting. They can neither bear the casualties nor the expenses of this war any more. They are left with no other option except withdrawal." Well said, Gulbuddin, if you could only desist from base personal insults towards our soldiers, I think you would merit your own TV channel.
Afghanistan has become, as Nigel Farage once said, our Vietnam. The targets of killing Osama Bin-laden and wiping out the Al-Qaeda training camps have been met and now we linger on in the futile hope of establishing a friendly democracy. The Russians are not the only great power to have found that Afghanistan is impossible to conquer. The British Empire and Alexander the Great found the same thing.
We are there because of Labour's stupidity, which the Coalition government is determined to surpass. And this is not just a problem of one nasty, pointless war generating limbless veterans and grief-stricken bereaved families. There is a lack of coherence and consistency in our policies. We expect our troops to serve in a series of dangerous foreign wars but we do nt have a realistic force that could defend this country. Defending ourselves is the only moral justification for having troops and we are neglecting it. Seasoned veterans come back from serving at the front and are given redundancy notices, because we are cutting down our defence spending. Then we advertise for army recruits. Why? Without the army to take over security duties, the Olympics would have been a fiasco. Yet we are dumping skilled, trained soldiers on a stagnant job market and leaving them homeless. The Americans are bombing Pakistan yet we imagine we can win the Pakistanis as allies by giving aid to their tyrannical government. To fight the Taliban in Afghanistan is pointless. We should concentrate on stemming the spread of their ideas here in the UK.
I only hope that by this time next year, January 2014, we are not stuck in the same rut and that something will at last have changed.