Saturday, 22 December 2012

Equally Stupid

Not content with slapping an extra £ billion or so on our contributions as a last-minute Christmas gift, the EU is now forcing women to pay far more for their car insurance. Any woman driver who renews her insurance or takes out a fresh policy will find that the cost is up to £300 more than last year, thanks to the EU's new rules on "gender equality". The change will hit young women hardest, and they are usually the ones who have the least money.
Of course insurance companies will not reduce the premiums they charge men drivers, so the result is in the aggregate for everyone to be paying more.

At the same time the EU is enforcing gender equality rules on annuity schemes, that will cost men up to £10,000 in their retirement. "Under the EU Gender Directive, firms will no longer be able to use a pension holder's sex as a factor when calculating annuity offers." Because men have a shorter life expectancy, they typically got an offer of a higher income in return for their premiums. But Gender Equality rules are abolishing that from this week. Result: men will pay the same, and end up getting less. Women will pay the same and be no better off. There are no winners in this game.
Two more examples of how the EU is making us all poorer all the time.

These rules of gender equality are barmy. They reveal a modern obsession with equality to the exclusion of common sense. Women, particularly young women, drive more carefully than men and have fewer accidents. This is because men and women are different. Risk-taking is only one of dozens of respects in which male and female are dissimilar. Life-expectancy is another. Modern science long ago disproved the nonsensical claim of Simone de Beauvoir "One is not born a woman, one becomes a woman." Beauvoir, writing in about 1948, had little or no scientific understanding of the matter. One is born either a male or a female baby, and only a female baby can become a woman. Our chromosomes and our hormones affect all of our mental, physical and emotional development. But the EU goes on enforcing notions that are 60 years behind the times.
The obsession with removing all discrimination is just not realistic. What is discrimination? Discrimination means treating two different things as if they are not the same. Because they're not.
Of course the lefties and EU-apologists will brush this aside. They will tell us it is "petty" to complain about financial loss when we are part of such a wonderful big scheme, and they will very likely claim that the whole story was invented by the Daily Mail!!! Before you believe them - wait till you see your next car insurance bill.

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